Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


12. His house

I heard that someone was outside the window. I turned out the light in the room and I went to the window. I opened it and immediately, I saw the ladder leaning against the wall. Niall stood on the ground and he smiled big at me. Quickly I slid out and quickly I took myself down to the ground. Directly he gave me a big hug. I hugged him back. I understood that we couldn't talk loudly, because my parents could hear us, although they were inside. We glided across the yard toward the wall. I saw a ladder there, and I understood that Niall had planned everything. We went over the wall and then we ran away from my home.


When we came away from my street I felt safer. Direct stopped Niall to breathe and he smiled big at me. I smiled back and it felt like ages since I saw him last time.
"We have time..." he panted and in the end he managed to bring down the pulse. "We have all night for us."
I nodded. I noticed that he had a backpack on his back. He was like me dressed in black and he even had a black hood on his head.
"You're staring?"
I blushed.
"It was a long time since I saw you."
Niall smiled and we started to walk again.
"Yes, it's a shame that we can't meet more normal?"
I didn't know immediately, what I would say to him. We were going to do something bad, revenge, and it all felt different inside me. We had a goal and I wasn't sure that we did the right thing.
"Have you met Harry?"
I shook my head quickly.
"No, my mom wont let me see him."
Niall gave me a quick glance.
"Pity?" he murmured. "But it's not the same anymore with the gang. After we left school, we have been on our own and I actually miss the others."
I agreed. It almost felt as if I hadn't been away from home and it felt like all that stuff as had happened at the school, was just a dream.
"You must come and visit me any time you want." I chose to tell him. Niall smiled big and he nodded happily.
"Thank you!"
I smiled at him.
"We're friends and friends will always be there."
He agreed.
"Yes, and you're probably the only one I feel connected with."
I frowned.
"Why only me?"
He blushed a little bit and he tried to hide it.
"You know ... that thing with Simon. You understand me and I understand you. The others don't understand how it is to live after such a thing."
I thought the same. Even not my parents wanted to understand, I realized that we were alone against the world. I chose to take his hand in mine and we continued to silence go foreward. The thoughts whirled around and all that had happened had really affected me. Niall wasn't the same person after school and we had no one but each other to talk to about it all.
"Niall, I have a stupid question."
He smiled and he looked at me.
I swallowed and I tried to choose my words.
"When Simon came into your room, did he tried to tie you up or something?"
Niall gulped and I saw at him that it was a sensitive topic.
"No, he just pushed me down on the floor and tore off my clothes. I think he tied you up just to be sure that you wouldn't resist. It was perhaps easier to rape me? He put me on the stomach and then he had my whole body under him. You could kick and do other things."
I nodded.
"I can still hear him."
Niall stopped and he held my hand tighter.
"I know!" he whispered sweet. "I can wake up in the middle of the night and I think he's there, but I know that it's just a bad dream."
I looked at Niall. I looked into hand-eye and it was as if we felt and understood each other. He picked up his second hand and he stroked my cheek gently. He smiled faintly and then he leaned foreward. I was surprised when he kissed me. It was just a light kiss on my lips but it affected me. Then he released my face and we continued to walk. Why did he kissed me? I just stared at him and I wondered if he even knew why?


We stopped at a bus stop. I understood that we had to go far to get to Simon. We sat down on the bench, standing there, and we waited.

I looked at him. Niall looked at me and he smiled weakly.
"I'm sorry I kissed you before, but I felt just to do it."
I smiled and I blushed a little..
"It's okay."
He smiled at me and he nodded.
"Yes, it was an okay kiss too?"
I grinned a little towards him.
"So you just just felt to kiss me?"
He nodded with satisfaction.
"I have hardly any experience with girls and it was a good opportunity to test." He looked at me again. "I know you are with Harry, but I have to say that I had flirted with you if you wasn't with him."
Okay? I was startled and I saw at him that he was serious.
"Do you have feelings for me?"
Niall nodded a little weak.
I swallowed.
"But I'm with Harry."
He nodded.
"I know!"
I just stared at Niall. He smiled with satisfaction and he seemed to have no problem at all. I didn't know what to say.
"And you had to say that to me?"
He giggled a little bit.
"Yes, I was going to wait till we were done tonight, but I happened to say it now."


The bus was empty. We were the only passengers and we sat in the back of the bus. Niall sat next to me and he was still holding my hand. It felt wrong to sit beside him in that way, because I had Harry. Still, it felt right and I actually liked Niall. I hadn't seen before that he was actually cute. He was such a guy I normally hadn't been staring at, but now as he was my friend it was different.


"When this is over, we can do something fun together."
Nialls voice woke me up from my thoughts. I nodded and I smiled at him.
He smiled and he looked at me closely.
"My parents have a cottage by the sea. We can borrow it and be there a week?"
Everything was better against to be at home with my parents. I nodded immediately and I didn't hesitated to promise him that.
"That would be fun."


Niall stood up and I realized that we were there. I was still holding his hand when the bus stopped and together we went out on the street. I was in a totally alien area and I had no idea where we were.
"He lives farther away."
Nialls voice was altered. He didn't sounding no longer happy, but he sounded foggy. He swallowed and I saw at him that he was preparing. We started to walk along the street in silence. It was as if we realized that now, or never.


Simon's house was normal sized. It was inside a block with old houses. He had a pretty small garden and in front of the garage was a rusty car. We hesitated and we chose to stand still on the other side of the road.
"This is it." I heard Niall say. I actually was tense throughout the body. It shone in just one window and immediately I wondered if he really was alone there inside?
"What exactly shall we do?" I asked. Niall smiled at me and he seemed amused by the idea.
"I brought with me everything. We'll tape him down so he can't move and I'll fuck pushing a dildo in his ass."
I gasped.
"You're serious?"
Niall nodded.
"I'll give back for all that he did to you and me. He wont fucking get away with a few years behind prison. He should suffer and he'll get to know how it feels. I'm not going to give him the opportunity to receive grace. "
I looked towards the house again. We would really do this?
"Where shall we go in?" I continued. "I don't think he opens the door for us?"
Niall smiled.
"On the back there's a basement window that's pretty shitty. I can open it and we enter that path."
I looked around the street.
"And if the neighbours hear him scream?"
Niall looked at me and it seemed like he had answer to everything.
"I'll make sure he can't get help or that one single person hears him from outside."
He laughed a little bit.
"You will see."


We sneaked around the house and we landed by the window. Niall sat down on his knees in the grass and quickly he picked up a screwdriver. I was surprised when he managed to get up the window and he pointed to me to go in first. He gave me a flash light and I chose to obey. There was a tingling in my stomach when I slid down onto the ground with my feet I slid into the basement. We landed in a wash room. There was laundry, a washing machine and it smelled funds. Niall held my hand tightly as we walked towards the door. When we came through the door it tingling in my body. I swallowed and I managed to sneak ahead. Niall pointed to the stairs up and we walked to the stairs. We listened for sounds, but we heard nothing from above. Slowly we walked up the stairs and then opened Niall basement door.


Simon's house wasn't cleaned up. There was pizza boxes and old beer cans in the kitchen. The sink was filled with dishes and full kitchen was almost disgusting. We went to the room, where a lamp was lit, and when we came up to the door post we peeked into the room. Simon was sitting on a couch and he was holding a book in his hand. He had only a floor lamp lit and he was wearing glasses. He didn't hear us and he didn't seemed to notice that we were there. Niall froze and I felt that he wasn't sure about this. We stood close to the person who had hurt us.

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