Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


4. The gang

I don't know what the girls name was. I was heading towards my room when I heard someone crying. I walked over to a door as was almost half open and I peered into the room. I almost got a shock. I saw that she was lying on the bed and a man was on top of her, one of the teachers. I heard his moaning sound and I saw his white ass move up and down. I was about to scream, but quickly I got my hand to land over my mouth. I was witness to the fact that a teacher had sex with a student. I panicked. What would I do? I backed off and I landed with my back against a wall. I heard him moaning louder and I heard she sobbed. Damn, I almost didn't believe my own eyes. I swallowed and I looked around in the hallway. There were no more than I heard her? Were all deaf? I realized I wouldn't be able to save the girl alone. I realized that I shouldn't remain there, if the teacher came out into the hallway and saw me. I sneaked therefore back to my room and as soon as I came in, I locked the door behind me. I felt empty. It was as if the truth caught up with me and I realized that there even could happen to me. I didn't want that a teacher would take my virginity and I didn't want that a teacher would destroy my body. I sat on the bed and I felt that I was shaking. Damn that I had accidentally seen that. Talk about that I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I took a hand through my hair. I heard footsteps outside my door. They came from her room and walked past my door. I understood that it was he who left her alone. He had got what he wanted?




"I want to be with you guys, in your gang!"
Harry looked up at me and he smiled awry.
I swallowed and I sat down on the chair next to him. I didn't know if I would be honest or what I would say to him.
"Please." I whispered hoarsely. Harry watched me carefully and I saw at him that he understood that something had happened. He looked straight into my eyes and it was as if he was trying to take a stand.
"Tell me why." he whispered back. "I see at you that you either already have fucked or that you have seen?"
I looked down at my hands. I was glad that no one else in the gang was there. Harry sat alone and he seemed to study.
"Yes I saw." I answered quickly. Harry raised his eyebrows and he looked at me closely.
"You know what we require of you?"
I shook my head and I looked at him.
"It can't be worse against that a teacher come in to my room?"
He agreed. He put together the book and quickly he got up. I understood that I would go with him. We walked through the hallway and down the stairs. Harry took me to his room and I was almost surprised. Harry put the book on the desk and then he looked at me.
"Have you been in a gang before?"
I shook my head. Don't tell me that  I had to explain that I was a loner? I didn't even want to tell him about myself, because I felt that no one had to do with that.
"We have a simple rule." he said, and he sat down on the desk. "All for one and one for all."
I smiled awry.
"As in the three musketeers?"
He sneezed.
"Yes, something like that, but we have no weapons. If I wake you up in the middle of the night, you must follow without questioning me. If you notice that a teacher checking out one in the gang, you have to talk about it. If you see that one of us gets treated wrong, you have to put your nose into it and help that person."
I nodded weakly. Harry looked at me and he wrinkled his nose.
"It means that you stop being alone and that you are always with us. We have to show the teachers that we stick together."
I swallowed. I wanted to be alone more than I wanted to be with others, but I understood why.
"And if no one sees that things happen?"
Harry smiled awry.
"We live on each floor. Liam and Louis have an eye on the longest corridor. You will be working with Eleanor, since you are staying at the same corridor."
I was about to sing.
"So I get to be with you?"
Harry laughed a little bit over my eagerness.
"I'll talk to Zayn today and I will tell you this evening. The only thing you need to do is to realize that you are no longer alone."




I admit that the day went slowly. I noticed that Harry often sat and whispered with Zayn and Liam. I was hoping that they were talking about me. Finally I was close to giving up hope. Then came Louis up to me and he pulled me away from the others. We landed on the stairs up and he looked at me with one of those suspicious look.
"Harry told me." he whispered. I understood that Louis didn't want anyone else to hear us and as soon as he heard that someone came he become stiff in the body. "There are eyes and ears everywhere."
I swallowed. I looked around. Where were those who heard or saw? Louis smiled awry.
"And if you are with us, you should keep an eye on everything that happens around your room." He looked straight into my eyes. "Next time you see who's doing it, you must tell us who and what teachers."
I nodded. Louis looked at me again somewhat suspiciously.
"Harry will take the details with you later."
Louis slid away. I felt my stomach tingled and I stood stiffly behind. I was part of the gang? I was one of them? I hadn't been in a gang like that before and I wondered immediately what that meant. I had had friends, it wasn't as if I had been alone all by my self all the time before, but I hadn't belonged to a group. I hadn't been involved in something that was more than normal. This was special and it was almost a magical moment.


