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I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


13. The two spokesmen...

I ended up in an old movie. Niall had right at it was a gun, and he aimed it toward Simon. I gasped and Simon stood up. He looked at us as if we were ghosts and he was pale in the face.
"Okay Sam!" murmured Niall particularly to me. "Here we go."
I don't know if I should have asked about the gun, but I didn't want to know where he got it from. Niall walked up to Simon and he looked at him coldly.
"Do you remember us?"
The old man nodded a little bit. He put down the book and he didn't know what to say. Niall smiled cold.
"And we are here to give back. You'll suffer." he hissed cold. Then he looked quickly at me. "And Sam, pick up the tape that's in my backpack."
I obeyed. Maybe I should have questioned him, but I chose to obey. As I stood with the thick tape in my hand smiled Niall cool to me.
"We'll tie him up as he tied you up."
Simon seemed scared. He just stared at us and he seemed to have stopped breathing. It was as if he knew more than I could imagined.
Niall gave me the gun and he took quick the sticky tape. Without hesitation, he walked over to Simon and quickly took it hard around his wrists. I gasped when he threw the man down on the floor and before I knew what was happening, low-Simon on his back with his hands stuck in the chair leg. I held the gun against Simon, but I saw how my hands were shaking. Niall sat down on Simon's leg and fast, he pulled down his pants and underpants.
"Well?" stained Niall to him. "How does it feel to not be able to defend yourself?"
Simon seemed to understand.
"Please, you can't..."
Niall took the thick tape over his mouth and then he smiled cold.
"And now you can't even scream." he whispered cold and he clenched his teeth. "How does it feel? Is it exciting?"
Simon shook his head quickly. Niall grinned and he stood up.
"The dildo!" he told me, without looking at me. Quick I rooted through his backpack and I found the dildo. I gave it to Niall, but this was almost too much for me.
"Please ..." I mumbled. "We can't..."
Niall looked directly straight at me.
"Yes we can!" he almost cried. "Simon fucked me. He shoved his cock in me and he destroyed everything that was my manhood and my faith for everything."
I backed.
"But he's going to prison?"
Niall snorted and then he looked at Simon again.
"And?" he murmured cold. "It's not a punishment enough. He should feel what it is to be an innocent guy and he'll get to know how it feels to get a hole filled, a hole that wouldn't be filled."


I left the room. I panicked. I felt the anxiety came back and actually I started to wonder if this was the right thing to do? I don't know how I ended up at Simon's upstairs, but I landed in his bedroom. I heard Nialls voice and then something resembling of a scream, a muffled scream. I knew that Niall had done it. I started to shake and I almost started to cry. I felt hatred for Simon, but this was wrong?


I don't know why I looked around in his bedroom. It was dirty and dust everywhere. The floor was almost covered with clothes and there was nothing there that looked clean. I saw some photos, lying on a dresser. I don't know why I went up to them. Maybe I wanted to see that Simon had a normal life? Maybe he had parents left alive who cared or relatives who loved him? I got a shock. There were no photos of the family. There were photos of students who were naked in bed or on the floor. The tears came. I felt my stomach almost turned around. At one of the photos were Niall. He was lying naked on the floor and I saw that Simon had forced him to show off his naked body. Quickly I browsed through them. I found no photo of me, but there was certainly closer to fifty other students that he had raped. I looked again at the photo on Niall and I understood what he was feeling. I saw that he was afraid and I saw that he was crying. Simon had really ruined him and he had also destroyed me.


On the way down the stairs, I saw that he had written everyone's name on the back of each photo. Emma, Andy Kim, Sophia and Niall. I couldn't read all the names, because I knew that they were victims. When I came into the room, I saw what Niall had done. Simon lay on his stomach on the floor, still stuck with his hands. Between his buttocks was a dildo sticking up. This time I wasn't disgusted or shocked. Instead, I held up the photos so that Simon saw them.
"You're fucking crazy." I whispered hoarsely. "You're damn destroyed every single student?"
Simon didn't even look at me. His face changed colour to red and I noted that he was in pain. Niall came up to me and he quickly saw what it was.
"Sam, we have to provide that to the police?"
I wiped away the tears and I gave Niall the photo of him.
"No, they wont see you or anyone else in this way." I whispered hoarsely. I felt the anger came and I couldn't help but realize that we did the right thing. We were spokesmen for all that he had raped or destroyed. We were heroes and we would make sure he never injured a single living person again. Niall gasped over the photo, but I didn't care. I went to Simon and I showed him the photos.
"Do you remember Emma?" I asked cold. "You did anyway destroy her. Do you remember Antonio? He looks as if he might suffer?"
Simon turned his face away from me, but I continued to showcase him photo after photo.
"Hope looks like as if you really destroyed her. Did she yelled? Did she say no, or did you think you were doing her a favour?"
I threw all the photos of him.
"You're sick!" I shouted. "You're fucking sick in the head and you have destroyed the lives for everyone."
I don't know where I got the hate from, but I began to kick him. First, a little just to do so that he would listened, but the more my foot kicked to him, the harder I dared to kick.


I don't know how long I kicked him. I let the foot hit his face, his stomach, his back and in the end it was as if it was me that was crazy. Quickly caught Niall me up in his arms and he made me stop.
"It's enough." he whispered hoarsely. "It's enough."
I threw myself into his arms and I cried. Niall hugged me hard and he began to cry too.
"He doesn't understand." continued Niall explanatory. "He can't believe he hurt us."
I cried and everything was in a daze. When Niall released me, I looked at Simon again. I noticed that he was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. He looked at us but I saw only emptiness. I felt no regret, but I wondered what we would do. Around him lay all the photos and it looked almost pathetic. He was like a scared old man who didn't want to listen.
"We can leave him." I mumbled cold. "We leave the house and call the police."
Niall shook his head quickly.
"No, he's going to gossip."
I frowned and I looked at Niall.
"What should we do then?"
Niall took up the gun. He looked straight into my eyes and I knew what he was thinking.
"Are you serious?" I whispered. Niall smiled weakly and he nodded.
"It's the right thing."
I nodded. I then smiled at him and actually I was with him on everything he wanted to do. Simon seemed to realize that his life would soon be over. He looked at us with big eyes and he seemed to want to say something. I couldn't bother me and I knew that he would never apologize. Niall was aiming the gun at him and he swallowed.
"Should I shoot him in the head or where?"
I wondered a bit over that.
"The heart or the head." I suggested. Niall nodded. He walked up to Simon and this time I didn't leave the room. Niall looked coldly at him and he smiled awry.
"How does it feel?" he asked. It was as if Niall wanted him to suffer. "You might have a last wish? But you aren't even worth a wish."


Afterwards we packed up his things. We went through the house and wiped all areas where we had been. All so that no fingerprints could be seen. I let the photos remain with Simon. Now the police got to see what he had done. Niall took his own photo and I realized he didn't want to leave it behind.


It was still dark when we took us through the front door. We were quiet and we looked so that no witnesses were out there. In since we left the house, we left Simon and we left hell behind us.









It will be more... ^^

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