Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


7. Defence and rules

"Damn you're crazy!"
Zayn shouted out the words at me. We had gathered in the yard and all staring at me. Perrie had chosen to tell what happened and now everyone seemed angry.
"Excuse me, then?" flew out of me. "I can't help that he happened to hear us?"
Harry stood beside me and he took my hand, but it didn't help. Louis also seemed angry and he showed with the entire body that he didn't like what happen.
"Come on, Sam." he murmured cold. "I told you that the whole house has ears and eyes. It's not protected as long as your in school."
I looked down at the ground. What could I do about it? I hadn't noticed that Simon was in the dining room and certainly not that he listened to us.
"None of us saw him." explained Perrie just to show that she was on my side. She looked at Zayn cold and she seemed angry at him. "Let us instead make sure that Simon don't come close to her?"
Harry agreed.
"And who says that he intends to go to her? He's still out to get me and Niall?"
Liam didn't seem to agree with my boyfriend.
"That changed quickly." he said instead. "And he's not the last teacher who changes victims."
I was a little unsure. What could save me?
"I lock the door at night?" I got up. Direct all laughed. Harry shook his head and he looked amused at me.
"Simon will easily access the spare key to your room. He may not be the smartest man, but he knows how to get to you."


That evening, I chose to sleep in Harry's room. I was afraid to be alone and I didn't want that Simon would win. I was scared and I realized how serious it all was. Harry fell asleep quickly. His arm was under my head and I held my arms around his body. I heard noises in the hallway and I was wondering all the time if it was Simon? What would he do if he found out that I wasn't in my room? Eventually I fell asleep, but I'm sure I only got a few hours sleep that night.




The headmaster gathered all in the auditorium. It was the first time that I was there and I realized that this didn't belong to the ordinary. I held Harry's hand tightly.
"Welcoming students." he said into the microphone. All the other teachers stood behind him and I saw that Simon stared at me and Harry. Just to make it clear to Simon, I put my head on Harry's shoulder. I was Harry's girlfriend and that was all.
"It has been revealed that students at the school share rooms. It's against the rules and especially if it occurs between opposite sex."
I knew immediately where this would lead. I saw that Simon smiled cold towards us and I feared the worst.
"All students should therefore be in their rooms at ten o'clock every evening and guards will walk through the corridors and ensure that this is handled."
Harry froze.
"Damn!" I heard him hiss. The headmaster smiled at everyone and it was as if he already knew that students were the losers.
"At this school we take care of everything according to our rules and you should follow them." He said that if we didn't already have rules so that it was enough. "Anyone who breaks the rules will be punished and it will end up in your records."
I looked at Harry. He was cold all over his face and he stared cold at Simon. It was as if he was going to murder him and I was scared.
"I can defend myself." I whispered hoarsely. Harry looked at me and he sighed angrily.
"You haven't met Simon privately, outside the classroom." he whispered. "He's strong and I promise you that only you can't beat him down."
The thoughts whirled around.
"Maybe I can steal a knife from the kitchen?" I got out of me. "I put it next to me in bed and when he shows up, I have a weapon?"
Harry looked at me and then it seemed as if he liked my idea.
"I'll make sure you get a knife before evening." he said, and this time he was a little more cheerful. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and then he looked at the headmaster again. I chose to look at Harry. He really was the perfect boyfriend. He did everything right and he wanted to help me.
"Can't we only take us through the wall?" I continued. "We have time to hide before they're looking for us."
Harry frowned.
"No, sweetheart." he whispered hoarsely. "We have no chance outside the walls."




I got a knife. Harry gave it to me later in the day and I hid it quickly in my bed. It tingled in the stomach of expectation. I could defend myself and it didn't feel as bad anymore.
"Promise you even scream." Harry whispered to me. "Cry, stick the knife against him and you'll do anything to get us others to hear you."
I nodded and I kissed him.
"I promise."
He smiled and he hugged me tightly.
"I'll be ready." he whispered. "I'm here for you and I defend what belongs to me."




I lay quietly in my bed and I listened carefully for what was heard outside the door. I was scared, but at the same time I felt safe. In a way, it was exciting because this was the first time that I felt threatened. I lay there thinking back on my own life. Talk about that I had gone from being a perfect daughter and to now, having the opportunity to become a killer? The question was whether I was capable of killing? Okay I hated Simon, but at the same time everything wasn't just his fault. The headmaster turned us his back and he seemed to think that nothing happened. To lock in students was wrong and that it hidden us away from the world was wrong.


I woke to the sound of a bunch of keys. Direct I woke up and I sat up in bed. I quickly took out the knife and I lit the bedside lamp. My body was like ice and I could feel the adrenaline burst out around my body. As soon as the door opened, I was close to throwing myself against the door, but in the last second I stopped myself.
He giggled and he closed the door behind him. He locked it and then he put a chair under the handle, so that no one could get in. He was happy and he laughed a little bit.
"I thought I would be here." he whispered tenderly, and he came over to the bed. Quickly, I put down the knife again, in a safe hiding place.
"Damn, I could have killed you?"
He almost threw himself under the covers and he laughed quietly, just because the guards wouldn't hear him.
"I know." he whispered happily. "Isn't it exciting?"
I gave him an angry look, although I was close to smile. He crouched down next to me and quickly he took his arms around my body.
"Let us sleep."
I sighed.
"You came all the way here just to sleep?"
He was startled.
"What more can we do?" he whispered inquiringly. "I thought you were tired and I thought..."
I realized that I shouldn't say no more. I crawled into his lap and I laid my head against his chest. If I opened my mouth again, he would surely think that I wanted to have sex, or something similar.
"Good night." I whispered and I closed my eyes. I felt his arms around me and actually I felt safe. It only took me a few minutes and then I slept again.




When I woke up in the morning wasn't Harry there. I noticed that the chair was gone but the door was locked. I smiled a little bit. He had been with me just because I would feel safe. I sat up and I felt refreshed. It only took me some minutes to get started and this morning I was in great spirits. I thought about Harry, I was thinking about what we had between us and I looked forward being with him. Everything else didn't matter. Maybe we had exaggerated about Simon?

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