Birth Of A 200 Pound 2

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  • Published: 13 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 16 Jan 2015
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3 Years has passed, Kim is now living on her own in NYC where she is pursuing her dream as a Victoria Secret model. She is currently single and is ready to look for love again. During an audition photo-shoot, she catches a glimpse of guy who had the features and look of Roman, without knowing it's him, she ignores it. When she later sees him again with Dean, she couldn't believe it, but little does she know... he doesn't remember her. Kim gets hired as the new top selling model for Victoria's Secret and cannot have any relationships due to her busy schedule. When Roman remembers, will he try to win back Kim's heart or let her make her decision on living her dreams. Kim now makes the biggest decision of her life; to live her dream as a Victoria Secret model or to be Roman Reigns wife.


10. Revenge Time

(A Few Weeks Later) 

Renee: Hey Kansas. *smiles* 

Kim: *looks at renee* 

Renee: I got the job as a host, I'll be interviewing you soon. *smiles cocky* 

Kim: *gives renee a look* I'll be looking forward to it. 

Renee: Don't worry, enjoy your spotlight for now again because I will reveal who you really are, and that you are a fake. 

Kim: *panics* 

Renee: *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: Well don't be too sure because your life as a celebrity will become bigger when I tell them what you done to my mother. 

Renee: *eyes widen* You wouldn't dare do that Kim. If you don't want Roman or Dean hurt, I would shut it. 

Kim: *smiles* Well see about that Renee. *walks off* 

Renee: *makes a scared face* 

Kim: *walking off and smiling evil* 

Dean: I was at Renee's a few weeks back and I heard her and Seth... 

Roman: Where is he?! 

Dean: He's staying with Renee why? 

Roman: Tyler Black, is that his other name? 

Dean: I don't know, I was introduced to him as Tyler Black also. 

Roman: He tried to kill me again! 

Dean: I know! 

Roman: And you're now telling me Dean! 

Dean: I heard the plan, I was supposed to die that night too, but I told them I was leaving, so I got away. They're still after you and Kim. 

Roman: They're not gonna touch my property. It's not gonna happen. *gets mad* 

Kim: *walks out from the studio* 

Roman: Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Roman. 

Roman: Let's go get lunch yeah? 

Kim: Roman, I'm gonna lose my job because of you. 

Roman: Well that's good then right? 

Kim: What? No! 

Roman: Ok, I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I need you to meet me at Central tonight at eight. 

Kim: Ok? 

Roman: It's important, and I need you there. *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah, I'll be there. 

Amy: I thought I told you to stop seeing him Kansas. 

Kim: *panics* I'm sorry Amy, I'll stop seeing him. You need to leave Roman. *walks off* 

Roman: Even if we're together or not, it's really none of your business lady. *walks off* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *meets up with roman* 

Roman: Take a seat. 

Kim: *sits down on the bench* 

Roman: Kim, what I'm about to say right now is gonna throw you off. 

Kim: *looks at roman* Kim? How do you know my name? 

Roman: *gets up and gets on one knee and looks down to the ground in front of kim*  

Kim: Roman, what are you doing? 

Roman: *looks at kim* Kim, it's me.  

Kim: *eyes widen* 

Roman: I'm your fiancé you claimed that is dead. I'm alive. 

Kim: *gives roman a look then cracks a laughs* You're funny Roman. That was crazy to hear. *smiles* 

Roman: No, it's really me Kim. I was attacked by Seth again, and this time he helped regained my memory back. I remember everything clearly now. I'm gonna press charges against him. 

Kim: *tries not to cry* 

Roman: I need you to help find him for me. 

Kim: Roman, I don't even... 

Roman: He's with Renee, he's hiding there. 

Kim: How do you know? 

Roman: Dean was there. 

Kim: Roman, how do I know it's you and not you trying to say it for Dean? 

Roman: What does he know that Seth attacked me in the first place? He was the one that knocked you out before we left to Paris. 

Kim: *eyes widen and looks at roman and cries silently* 

Roman: *wipes kims tears* I'm alive Kim, I'm sorry I didn't know you before.  

Kim: *cries more* 

Roman: *cries* Why didn't you tell me to come to my sense Kim? Why didn't you tell me you were my fiancé. 

Kim: *cries and hugs roman* 

Roman: *hugs kim* 

Amy: *watching the news* 

Reporter 1: Today, at 4:30 am, Tyler Black, whose real name is Seth Rollins escaped from behind bars in Orlando was arrest in New York City for planning a murder on Victoria Secret model Kansas Milwaukee and her fiancé Roman Reigns. According to Mr. Reigns, this is the second attempt Mr. Rollins tried to murder him. Seth Rollins will be held in downtown court... 

Amy: *turns off the tv* Tyler what?! *calls kim* 

Kim: *ignores the call* 

(Later That Day) 

Brenda: Girl are you ok? *fixing kims hair* 

Kim: Yeah, I am. 

