Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


5. The Kiss

We had a teacher named Simon. He was the old version of a teacher and he thought he knew everything. I noticed quickly that he seemed to look more at Harry and Niall against at us. Was he one of those paedophiles? It was as if he sought up my two friends. He walked around the classroom, but his eyes landed often against Nialls blonde hair or against Harry's curls.

"Yes!" said Perrie as soon as I asked. "And he's one of the most dangerous teachers."
I frowned.
"We must warn Niall and Harry." I whispered quickly. "Today, as he stared at them."
Directly she pulled me toward a corner. She pressed me up against the wall and she looked angrily at me.
"Don't tell them." whispered Perrie quickly. "They are aware that Simon's looking for them. He has tried before and he will try again."
I froze.
"Has Simon tried to...."
She nodded quickly.
"Shut up about this." she hissed cold. "Neither Harry and Niall likes to talk about it."
I frowned. I had been told to say everything and now was Perrie standing before me and said I couldn't? I saw at her that she really was serious.
"And if I..."
She put her hand over my lips.
"Damn, you're not listening to me." She hissed cold. "Just keep your mouth shut and let me handle this. Say nothing and do nothing. They know everything and they know that Simon going to one day to throw himself over one of them."


I went all day on pins and needles. I wanted to tell Harry. I wanted to be honest and I didn't want to be quiet. Finally I went to his room. He sat down and wrote something in a book at the desk and as soon as I entered the room, he closed the book.
I smiled weakly. I felt silly, but I went in and I sat down on his bed.
"Perrie will be mad at me." I whispered honestly. "She didn't want me to talk to you about Simon."
Harry swallowed. His body stiffened and he stared at me.
"What do you mean?"
I swallowed. I saw at him that he already knew what I would say. He looked at me that I knew.
"I saw him staring at you and Niall." I whispered uncertain. "He followed you with his eyes today and it wasn't that normal eyes."
Harry smiled weakly. He looked down at his hands and he seemed still grateful that I said it to him.
"Before you came here a lot of things have happened." he said. "Simon's one of the reasons why we created the gang. Liam got tired and he believed that if we was a gang who was together, the more power we have."
I listened. Harry lifted his eyes and he looked at me long before he opened his mouth. It was as if he didn't know if he could trust me.
"He has tried with both me and Niall." he said honestly. "Niall was rescued by me and Liam. When Simon came into my room, Louis and Zayn appeared out of nowhere and beat the crap out of him."
I was startled,
"So that's why you're the gang?"
Harry nodded.
"We trust each other and we do everything possible to protect each other's backs."
Okay, I began to understand. I saw at Harry that he didn't like to talk about it, but yet he was honest with me. Harry stood up and he threw out his arms in the air.
"You know what you should know," he said a little cold. "I'm not gay and I'm not going to allow a single teacher to take advantage of me."
I understood.
"I don't want them to go to me..." I looked down at my hands. Harry smiled a little bit and he came over to the bed.
"No teacher has seen in your direction yet, but it's only a matter of time. When their dick talking they don't care about what's normal or not."




When we met on the lawn, that night, it felt as if I had more understanding with everyone. I noted that I had changed. I wanted to be as brave as they were and also I wanted to be there for everyone. I convinced myself that I would be brave, that day I had the choice to protect or ignore.
"You're thinking." muttered Harry. He sat on my right side and he looked at me. I smiled weak.
"Yes, I'm thinking about everything."
He understood.
"You don't need to think about it as I have told you." he whispered hoarsely. "So far nothing has happened. Simon's afraid of us and that's enough."
I nodded and I chose to smile. Talk about Harry was more confident than I was. Everyone seemed to know that he had told me the truth. Niall even blushed a little when I looked at him.
"We will manage this." Harry whispered and he took his arm around my shoulders. This time he smiled reassuring to me and he looked straight into my eyes. I nodded and I tried to smile at him.
"I know!" I whispered. He gazed at me and it was as if his eyes were changing. He looked at me with new eyes and I wondered if it was something good. Right as it was started Perrie giggle a bit, which made me and Harry to look at her. She looked at us with a mischievous look.
"You two should be together." she said happily. "You fit together!"
I blushed. Still, I was surprised when I felt Harry's arm slid tighter around me. He laughed a little bit but he didn't seem to mind that she commented to us.
"Yes, maybe!" he said instead. I swallowed and I looked at him again. Harry smiled at me and it was as if he felt the same as Perrie. I didn't know what to say.
"But you're my friend and friends aren't together."
He was disappointed. I saw at him that he seemed almost annoyed at me and quickly he removed his arm.
"Yes,,," he murmured cold. "Friends are friends?"
I realized that I had said something that offended him. Quickly turned the idea up. Harry had feelings for me? No guy had ever had feelings for me because I'm pretty odd. Harry stood up and he seemed even more disappointed after that moment.
"I go in now!" he said instead, and he left all without a single explanation. I followed him with my eyes and I realized it was my fault. Perrie seemed to agree with him and she looked at me.
"And there goes your chance to get a boyfriend."
I couldn't help but blush. I saw at her that she felt that I had done wrong.
"Maybe ..." I dropped the words. Perrie sighed and she frowned.
"Come on Sam and go after him. He needs you and you need him."




