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I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


8. The assault

Simon stood and looked out over the class. He was happy and he smiled cold towards us.
"You'll write an essay." he said with a loud voice. I looked up and I noticed that he didn't look that much at me. "I want you to tell me about your lives and I want you to take everything in this."
Okay, now he looked at me and it was as if his eyes froze fixed on my face.
"All the nasty parts and all secrets." he said hoarsely. I gasped and quickly I looked down on the bench. Simon realized that he had influenced me. I heard it in his voice and I saw it on him. Harry looked at me and he almost seemed unsure of what he would do. Simon started walking around in class and he stayed behind my back.
"You'll write about your life and what you did to end up here." I felt a hand on my shoulder. "And I want to know smallest thing. The more you talk about the higher grades."
Simon's hand clutching my shoulder before he went on.
"And you have exactly one month to do it. I want to see at least twenty pages with plain text."
I looked up and I noted how stiff his back was. He stood at the front of the classroom, spun around and he smiled obliquely towards Harry. I understood that Simon knew who my boyfriend was and we were both in danger.
"Dear students. Write about all feelings and hatred as you know." he raised his voice. "And if you fucked throughout your last school, I want to know about it."




"He's fucking crazy!" hissed Louis as soon as we came out in the open air. I sat in the grass next to Harry and he quickly grabbed his arm around my shoulders.
"And you should hide." I heard Eleanor say to us. "Simon has sights set on you."
I met her gaze. I was scared and I was unsure what I should do about it.
"I'm not going to write anything." I heard Zayn almost whisper. "I wont give him the pleasure of knowing who I am."
Harry kissed me on the cheek. I think it was to calm me down, but I was't sure.
"We must do something about him." continued Liam and immediately everyone started talking about what we could do. There was everything from killing Simon, that just beat him hard.
"Why don't we just run away from this shit?" I got up. "We can go through the wall and just disappear?"
All fell silent and they all stared at me. I realized that not everyone knew that I knew about the hole in the wall. I looked at Harry, but he didn't understand my plan.
"Please, darling!" he whispered tenderly. "I have said that we can't."
I snorted.
"You're just afraid." I hissed out of me. "You are afraid to find out what's out there."
Liam disagreed.
"You don't know that the principal invokes the police with sniffer dogs?"
I looked at him.
"And?" I replied rejection. "We can change clothes outside the wall, we can spray on us fragrances that don't belong to us?"
The only one who responded to my idea was Perrie. She looked at me and it was as if she thought about it.
"What fragrances?"
I swallowed and I looked at her. I remembered that I had completed that plan before with a bunch of guys. The police were after us and we rolled ourselves in horse poop just to not smell. The dogs lost the trail and we got away.
"We can choose animal poop and we can choose other fragrances."
Harry wrinkled his nose
"Are you serious?"
I smiled and I nodded.
"I have tested it before and I know it works. It's all about tricking the dogs."
Even Niall was now interested. He sat down on my other side and he looked straight into my eyes.
"You mean you cheated the dogs?"
I giggled and I nodded happily. At last, someone listened to me.
"Yes, I know it works and I promise you that the principal wont understand anything."
Now all sat in front of me and it was as if everyone was thinking through what I had said.
"And it's a good plan?" asked Liam quickly. I nodded.
"Just get the scent all over you, under your feet and all parts that touch the trees and the ground."
Harry snorted and it was as if he wasn't on my side.
"You can't fool trained dogs?"
I laughed.
"Oh darling, I know it works."




I chose to do as Harry had done. When I came into my room, I put a chair under the doorknob. I made sure that the chair couldn't move and then I sat on the bed. I felt after so that the knife was there and then I thought about my plan. Okay, I didn't know which way we should run, but did it matter? Everything was better against this.


I was somewhere between wakefulness and dream. I heard it pounded hard on the door and I heard Eleanor's voice.
"Sam, we have to be up to the others." she screamed. I sat up and I noted that it was still night. Was it something that had happened? I tore off the chair and quickly, I opened the door. Eleanor took my hand and we ran through the corridor.
"What happened?"
She had panic.
"I don't know, but I heard the screaming. I think it was Liam who shouted after us."
I swallowed and we ran up the stairs. I could feel the panic came over me and actually I was scared. We reached up to their floor and fast, we ran against Liam's room. When we got there we found only an empty room.
"Damn!" cried Eleanor. We didn't stand still and we proceeded to the next floor and we ran up to Harry's room. Also he was gone. Eventually we came to Nialls room and there were all gathered. We came in with quick steps and immediately I saw that something had happened. Niall lay on the floor and he was full of bruises. I gasped and immediately I understood.
Harry stood up and he nodded tired to me.
"He succeeded."
I just wanted to scream. Niall was in pain and he was writhing in pain. He was naked under the blanket and he didn't seemed to care about us.
"We have to fetch a nurse." I whispered. Perrie gave me a cold look and she shook her head.
"No, we don't blend into others."
I swallowed and I noticed that all was quiet. I just wanted to scream and I wanted to make sure Niall got better.
"But he needs help?"
Zayn quickly came up to me and he saw straight into my eyes.
"Shut up!" he hissed cold. "Don't you understand that no one will help him?"
I swallowed. Huh?
"But we have a school doctor and he..."
Zayn pushed me so I flew into the wall and he growled at me.
"Just shut up!" he said again. "You have no idea about anything at this school."
I just wanted to cry. He turned his back to me and he went down on his knees to help Niall. I leaned against the wall and I was scared. Not even Harry cared about me and I felt left out. Okay, I wasn't egotistical enough to ask why no one looked at me, yet I felt emptiness inside. I looked down at my friend, who had been hurt. I wanted to help him, but no one allowed me. It was as if I ended up in a bad dream again. I saw how all moved around, but everything happened almost in slow motion. It was as if I was there, but I was a ghost. I saw something I couldn't change and I just wanted to cry.


"Sorry!" Harry whispered to me after a while. He hugged me and he seemed to do everything possible not to show his anger. "But we have to take care of Niall this night."
I nodded and I answered the hug.
"Why can't I go to the school nurse?"
Harry released the grip from me and he looked into my eyes. I saw only pain and hatred in him. It was as if he had changed and he was a different person.
"She's not here for us." he whispered. "She will only give us some pills to give to Niall, and that's all."
I swallowed.
"And the principal?"
Harry grinned cold and he shook his head.
"He can't do anything about this and he doesn't care. We are alone and we can't even do anything about it all."




I felt bad. The following days were like a single torment. Niall was in bed for a few nights and he could barely move his body around. I understood that Simon had raped him, but Niall never told us how or how much. It was as if no one wanted to know and he didn't wanted to tell us anything. I chose to be like a ghost. I kept myself away and I hid myself from the school. I couldn't stand the truth. I couldn't stand school and I almost gave up. It didn't matter that I had a knife in my bed. Simon would certainly still do what he wanted with me, if he chose me? I doubted that I was selected. Maybe that Simon had played theater? He had touched me only to make the others to relax?


"What happened to your friend?"
A guy named Andy came up to me. I saw tired at him and I understood that the secret was hidden.
"Let's say that teachers have the power." I whispered. Andy frowned and I saw that he understood. He swallowed and it was as if he cared.
"Will he be all right?"
I nodded. Okay, I had no idea of the consequences from a rape, but I guessed that Niall at least bodily would be okay. Andy smiled weakly and he looked down at the floor.
"If you meet him, you can say that we think about him?"
I nodded. That was nice of him to bother, but I also knew that I wouldn't tell that to Niall. I knew that Niall wouldn't care.









Tried to make it believable, but I didn't want to have too many details.


Hope u still like my story... :D


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