Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


17. Two different guys.

"It went great!" Niall whispered as soon as he came away from the interview with the police. He took my hand and quickly he pulled me through school. "We're leaving."
I didn't understand why.
"But we've lesson?"
Niall gave me a quick glance and he smiled weakly.
"I think no one will miss us if we skip class the last lessons."
I smiled and I accompanied him. Quick we took from school and Niall steered me toward an unfamiliar area.
"I live here!" he murmured, pointing to a house. I felt a tingle in my stomach. I was coming home to him. I hadn't even got to be at Harrys place yet and actually I was curious about how it looked in his room.


Nialls parents weren't rich as mine, but I liked the house directly. I saw that they had selected everything with love and unlike my parents, seemed Nialls parents like keepsakes. He took me to his room. The walls were blue and there was what he needed. A bed, a desk and a guitar. The last one I was surprised to see, but Niall just blushed when he saw that I was staring at his instrument.
"I got it from my brother." he murmured. I just smiled and I sat down on his bed. The room was small but cozy. Niall placed himself next to me and he smiled big.
"The police have no idea that we did it?"
I nodded.
"I know!"
He looked down at his hands and I realized that he had been afraid during the entire hearing.
"I have got rid of the gun." he said "I threw it in a creek deep in the woods."
"Okay?" I got out of me, because I had no idea what I would say. "I didn't said you own a gun but they got to ask you."
Niall nodded and he looked at me again. There was silence between us and when I would ask something, he leaned toward me and he kissed me. I chose to answer the kiss, because I for now approved it. His lips were soft and he was careful. I took my arms around his neck and it wasn't long before Niall lay on top of me in bed. I was surprised that I didn't react, as when Harry touched me. With Niall felt it just right. He was cautious and it was as if he tested himself in the same way. He kissed me more intense and I felt he got boner, but it didn't affected me negatively. Instead, I spread my legs even more and he landed against my sensitive part. He started slowly bringing it up and down, down there. I was surprised when I got excited and actually I was horny. I moved myself in the same movement and in the end it was almost unbearable. I pulled cautiously in Nialls sweater and he helped me get it off him. He smiled at me and I saw in his eyes that he felt the same as me. He chose to do the same with my shirt. It felt different when our naked torsos were met. I was almost overloaded with emotions. He continued to kiss me but this time let his tongue played with mine. I felt with my hands over his back and I liked to feel him under my palms. Niall groaned and he let a hand slide down. I didn't resist when he unbuttoned my pants. I did't resist when his hand found its way into inside my panties. I didn't resist, I wanted more. He brought his fingers gently over the area and I was almost crazy. I moaned and I could no longer control myself. I quickly pulled off my pants and panties. Niall just smiled and he continued to caress me. With his other hand, he got off my bra. I didn't feel ashamed over my nakedness and I wanted him to look at me. Nialls eyes were friendly and I saw at him that he didn't demand anything from me. He kissed my neck and he kissed my breasts. He kissed my naked skin to that limit as I loved. He let a finger penetrated. It was as if I was filled with him, although it was only a finger. I wasn't aware that he pulled off his pants and that he too become naked. He lay down on top of me and when he penetrated, I took my legs around his waist. I wasn't afraid anymore and I wanted to feel him inside me. There were new emotions that flooded inside me and it was as if I landed in another world. Niall held me tightly and he was soft all over me. He ended the kiss and he looked straight into my eyes. He moved slowly in and out. It was as if he wanted to enjoy every second. I whimpered and I demanded more. Eventually he built up something inside of me that I hadn't felt before. I dropped him with my legs and I met him half the way. It was a pleasant feeling, a tingling. It grew and eventually my body was totally in it's own world. I lost control and I lost my mind. I almost screamed, and it was as if my body vibrated uncontrollably.


Afterwards I realized that we had actually done it. Niall remained on top of me and he hid his face against my neck. I heard every breath he took, and I loved it. I took my arms around his body and I just wanted that time would stand still. He was everything I needed and I realized that I actually loved just only him.


"I love you!"
Niall gasped and he raised his head to look into my eyes.
I wasn't sure that I would say it that loud, but I looked into his eyes and I didn't want to lie to myself or to him.
"I love you."
Niall smiled weakly. He kissed me and then he hugged me tightly.
"I love you." he whispered tenderly in my ear. My body was still totally exhausted after what had happened, but I tried to keep him in my arms and I tried to show that I was happy.




I don't know why I didn't call to Harry and said as it was between us, but I was too busy to feel things all the time, only for Niall. It took a few days before Harry chose to come home to me. I felt unsure of how I would tell the truth and I wasn't sure that he would understand. He came into my room and he looked, as always, just as excited as he always did.
"The police have been at my home." he said and I realized that the police had interrogated all that had gone to that school. "I told him the truth. I wanted to kill Simon but someone did it before me."
I gasped.
"Are you serious?" I asked. "They might suspect you?"
He quickly shook his head and he sat down on my bed.
"No, I don't have a gun and I had actually used a knife to do that job and I told that to them."
What would I say? I couldn't tell the truth and I wanted at the same time to break up with Harry. He didn't seemed the least bit worried and quickly he took his arm around me and forced me down on his lap.
"How are my darling?"
I hesitated. I tried to take me away, but he held me there.
"Come on!" he muttered hoarsely. "I missed you and the least you can give me is a kiss?"
I shook my head quickly.
"No, I want to end it all between us."
The words just slipped out of my mouth and I saw how shocked he become. He released me and I stood up quickly on the floor.
"Are you serious?" he whispered unsympathetic. "You can't break up with me?"
I swallowed and I chose to be honest.
"Well I do what I want to do."
Harry just stared at me. He was silent for a few extra seconds.
"You choose to break up with me after all I've done for you?"
I swallowed and I felt the tears were close.
He stood up quickly and he stared cold into my eyes.
I hesitated.
"I don't love you." I whispered forward. He gave me the cold gaze but he laughed cold.
"So who's he?"
He sneezed.
"The deputy for me? He may not be as sympathetic as I am and you will only get in trouble."
I lied.
"There's no new guy." I whispered. "I only have many other things in my life and I don't love you anymore."
Harry didn't seem to believe me.
"Is it your mom or your dad?" he asked cold. "I can talk to them and tell them I'm a good guy."
I quickly shook my head and I almost had panic.
"It's not them that says anything. It's me who doesn't love you. Dad's on my side and I don't care about my mom."


I realized it was a mistake to break up with Harry. We parted as enemies, and I had got a new enemy. He looked coldly at me and he said only short answers. In the end, he left me alone and even though it was a relief, I realized that I had chosen the wrong path.

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