I went into the corridor towards Harry's room. The thoughts whirled around. Harry had feelings for me? The question was what I felt for him. I had since young age chose to close out my feelings down. I had learned not to love, and I had taught myself not to trust guys, still it tingled my stomach. I liked Harry. I didn't know everything about him so well that I knew he was okay. He was the type who all the girls wanted. He was confident, he knew what was right and wrong and he treated everyone equally. My fears for relationships had always been there. I had always believed that love was created to deceive. Maybe it was because my parents had a cool marriage? I had hardly seen them hug each other and I didn't see at them that they loved each other.


"And what do you want?"
Harry saw me as soon as I came through the door. I was scared. I wasn't afraid of him, but I was afraid that I had ruined everything.
He snorted and he sat down on the bed.
"What's there to forgive?"
I closed the door behind me and then I leaned against it.
"I've never had a boyfriend."
He snorted cold.
I swallowed.
"I don't know how to be with guys, more than as a friend."
Harry looked at me. He breathed heavily and he watched me closely.
"Is that why you don't like me?"
I gasped.
"Huh?" I got quickly out of me. "I know you hardly?"
He didn't seem to like my answer. Quickly he stood up and he came over to me. He stood in front of me and placed a hand on each side of my head. He looked straight into my eyes.
"Sam, when will you learn to trust people?" His words sounded cold. "I like you and I like you more than I like Eleanor and Perrie."
I swallowed. He was standing way too close to me. I almost had a panic. That proximity wasn't something I was used to, but still it tingled in my stomach.
"You mean..." I felt my legs were like jelly. "Nobody has liked me before."
He smiled wryly and he looked down at my lips.
"It's because they're idiots." he whispered hoarsely. "Idiots who don't see what's in front of them."
I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. My heart pounded and I was like one big speck of lint.
"Idiots?" I whispered. "Usually I am the one called a idiot?"
He leaned testing his face against mine. His lips were only inches from mine.
"You're not an idiot." His voice sounded cloudy. "You are a wonderful girl who built a wall around yourself. You remind me of me."
I closed my eyes. Harry's lips landed softly against mine and he kissed me. I was screaming in my head. My first kiss. He tested me and he pressed together our lips. I felt how I responded the kiss and it was as if he took over my mind. He was breathing heavier and he seemed to like to kiss me. He didn't finish it, but I felt his tongue tip met my tongue. It was developed and eventually it was as if I had always kissed guys. It was something extraordinary. It was something amazing. I hadn't felt my body react before and it was almost exciting.


"You are mine!"
His words made me open your eyes. Harry smiled and he was red in the face. I felt that I had reacted the same way. My cheeks were hot and I couldn't help but smile. He looked at my face and he stood still there, leaning against me.
"You're my girl from now on." he whispered hoarsely on. "Nobody are allowed to touch you and I promise to protect you with my life."
I blushed just more.
"It's enough that you kiss me sometimes?"
He laughed.
"Ah! You're a girl who likes kissing?"
I nodded and I felt silly. I was like a schoolgirl as for the first time in her life had met a guy.
"Anyway, your kisses." I whispered. He smiled wryly and I saw at him that he wasn't, for the moment, annoyed at me.
"And I like your kisses." he muttered hoarsely to an answer. He leaned toward me and again he kissed me. I moaned lightly and I felt my mind stopped working. It was as if I dropped all my rules and I stopped to function normally. Talk about a kiss was better than anything else in this world. I let my hands land around his waist. I felt how he unbuckled himself and I knew it was something good. He became more intense and I felt his tongue almost wanted to be in my mouth, more against in his. He stood closer to me and finally he pressed me up against the door. Harry moaned quietly and it was as if I had managed to get him to losing his mind too. We were made for each other and the only thing I could do was to teach myself to trust him.

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