Lies, Lives, & Love Lost

John and Dave have the sweetest relationship ever. Well, in John's opinion.
It's Valentines Day and John decides to surprise Dave by popping by his house with an "ironic" gift. Then everything goes downhill. Karkat is discovered, Dave is yelled at, and John is heartbroken.


2. A Talk With Bro/Plans

      "Bro, I know!"

      "He'll find out soon, Dave!"

      "You need to just break it off or tell him or something!"

      "I fucking know okay!!" Dave huffed and flash-stepped his way down the hallway, leaving his concerned bro behind. He flopped down on his bed with a soft whoosh of sheets and groaned. How could this day get any fucking worse?!


      Oh shit. It just got worse.


   -- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 2:25 --

EB: hi dave!

EB: so i have a question...

EB: dave?

TG: oh hey

TG: didn't see you there

TG: too busy throwing down some sick fires and drinking my beautiful aj

EB: yeah okay dave

EB: but seriously i have a question

TG: what up dude?

EB: so you know how valentines day is coming up?

TG: yeah that weird love shit right?

EB: yes

EB: 'that weird love shit'

TG: what about it?

EB: well

EB: would you totally hate me if i said i can't hang out with you that day?

TG: nah dude it's cool

TG: you probably have really important shit going down anyways

TG: like if the president

EB: i'm just gonna stop you right there...

EB: i gotta go

EB: thanks for understanding

   -- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 2:32 --


       Dave sighed. Awesome. John wouldn't be with him on Valentines Day, but the Strider already had other plans...

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