Birth Of A 200 Pound 2

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  • Published: 13 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 16 Jan 2015
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3 Years has passed, Kim is now living on her own in NYC where she is pursuing her dream as a Victoria Secret model. She is currently single and is ready to look for love again. During an audition photo-shoot, she catches a glimpse of guy who had the features and look of Roman, without knowing it's him, she ignores it. When she later sees him again with Dean, she couldn't believe it, but little does she know... he doesn't remember her. Kim gets hired as the new top selling model for Victoria's Secret and cannot have any relationships due to her busy schedule. When Roman remembers, will he try to win back Kim's heart or let her make her decision on living her dreams. Kim now makes the biggest decision of her life; to live her dream as a Victoria Secret model or to be Roman Reigns wife.


9. Plan Gone Wrong

Kim: *waiting for roman at central park* 

Roman: *meets up with kim* Hey. *fakes a smile* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you for coming out here for me tonight Roman. 

Roman: Yeah. *hides his feelings* 

Kim: *sits on the bench and sighs*  

Roman: Everything ok? 

Kim: *exhales* I'm just sad that I'm letting my fiancé go after 4 years. 

Roman: *looks to the ground* 

Kim: Roman. 

Roman: *looks at kim* Yeah? 

Kim: You seem like a great guy, someone who can make a girl happy and give her happiness. 

Roman: I do? 

Kim: Yeah, there's something I want you to have. 

Roman: What is it? 

Kim: *looks at her hand and takes off the her ring* 

Roman: *heartbreaks* 

Kim: *fakes a smile to not cry* Tonight I had officially let my fiancé go. I want you to have my ring and find the girl of your dream like told me. I want you to propose to her with this ring. And it's my blessing to you and her that you two will be happy with eachother and live happily with no regrets and no injuries to cut you two apart. 

Roman: *holds in his tears heartbroken* 

Kim: *grabs romans hand and puts the ring in his palm looking at the ring and cries* 

Roman: *looking at the ring heartbroken* 

Kim: *slowly closes romans hand and cries her heart out* 

Roman: *wanting to comfort kim* Kansas? 

Kim: *wipes her tears* I'm sorry, thank you for coming Roman. I have to go now. *gets up and runs off* 

Roman: *sitting on the bench heartbroken/replays what kim said*  

Kim: Tonight I had officially let my fiancé go. I want you to have my ring and find the girl of your dream like told me. I want you to propose to her with this ring. And it's my blessing to you and her that you two will be happy with eachother and live happily with no regrets and no injuries to cut you two apart. 

Roman: *gets hit with the results and slowly cries his heart out* 

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *having her photo-shoot* 

Securities: You can't come in here! There is a photo-shoot going on! Sir! 

Roman: Fine! *leaves* 

Amy: Kansas, can I talk to you? 

Kim: *eating* Yeah? *sets her plate down* 

Amy: Where has Tyler been? 

Kim: Um? I don't know, why? 

Amy: He hasn't been picking up his phone or texting back. I'm about to fire him. 

Kim: I'll see if I can get a hold of Tyler for you. 

Amy: Good. *walks off* 

Dean: *rings the doorbell* 

Seth: Who's here? 

Renee: Dean. 

Seth: What! Why's he here? 

Renee: Will he was gonna spend the night here. 

Seth: Spend... I am here! 

Renee: Well... 

Dean: *rings the doorbell again* 

Seth: I'll go thru the back door, call me when he leaves and it's clear. 

Dean: Ok. 

Seth/Renee: *looks at dean* 

Dean: Why are we hiding here? 

Renee: Um... *looks at seth* 

Seth: *laughs* I need a place to stay. 

Dean: Why? Don't you get paid a lot for working as a trainer, bodyguard, and assistant for Kim. 

Renee: You work for her! 

Seth: *looks at renee then dean* How, how'd you get in? 

Dean: The back door, it's never locked.  

Seth: *gives renee a look* I'll be back later! *leaves* 

Roman: Kansas! *smiles*  

Kim: *smiles* Hey Roman. 

Roman: Where are you headed? 

Kim: I am gonna pick up my dress from the store and then I'm gonna head off to get something to eat. *smiles* 

Roman: Mind if I come too? 

Kim: Um, I guess you can. I mean, I'm not really supposed to be with a guy beside my bodyguard, but he hasn't been showing up lately, so... I don't know. 

Roman: Tyler? Tyler what? 

Kim: Tyler Black. 

Roman: That's the guy! 

Kim: Huh? 

Roman: The one that put me in the hospital. 

Kim: *eyes widen* 

Roman: I have to report him. 

Kim: Don't! *pulls onto romans arm* 

Roman: *to himself* You seriously gonna have him try to kill me for the third time. 

Kim: I can do it. He's my responsibility. I will have him pay for it.  

Roman: Ok. 

Paparazzi's: *snapping pics of kim and roman* 

(The Next Day) 

Amy: I thought I told you, no relationships. 

Kim: What? 

Amy: *slams the magazine* 

Kim: He is just a friend Amy. I can't talk to fans or anyone, well guys more like it. 

Amy: No, you know the rules, you are still fresh Kansas. 

Kim: Ok, I get it. My bad Amy. *walks off to change* 

Mike: Kansas, can you turn this way please. 

Kim: *ignores mike* 

Mike: Kansas. 

Kim: Oh, sorry, Amy says I can't talk to any guys because it's consider having a relationship with them, so sorry Mike. Can't talk or respond back to you without Amy's approval. 

Amy: *crosses her arms* That's it, thank you everyone, go ahead and get the rest of the day off. 

Kim: *standing still* 

Amy: You really have the guts to say that didn't you. 

Kim: I was raised to speak for myself and defend myself Amy. I was told to not let anyone walk on me and tell me what to do. 

Amy: Oh honey, I'm your boss, you listen to me. 

Kim: Don't I always. I was only telling Mike what you said. *walks off* 

Seth: *rings the doorbell* 

Dean: Oh, you're back. Sorry, did Renee tell you I was... 

Seth: Yeah, that you're spending the night. Go for it, I sleep on the couch anyways. *smiles* 

Dean: Anyways I'm gonna use the restroom. *heads the restroom* 

Seth: Renee!  

Dean: *hears and listens by the door* 

Seth: We have to leave. 

Renee: Why? 

Seth: People are going to figure out that I tried to murder Roman at his apartment. I'm sure someone saw me already, that's why they called. 

Dean: *eyes widen* 

Renee: I didn't tell you to go do and that. 

Seth: I know, but you told me you would help me Renee! You said you'll get Dean covered and then you and I will work on Kim! I took out Roman, just in case he remembered! 

Renee: I'm working on Dean tonight ok. 

Dean: What? *opens the door* 

Seth: But yeah, it's ok. 

Dean: What's going on? 

Seth: Nothing. *smiles* 

Dean: Well, it looks like I'm going home tonight. 

Renee: Stay and have dinner with us Dean. 

Dean: No, I'm actually not hungry, thanks tho. *smiles and leaves* 

Renee: *looks at seth* 

Seth: Nice Renee, nice! *walks off*

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