Lies, Lives, & Love Lost

John and Dave have the sweetest relationship ever. Well, in John's opinion.
It's Valentines Day and John decides to surprise Dave by popping by his house with an "ironic" gift. Then everything goes downhill. Karkat is discovered, Dave is yelled at, and John is heartbroken.


1. Coolkid and Egderp

      "Egderp." Dave groaned for the millionth time. The young Strider was bored. And tense. And his boyfriend belly dancing in front of him wasn't helping at all. But John continued to ignore him with a bucktoothed smirk and danced. Dave had finally had it; he sat up, snatching John by his waist and yanking him down onto the couch.

      "Hey!" but he was cut off by Dave wiggling his way into the crook of his neck, kissing softly. "H-hey! Dave! T-that tickles!" he had apparently said the wrong thing because Dave immediately started breathing lightly on that spot and John burst out into a fit of giggles. John's laughter was contagious and it caught Dave pretty quickly. The blond let out a snort and everything went silent. John stared at Dave. Dave stared back.

      Then they both roared with laughter again.

      John wiped a tear from his eye and gave one last little chuckle before laying his head on Dave's shoulder. Dave smiled and rested his own head on John's. His boyfriend was perfect for him. You know how they say opposites attract? Well, the Universe finally got one right because they were polar opposites. Dave was a coolkid with a thing for irony and sick fires, while John was dorky and really into Nicholas Cage. They were perfect.



      "I love you."

      "Love you too, Egderp."

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