Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


3. Not to resist

First lesson. The classroom was as pale as anything else. The walls were white and bare. The teacher stood in the front of the classroom and he showed up, on a blackboard, how we would figure out math problems. I didn't listen and I peered around the room. Quickly, I saw one of Zayns buddies. I recognized him from yesterday. He was dark-haired, had curls and his eyes were green. He looked quickly at me, but it was a look of disinterest. Behind him sat a blond guy, who belonged to the same gang. Both of them seemed to listen to the teacher and they wrote in their books. I sighed and I looked forward again. The teacher had seen that I didn't do something, and quickly he took a few steps towards me.
"And shouldn't you, miss listening?"
I swallowed. Well I should have listened. I couldn't come up with what to say and the teacher stood right in front of me. He looked sternly at me and his eyes were cold.
"You're the new student." he murmured cold. "Sam?"
I nodded. He came up with a cold smile and he didn't looked impressed by me.
"Sam? It sounds like a boy's name."
I sighed.
"I know!"
He leaned against my bench and his two hands landed in front of me. He looked straight at me and it was as if he was going to kill me. I wasn't scared, but I was startled.
"I suggest that you listen when I talk." he whispered hoarsely. "I'm a teacher and you are a student. You've ruined your life before you come here, but I'll solve that in this school. Okay?"
I nodded weakly. He stood up with a straight back and he continued to look at me.
"Sam. I say this to save you." he continued. "You should listen to the teachers, you'll be sure to get good grades and if you don't take care about that, I will right away to ensure that some action is taken."
I nodded again. I swallowed. He returned to the blackboard and he looked over the class.
"All of you are here because you are the worst idiots in the world." He smiled cold. "You guys are so big idiots and we're in the school are here because so that you will teach yourself to be like everybody else."
I realized that this was hell. I noted that some in the class looked disapprovingly at me. Maybe it was because I had made the teacher angry?


"You should shut your mouth." murmured the green-eyed guy to me, as soon as we came out of the classroom. "If you angering Mr. Smith, the entire class will suffer."
I looked at him coldly.
"I said nothing to him?"
He sneezed.
"But you're new and you didn't listen?"
I snorted back cold.
"Go to hell." I whispered cold. "It wasn't my fault."
Direct he grabbed my arm and he pushed me up against the wall. He was angry and I saw that his eyes was darkened.
"Small girls like you should just shut up." he hissed cold. "This school isn't like your old school and here we have to help each other. Understood?"
I tried to get away from him.
"Let me go." I shouted. He held me tighter against the wall and he smiled weakly.
"No, not until you calm down. You should learn our rules and not go your own way."
The blonde guy showed up.
"Harry take it easy with her."
Okay, his name was Harry? He released me but he looked at me the hole time.
"Damn, I hate new students."
I straightened my shirt.
"I didn't ask to come here."
He sneezed.
"As if that would help?" He then looked at the blond guy. "We should fucking teach her a lesson?"
The blond boy shook his head quickly.
"We let her be. In a few weeks, she understands what we're talking about."
I swallowed. It sounded as if they didn't told me everything.
"What's it that..."
Harry interrupted me.
"Behave just like a normal student, and you wont get hurt."
I frowned.
"Come on and tell me."
Harry blinked.
"No thanks." he murmured cold. "You'll learn the rules exactly as we others did."




I sat down at Perries table and I sat down without asking for permission. I saw at her that she almost got pissed off by that, but I needed to talk to her.
"Harry warned me for something." I said straight out towards her. "What?"
Perrie clenched her teeth and she stared at me. Eleanor sat on the other side of the table and she smiled weakly.
"You mean we'll tell you about what happens if you do wrong?"
I nodded quickly. Perrie sigh cold.
"And what makes you think that I'm going to tell anything to you?" she asked cold. "I'm not your friend and you are definitely not the kind of girl who I trust."
I sighed. Talk about Perrie was harder against what I was.
"Maybe I can sneak in smoke?" I whispered. "I have friends who can..."
She interrupted me by laughing.
"Hey, I can get what I want through my own contacts." She then looked at me again. "I don't need you."


After dinner drug Eleanor me with her. We went into her room and she quickly closed the door.
"Do you promise to be quiet?" she asked quickly. She locked the door and she looked at me. I chose at the nod. I had no choice. She swallowed and she smiled weakly.
"Everyone's afraid." she said simply. "This is a school where all ports that don't obey in the real world and the teachers have gotten the idea that no one cares about us."
I frowned.
She sighed.
"Our parents can't come here and we can't directly send letters home. They read through everything and if we have written the wrong things they throw the letters away."
I sat down on her bed.
"So it's a prison?"
She nodded.
"And the others don't want to talk about what some teachers do. They can punish us for every little thing and the penalty depends on who the teacher is."
Okay, I listened. Eleanor sat down next to me and she swallowed.
"You could say that some teachers take the liberty to do things with us."
I didn't understand.
She looked down at the floor.
"Do you understand if I say that we have paedophiles in the school and we have teachers who are horny on everything that has a skirt? If you'll be one of the teachers favourites, you'll not be alone at night."
I gasped.
"Are you serious?"
Eleanor nodded.
"And if you're the student that the teacher hates, you risk the same thing."
I was startled and I watched her carefully. Was this the truth? Eleanor seemed to understand that I didn't believe her.
"Harry, Niall, Zayn. Louis and Liam are those that hold together against the teachers and they help each other. I and Perrie has chosen to join their gang just to get protection. Maybe I can get them to trust you?"
I understood, or I began to understand.
"What can they do about it?"
She smiled.
"A teacher was going to do it with me and direct all came and beat him. Now teacher dare anymore to touch us because they know we are resisting and they can't notify the police about assault, as it would come out to the world that they just fuck us."
I swallowed. I realized that Harry was right. I should listen to what he said.
"Can you ask them if I can stay with you guys?"
She nodded and she smiled.
"I promise." she whispered kindly. "I can't promise that they say yes, but I'll nag at them. I think everyone should be with us, since it protects the whole school."




In the evening I went out and I sat in the same place as the night before. Zayn gathered together the gang and I now understood who was who. Niall was the blonde, Liam was that guy who looked older and Louis seemed to like football. He always had a ball with him and he kicked with it. Harry sat at the edge of the gang and actually I noticed that he looked in my direction. It was as if I still had caught his attention. Eleanor showed up and I saw that she began to talk to them. I looked down into the grass because I realized they were talking about me. I just heard that Zayn raised his voice and I knew he was upset. So I wouldn't get their protecting?


Harry came over to me. I saw at him that he still didn't trust me, but he sat down in front of me and he looked straight at me.
"You are rudely!" he hissed cold. "We don't take in anyone new in the gang and we just want the ones as really helps."
I met his gaze.
"I can actually fight, if that's what it takes."
He smiled and he looked at my face.
"Then tell me how you would do if a teacher came and took hold of me?"
I swallowed.
"Depends on why he does it."
Harry shook his head quickly.
"Wrong answer!" he whispered. "In this school there's only one reason that a teacher touching a student. He wants to fuck."
All right. What I would say.
"Teach me?"
He laughed a little bit. He looked away towards the other and we both saw that they sat and stared at us. Harry looked at me again and this time he was amused.
"And why would I teach you anything at all?"
I shrugged. I had no good answer.
"Because I want?"
He laughed.
"There are many who want to be with us and you isn't exactly unique in any way."
I agreed.
"No I'm not unique, but I always keep my promises."
Harry was silent for a few seconds. He thought and I saw at him that he at least didn't hated me.
"I'll think about it."

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