Brenda: How is he your fiancé? I thought you said he died? 

Kim: That's what I thought too, Seth was the one that told me my fiancé died. 

Brenda: That is so sad. 

Amy: *barges in* Kansas! 

Kim: *looks at amy thru the mirror* 

Amy: What is going on? I trusted that Tyler guy! 

Kim: *stands up* His name is Seth Rollins and he is murder Amy. 

Amy: *gasp in shocked* I can't believe I lead him into our company. 

Kim: I'm sorry Amy. 

Amy: Did you know?!  

Kim: *nods* 

Amy: Why didn't you tell me! 

Kim: I tried, but if I did, I wouldn't be here; I would have been dead already. 

Amy: Are you ok? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Amy: Wow, I can't believe this right now Kansas. *hugs kim* I'm just glad you are ok. I'm sorry for all the misunderstandings. 

Kim: *smiles and pushes amy back a few steps* It's ok Amy, I'm ok.  

Amy: Thank the lord! Brenda, get her ready, let's get this shoot done and everyone can go home early for safety. 

Brenda: Ok. *gets kim ready again* 

(The Next Week) 

Renee: Amy right? 

Amy: Yes, who may you be? 

Renee: I'm Renee Young, I'm host of the new show "The Young Show." 

Amy: Oh, yes I heard of the show. 

Renee: I was wondering if I can have Kansas as a guest on my show. There is a lot I want to talk to her about. 

Amy: Yes, with everything going right now. I will be there with her by her side as well. 

Renee: Now, I don't know if you know this, but Kansas is a fake also. 

Amy: What? 

Renee: Her real name isn't Kansas Milwaukee and her body is fake from head to toe, front to back. 

Amy: *gives renee a look* 

Renee: You didn't hear it from me. *walks off* 

Kim: *walks into work* 

Amy: Kansas, my office. 

Brenda: Everything ok? 

Kim: Yeah, I think so? *walks into the office* 

Amy: Take a seat. 

Kim: *sits down* 

Amy: *looks at kims file* What is your name? 

Kim: Kansas Milwaukee. 

Amy: And the real one? 

Kim: *panics* What do you mean? 

Amy: Your real name. *looks at kim* What is it? 

Kim: *looks away scared* 

Amy: I would like to know your real name please. 

Kim: I'm sorry, I can't answer that. *gets up and leaves the studio* 

Roman: Everything ok? You're home early. 

Kim: *cries* 

Roman: Kim? *walks to kim and comforts her* What happened? Why are you crying? 

Kim: *crying*  

Roman: What's wrong? 

Kim: Someone told Amy I was a phony. 

Roman: Who would do that? 

Kim: I don't know! *cries again* 

Roman: *hugs kims tighter* 

(Later That Day) 

Reporter: Victoria Secret model Kansas Milwaukee a phony? *shows a before and after photo* 

Kim: *cries again* I can't believe this is happening on tv right now. 

Roman: Whoever did this, they're gonna get it. 

Kim: *cries into her lap* 

Renee: *texts kim* See you on my show next week. 

Kim: *looks at her text/replies back* It was you who told Amy about me didn't you. 

Renee: Yes, it was, don't be surprise when the media bashes on you. 

Kim: You're gonna pay for this. 

Renee: Make me, everyone knows you're a phony now. 

Kim: Just watch Renee. 

(The Next Week) 

Reporters: *all over kims house outside* 

Kim: *watching the news* This is crazy Roman. 

Roman: Well it's a good thing you're not at home. 

Kim: *cries again* My life is over. 

Roman: *sits next to kim* This is not it Kim, your life isn't over. You're gonna come across harder obstacles, this isn't one of them. 

Kim: This wasn't how I planned my future at all Roman. I hate Renee so much, I hate her. 

(Few Days Later) 

Amy: *calls kim*  

Kim: Hello? 

Amy: Hi Kansas, or should whatever your name is... 

Kim: It doesn't matter anymore. *looks at roman* 

Amy: I know what's been going on with your case has been hard on you with the murder case, and now with you as a phony... but I hate to tell you think Kansas. I'm willing to give you another chance as the real you if you choose to stay with us. But if you choose your fiancé, you will not be an angel anymore. 

Kim: When do I have to make my decision? 

Amy: Tomorrow on The Young Show. 

Kim: *smiles* The Young Show you say? I can't wait for the interview. *looks at roman with a revenge* 

Roman: *gives kim a look* 

Kim: I'll see you tomorrow at the studio. *hangs up* 

Roman: What? 

Kim: Renee had already schedule an interview with me before all this happened. I hope she regrets it because this time, she will be the one embarrassed and sorry. *giving an evil look to roman* 

Roman: *chuckles* So it's revenge time again right? 

Kim: *smiles at roman* Yes. 

Roman: Well let's do it then. *puts his fist out* 

Kim: *smiles and puts her fist against romans*

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