Lies, Lives, & Love Lost

John and Dave have the sweetest relationship ever. Well, in John's opinion.
It's Valentines Day and John decides to surprise Dave by popping by his house with an "ironic" gift. Then everything goes downhill. Karkat is discovered, Dave is yelled at, and John is heartbroken.


3. Valentines Day Mindfuck

      "So are we seriously doing this today?" the raspy voice asked with a hint of nervousness.

      "Definitely." came the smooth, sure response.

      "But... what if someone catches us?"

      "They won't. I locked the door." Karkat Vantas facepalmed at the utter idiocy of his matesprite. A half-smile appeared on his face, however, because this was just like Dave. The thought of being caught doing something like this crossed his mind, yet he blatantly ignored it. He always locks his door. But... the chance of being caught kind of thrilled the young troll. He was now smiling widely and pulling Dave in by his neck. The kiss was short and sweet, but meaningful nonetheless. Karkat never could keep a matesprite for long; Hell, he could barley keep a moirail! But Dave was different. Dave stayed. And he was loyal, Karkat couldn't forget that. He did hang out with and Pester that 'ectoBiologist' character quite often, but Dave insisted that he and Egbert were nothing more than good friends.

      Dave smirked and dipped Karkat, knowing his weakness for sappy rom-com-like situations, and kissed him. Karkat swooned, almost losing his balance, but Dave caught him. He smirked again and pressed a quick peck to his lips before pulling him back up. Karkat laughed. They always did this -- it was their routine. They'd be all corny and romantic, then Dave would get his turn and they'd be fierce and rough and sexy. Of course, Dave would almost always be on top.

      Karkat sat down in a chair and held out his arms for Dave to join him. Dave immediately complied, climbing onto his lap, legs on either side of him. He wiggled around, causing Karkat to bite his lip. The blond wiggled his eyebrows and Karkat snorted. Dave smirked again and leaned down, catching the trolls' lips with his own. Their mouths worked together, Karkat's opening slightly only moments after they'd begun. Dave grinned into the kiss and slipped his tongue in.

      "Uh, hey Dave, your bro's kind of freaking me..." something clattered to the floor. It sounded like heavy cardboard, but no one could be sure but the carrier. Dave immediately paused. Karkat's eyes grew wide as he looked between his matesprite and the raven-haired kid that walked into his room.

      "What. The. FUCK?!" the two screamed in unison. Dave scrambled to get up.

      "I-I can explain!"


      "I have NO clue what that means, but WHATEVER THE FUCK HE SAID!" Dave was being bombarded with yelling and it was honesly hurting his head. He held up a hand, silencing his two partners.

      "Karkles, I know I said that Egbert was just a friend... and I'm sorry." he turned to John. "John I... I just failed. I'm not worthy of being your boyfriend."

      "Damn straight you're not." John narrowed his gaze.

      "DAVE YOU FUCKING NOOKSNIFFER, YOU LIED. YOU FUCKING LIED." Dave tried to reach out to Karkat, but the mutantblood slapped his hand away. "NO. DON'T EVEN FUCKING TRY." Karkat stormed out of the room, John following soon after he gave one last disappointed look to Dave.

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