As soon Perrie saw me, she came up to me. She looked as cold as before, but something told me that she wasn't mad at me any more.
"You let Zayn be." she hissed. "He's mine and you don't put your hands on him."
I swallowed.
"I promise."
She sighed and she nodded with satisfaction. She looked at me as if she was trying to accept me.
"Yes, you're with us." she whispered hoarsely and cold. "We meet the whole gang outside, in the yard as we always do. I must admit that I'm unsure about you and this hole thing about you, but Harry says you're okay."
I was nervous. I didn't tried to show any emotion. Still, I think she saw through me and she smiled awry.
"Good luck girl." she murmured. "If you mess up, you have many enemies, just so you know."




I was nervous when I left the building. I saw that they were gathered out there, on the yard, as they always did and they sat almost in a circle on the ground. Perrie sat near Zayn and I understood that they were together. Eleanor was near Louis, but he didn't seem to be interested in her. The only one who was happy to see me, was Harry. Maybe he wasn't smiling, but he followed me with his eyes and it was as if he was excited. I chose to sit down next to him. No one looked at me, because they would play like they didn't care.
"You dared to come?" Harry muttered hoarsely. I looked at him and I snorted.
"I had too?" I whispered quickly. "You said I can't be alone if I want to be with you guys?"
He laughed quietly and then he made a sign to Liam. The older boy nodded, then Harry stood up.
"Come, we'll talk."


We walked in silence across the grass and he took me to the wall behind the school. I didn't dare say anything and I looked at him with wide eyes. Harry walked over to the wall and he pulled away a garbage can. I saw the hole in the wall, and I gasped.
"Why the hell don't you leave this place?"
Harry laughed a little bit and he put back the bin so that we didn't see the hole.
"Because none of us want to end up in prison." he said, and he sounded credible. "The headmaster always send the police after those who's running away and when you get caught, you wont be back here."
I frowned.
"What do you mean?"
He sighed.
"Don't you understand anything?" he whispered. "We are the youth that nobody wants and nobody out there cares about us."
Well I knew that! I nodded weakly.
"But if you make a plan and if you make up a map?"
He laughed and took his arm around my shoulders. He steered me back towards the front of the house.
"Come on!" he whispered amused. "We have no money and we have nothing that can help us to survive out there."
I swallowed.
"But I have money?"
He laughed again.
"And you think they will allow you to bring in lots of that in here? There are those who'll rob you and I mean also that the teachers will chase you."
I sighed. Okay, I couldn't bring in money?
"But all the friends we know? There should be someone who wants to help us?"
He smiled and he stopped me. He looked at me and he height of the eyebrows.
"You haven't understood that our friends out there aren't going to help us? We can't even call them or write letters?"
I tried to think clearly.
"But if we write letters, one gets out and mail them?"
He laughed.
"The nearest town is about two mil from here. You wont get there and back before the teachers notice that you are gone. At night, they lock the doors and I promise you they also have guard dogs in the yard."
I sighed.
"Have you even tried?"
He nodded.
"We have had friends here who have tried, but they didn't come back. There are many who have disappeared."
We started to walk again. Harry released me and he smiled a little bit.
"Sam, forget those rules that are out there. In here's just their rules."
I understand, but at the same time I didn't understand.
"But if we find a bike?"
He laughed and he pushed me teasingly.
"You mean that we just totally without further, will find a bike?"
I heard how bad my plan sounded, but somewhere popped the hope up. Maybe I could fool the teachers and maybe that I could take myself away from school? Okay, I had no idea where I was in the country, but I knew that there were always opportunities to do so.

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