Kiss my ass

I was the bottom of the bottom of pupils and therefore my mom had to send me to a special school. There went all the students that no one else wanted. We were all the ones as the teachers hated and the school teachers continued to hate the students. Little did I know that there was rape, the teachers took advantage over the students, and that my life would change.


11. After

My parents had to take me home to the house. It was as if everything was changed and they were like two strangers. Neither my mom nor my dad seemed to want to comfort me or ask me about what had happened. They just wanted to forget everything and it felt as if it had never happened. In a way, I was grateful that I came home to my room. Our big yard had a big wall around the house and the reporters couldn't come up to me, but at the same time I felt as if I came from one prison and I got into a new one. I couldn't take me away from home and I couldn't do anything about anything.
"It will pass." Mom said cold. "They soon forget it all away and they will get tired about to hang out here."


Niall called me late one night and he sounded excited.
"I know where he is." he said quickly. "I have collected things to use and we'll do it soon."
I felt uneasy. The closer that day arrived, the more uncertain I became. It felt right to do the revenge, but at the same time I wasn't a girl who liked to kill people. I didn't chose to tell Niall that.
He seemed to ponder.
"I will notify you when everything's ready and we can do it."
I hesitated with the whole body and there were many obstacles along the way.
"And how do I get out of here without my parents noticing?"
Niall laughed a little bit.
"Trust me. I have solved everything." he said in a mysterious voice. "I promise you I'll help you get out from your home. I know how your yard looks like and I know how I'll get you out."
I nodded.




"Harry has been looking for you."
I froze and I looked at mom. We sat and ate food and I saw at her that she didn't like the idea that I had a boyfriend.
"Why haven't you told me that before?"
She snorted.
"I don't like that you are with those people." She looked straight at me. "He certainly has bigger problems than you and has nothing to do with you from now on."
I put down the fork on the plate and I just stared at her. Was she stupid or what?
"He's my boyfriend." I almost growled out of me. "You can't control my life and choose who I hang out with. He was the only one who cared about me when I was in school and he loves me."
She snorted.
"Boys come and go." she murmured cold. "He's not the right one for you."
I was so annoyed that I was boiling with anger.
"I don't care a damn over what you think." I almost shouted. "You're just a bitch and you care less about me than normal mom's do."
She stared at me in surprise.
"Please Sam, I want to make the choices that are right for you."
I stood up and I looked coldly at her.
"You didn't visit me in the hospital many times and you don't care about the fact that your daughter was raped. You don't know what's best for me."
She swallowed.
"Well, I know we'll put that behind us and move on."
I banged my fist down on the table.
"You just keep your mouth shut." I shouted angrily. "He's my boyfriend and you can't do anything about it."
Mom looked at me as if everything was my fault.
"Now you sit down on the chair and eat." she murmured. "We don't talk more about that and I don't want to hear you talk to me in that tone."
I shook my head. Instead of obeying her, I left the table. I went straight up to my room and I was angry. I didn't want that she would rule over me and I didn't want her to decide things without talking to me first.


After a lot of searching online, I found Harry's home number. I was determined that I would rule over my own choices and I called him.
"It's all my mother's fault." I said in explanation. "She doesn't want me to hang out with you or with someone from the school."
I heard that Harry was glad he finally talked to me.
"Darling, I'll pick you up?"
I gasped.
He laughed a little bit.
"My parents have nothing against you and you are welcome to come here."
I hesitated.
"I don't want to be in the way."
He sighed.
"You're not in the way and actually I want us to get together. It's over a week since I met you."
I hesitated anyway.
"I'll think about it."
I think that Harry understood me.
"Make it quick." he murmured. "I want you here and I promise I will arrange everything for you."
I sighed. Okay I missed Harry, but at the same time I wasn't ready to live with him and his family.
"My mom will come and pick me up, if I'm with you. She wont give up."
He laughed.
"Dad has a gun and I can actually defend us."
I gasped.
"Would you kill my mom?"
"No!" he replied quickly. "But I can threaten her so that she understands that we are serious?"
I shook my head quickly.
"No, I don't like guns and she's after all my mom?"
He sneezed.
"She don't even care about you?"
I looked down at my hands.
"I know!"
Harry didn't give up hope.
"I do and I love you." he said. "If you come here, I promise that you get everything that you want and I'll take care of you."




The trial was in full swing and everyone wrote about what had happened. I saw that Mom avoided all the papers. She seemed almost like hiding the truth.
"One day it's forgotten." I heard her say to Dad. "We put this behind us and moving on."
"Yes!" he replied quickly. "We'll do the right thing and we'll manage to forget all about this little incident."
I was sad. Why they didn't understand that something bad had happened to me. I had been raped and I almost wanted to talk to them about it. Why didn't they never ask me how I was doing after all? It felt like they only cared about what others thought of us, but the fact that their daughter was feeling bad they didn't bother about.


"Are you ready?"
Niall sounded cheerful on the phone. I gasped.
"Shall we do it now?"
He laughed.
"Everything is planned and I know that Simon's home alone tonight. I come over and make sure you come out from the home. Then, we just to let him suffer."
I sat down on the bed. I was split in two. Yes, I wanted to give back for what Simon had done, but at the same time it felt wrong.
"Are you sure we really can do this?" I asked uncertainly. Niall laughed and he didn't seem to understand that I hesitated.
"Yes, this is the right thing to do."
"Okay!" I mumbled.
"Make sure to be in your room when the sun has gone down. I will help you out the window."


I was looking up the clothes that I thought suited for revenge. Black clothes and sneakers. I showered and I prepared myself for the evening. There was a tingling in my stomach and somehow this was exciting. Okay I didn't like violence, but for the sake I was ready to retaliate and do everything against Simon.

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