Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


2. new school

I got my own room. All new students got that and I hated the room. There was a bed, a bedside table, a desk and a chair. There was one single shelf on the wall for books and a closet that was smaller against my own at home. I had a private toilet and there were security cameras. I sighed as I pulled in my bags to the room. There was a grill behind window glass and I saw that the outside wasn't washed in a long time. Yet, I chose to put down my things and my mom stood in the doorway.

"We love you." she said. I snorted and I looked at those things that existed in the room. I hated this but it would be wrong of me to start screaming. I didn't want to give her that satisfaction.
"Sure!" I replied cold. She sobbed but I knew it was just because the new headmaster stood behind her.
"Take care of yourself!"
I spun around and I saw my mom vanished away. I saw that the headmaster hesitated. Should he go with her or he would go with me? I was surprised when he stayed with me.

"At six o'clock all eat supper in the dining room." he said uncertainly. I noted that he was afraid of me. He was afraid of all new students and he tried to smile. "If you forget to come on time to the food you get nothing to eat."
I smirked.
"And then I must blame myself?"
He hesitated, after a while he gave me some papers.
"There here's about mealtimes and all the times you need to know." He looked toward my mom's direction. I understood that she was already in front of the car. He then looked at me again and he tried to smile. "And as always I'm there."




The dining room was big, really big. In one side of the room there was food and salad. Tables were everywhere and it reminded almost about the dining aria in my own school. Everyone was talking and everyone screamed and yelled. I took a deep breath and I put myself in line to take food. I realized that I had to be tough if I would cope with this school. Here there weren't those of popular stylish girls, or wimps who sat and agreed that they were bullied. Everyone was more like me and it almost felt weird to see that. I took food on a tray and I sat at a table far away. I wanted to be alone, yet there appeared a girl and with a thump, she put down the tray on the table.
"This is my table!"
I looked coldly up at her.
"It was no note on the table that I couldn't sit here." I mumbled cold. She laughed.
"No, because everybody knows that this is my table. Can you move away now?"
I snorted.
"Go to hell!"
She become furious. Another dark-haired girl appeared and she quickly caught up the first girl.
"She's new!" said the other girl. "She doesn't know about your rules, Perrie."
Okay the tough girl was Perrie. I looked up at them and I tried not to show any fear. Perrie was pissed. She quickly took the tray and she went to another table. The other girl was standing there and she seemed to wonder if she would talk to me or not.
"You're new?"
I nodded and I ate the food. I didn't answer. She sat down and it was as if she eyed me carefully, to create an image of who I was.
"I'm Eleanor."
I sighed.
"Good for you."
She smiled weakly.
"You don't get any profit from being tough or mean."
I sighed and I looked at her.
"I will win nothing at making friends."
She didn't give up.
"You know that teachers can put you in a room, which we call insulation? All new students usually end up there."
I didn't care. Eleanor smiled and I noticed that she was actually pretty. She didn't look like a tough girl, unlike the other girl, Perrie.
"That's my problem." I answered quickly. She nodded and she chose to start eating. We sat silent and it was as if she knew I didn't want to talk to her.


There was it all on that stupid school. The classrooms were in one part of the building and our bedroom in the second part. In the middle was the dining room, a big room with a TV and a library. The yard had a wall around itself and I understood that it was to prevent us from leaving school. I went and sat down under a tree. I saw students who smoked and I saw students who sat and kissed. I realized that life was pretty freely here. Maybe I could find a sense in going on such a school, and I wouldn't have to be with my parents.


"You shouldn't be so saucy against Perrie?"
I woke up from my thoughts. A dark guy with tattoos was standing in front of me and he blew out smoke from his mouth. Quickly he took a new smoke from the cigarette and he looked coldly at me.
"Who cares?" I asked cold. He smiled wryly and he ran his hand through his hair.
"She's my girlfriend and I care."
I chose to remain on the grass.
"Congratulations to that....!"
He laughed cold. He sat down right in front of me and he blew out straight at me.
"Thank you!"
I snorted.
"Are all as you two in this school?"
He raised his eyebrows.
"We are just the people we are." He smiled cold. "You're here for the same reason? No school care about us."
I let my hand slide down toward the grass and I started picking among the blades of grass. I didn't want to say anything or too much to him and he didn't have anything with my life to do.
"I'm Zayn!" he said right as it was. I looked at him and I sighed.
"I'm Sam."
He smiled awry.
"Is that your real name?"
I frowned and I nodded.
"Well, what else would I be called?"
He shrugged.
"It sounds just like a boy's name?"
I looked down on the grass.
He stubbed out the cigarette in the grass and he stood up quickly.
"Well, it was fun to talk to you." he said and I knew he would go away. "Just to let you know about it. Everyone at this school is trying to suffer through days and just because you're new, no one will suck up to you."
I smiled.
I followed Zayn with my eyes when he left me alone. He seemed pleased that he had talked to me. I frowned as I wondered why he had come up to me. Did he wanted to warn me? He walked over to a bunch of guys and even Perrie was there. I saw that they were talking about me. I looked down at the grass and I sighed. Maybe I wouldn't have or get any friends. I was sure that the days would go slowly on this school. I was a loner and I was used to disobey. I knew that the teachers would look down on me and I knew I would quickly end up in the bottom again.

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