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I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


10. Plans

When I woke up, was Harry and Niall in the room. Directly they come to the bed and Harry took hard my hand.
"Darling." he almost sobbed out. "You're awake?"
I smiled tired and I tried to look at him. I just saw fog and I felt that the whole body ached. Niall stood by my other side and he seemed equally pleased that I was awake.
"How is it?"
I coughed.
"It hurts."
Harry frowned and quickly he pressed a button, so that a nurse appeared. She seemed surprised that I was awake, but she smiled. Harry gave her a cold look.
"She's hurt!" he said angrily. "Make sure to give her something so she is feeling better."


Harry then told me about what had happened, after I had disappeared from my body.
"You were about to die and immediately there was panic in the whole school." he said. "I found you in the morning and I admit that I was so close to kill that fucking idiot."
I swallowed. What could I say? My memories from that night was strong and I felt the same thing.
"Schools Inspectorate's now there and they go through everything." he continued. "All students will be interrogated and the police to bust everyone who has hurt us."
I nodded weakly. What would happen now? Did we have to go back to hell, to the school? My voice was weak and I couldn't ask for the moment, but Harry continued to talk.
"Niall has testified and told them about Simon. Eventually, the police'll come here and they'll with you about what Simon did."
I frowned. I didn't like the police, but I understood that I had to. Maybe they would listen? This was the first time in my life that I knew that the fault wasn't on me.
"I'm going to one day kill him." I heard Niall say and I looked over at him. He sat on a chair and he was anything but happy. "I'll run up a dildo in his ass and I'll fuck cut of his cock."
I smiled weakly. Talk about that we felt the same hatred before that man. He had ruined us.
"I will help you." Harry said quickly to Niall. "We should find him before before trial and kill him. He's not worthy to live, and he will need feel how it is to be raped."
I swallowed. Would we get revenge? The idea popped up and I liked what I heard.
"We'll let him suffer." I heard Harry continued. "He shouldn't make so that he can escape us. Just because the police put him in prison, it doesn't mean he gets a punishment. He will fuck to get to feel how it is."
Niall smiled and he nodded.
"We can do it." he said. "I know where he lives, but I'm not sure if he's there now."
Harry snorted.
"I have contacts and I can easily find out his correct address."
I just stared at them. Did they really talked, seriously, about that we would get revenge? It felt strange, but still it tingled in my stomach.
"Shall we?" I whispered inquiringly. Harry smiled at me and he nodded.
"I'll kill him with a spoon and I'll make sure he will suffer. He wont fucking get away."




It took me a week to get body to work. I couldn't directly use my legs, because they were weak. Therefore loaned the hospital me a wheelchair, so that I could take me through the corridors. Harry was with me every day and he was more and more certain that we would give back. One day he took me to a large family room. Large windows were on one wall, which was directed outward toward the parking lot. He rolled me to the window and immediately I saw lots of people out there.
"It's reporters." was the explanation. "All of England talking about the school who raped students." He smiled at me. "You are known, darling. Everyone wants to talk to you."
I frowned. They wanted to talk to me? I wasn't sure I wanted to set up on that part, although everyone should know the truth. Harry pulled up a chair and he sat down next to me.
"You should fuck tell the truth to the world." he continued. "You should talk about that all the teachers were idiots at school and you should also tell them that we all suffered?"
I looked at Harry. His eyes shone and I understood that it was his plan. I had often seen on the news how victims were talking about what had happened to them, but it was strange that I would do the same thing.
"Niall was also exposed?" I whispered uncertain. "Why don't they want to hear his story?"
Harry snorted.
"Because it was you who got the truth to come out." he said quickly and he pointed out to the reporters. "They want to know who the girl is, who was close to dying under a teacher. They want to know how you feel and what you'l do now."
I was startled.
"Shall I tell them that we will get revenge?"
Harry laughed and he shook his head.
"No, that part's a secret." he said cheerfully. "You just need to talk about school. Then when you come home from here, we will kill him. We will ensure that he'l suffering, but that part don't the world need to know about?"
I liked the plan to kill Simon, but not to talk to strangers. I was unsure about my own future. My parents didn't seem happy that I was still here and where should I go next?
"Harry, I don't know if I want."
He kissed me on the lips and then he smiled consolingly.
"We take one step at a time. I just mean that you should talk to the press about everything, but if you don't want to, I wont force you."




The trial against the school started. Many students would testify and the newspapers wrote about the country's biggest event. It was as if everyone was talking about what had happened, but I felt like an outsider. I didn't have to testify, said a lawyer to me, but it would be good if I did so. I was scared. For the first time in my life I wasn't sure what I would do. What felt right for me? I didn't know if I wanted to talk about what had happened and if I wanted to testified, I would meet Simon again. For now, I was just afraid of him.


Niall came to me when I was alone. I saw at him that he wanted to talk and I understood him. He placed himself on a chair and he looked a long time at me.
"Will you testify?" he asked uncertainly. I didn't know if I would say yes or no.
"I don't know."
Niall gulped and he looked down at his own hands. I noted that he had bitten hard on his nails and I realized that even he was scared.
"The lawyers are all over me all the time." he said quietly. "They want me to tell The judge about that night, but it feels so wrong. A grown man raped me and I'm a guy. It feels..." he paused. I just wanted to go up to him and hug him, but at the same time he didn't seemed to want a hug.
"I know." I mumbled instead. "It may sound funny in your eyes, but I feel the same."
Niall looked at me again. He was tired and I saw the bags under his eyes.
"The others don't understand." he whispered. "Harry talks about things he has no clue about. Simon never fucked him and therefore I think he should just shut up. Harry thinks he knows everything, but he understands nothing."
I chose to be silent. I saw hatred in Nialls eyes and I saw that he wasn't fond about Harry's thoughts.
"We should be the ones who's got revenge, not Harry and not the others in the gang." he continued hoarsely. "You and I know how it feels and we are the ones who'll kill him."
I gasped.
"Do you mean that we two should look him up on our own?"
Niall nodded and he looked down at the floor.
"Yes, because we two have suffered." he replied quickly. "I'll fuck squeeze a big dildo in his ass and scream the same words as he screamed at me. I'll say: How do you feel you fucking idiot to have a dick in your ass?"
It felt strange, but at the same time, I remember that Simon had said similar words to me. I saw at Niall that he suffered more than he said and I suffered with him. It was worse for him, since he was a boy.
"Should I lie to Harry?" I asked quickly. "I mean, so that you and I get the chance to do it on our own?"
Niall nodded quickly.
"Well, you van't say that I've talked to you about this." He looked at me and actually he smiled a little weak. "It's our secret."
I nodded and I answered the smile.
"I promise!" I whispered. "When I come out from here, you and I do it."
Niall seemed to take a breather. It was as if he finally got a goal and he was grateful that I was with him on the whole thing.
"We'll damn make sure that that idiot will know how it feels." said he was cold. "I'll kill him slowly and painfully."
I nodded. I was surprised when Niall came over to the bed and he gave me a big warm hug.
"Thank you!" he murmured against my ear. "Thank you for listening and I'm actually glad to have you as my friend."
I answered the hug and I smiled.
"I will always be your friend."




The police and the lawyer looked at me. I tried to remember and I talked about what happened that night. I suffered over that I had to answer all the difficult questions, but I also knew that this was my chance.
"So he forced you?" asked the lawyer. I frowned and I nodded.
"I didn't want to fuck with him." I said cool. "I was a virgin and he wanted to destroy me because of that."
He took noted on a paper.
"Okay, I've got a clear picture about how it happened." he said and then he looked at me again. "There are many who have the same experience as you and I have managed to find former students who have experienced the same thing."
I swallowed. And? He seemed to understand that I didn't care. He smiled weakly.
"It's thanks to you that we put a stop to this." He looked straight into my eyes. "If there's one consolation, you have made this possible. It's thanks to you that the truth came out and now I'll make so that all the teachers end up on life time in prison."
I didn't care about what he said. Niall and I would give back and I smiled at the thought that Simon wouldn't even end up in jail. He would end up in a box three feet under the ground, dead.
"We've have all the information we need from you." he continued, he gathered up the papers. Then he looked at me again. "The only question is whether you want to testify or not?"
I hesitated.
"Most preferably not."
He smiled sympathetically and then he gave me a business card with his number on.
"If you change your mind, you can call me. You can reach me day and night. If you come up with something else that you haven't said, you calling me immediately."
I nodded weakly.
He stood up and he looked at me for a few extra seconds.
"You are strong Sam. I know it will go well for you in life. You're such a girl who survives."

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