Birth Of A 200 Pound 2

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  • Published: 13 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 16 Jan 2015
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3 Years has passed, Kim is now living on her own in NYC where she is pursuing her dream as a Victoria Secret model. She is currently single and is ready to look for love again. During an audition photo-shoot, she catches a glimpse of guy who had the features and look of Roman, without knowing it's him, she ignores it. When she later sees him again with Dean, she couldn't believe it, but little does she know... he doesn't remember her. Kim gets hired as the new top selling model for Victoria's Secret and cannot have any relationships due to her busy schedule. When Roman remembers, will he try to win back Kim's heart or let her make her decision on living her dreams. Kim now makes the biggest decision of her life; to live her dream as a Victoria Secret model or to be Roman Reigns wife.


3. Hired For All

Kim: *getting ready for her day* 

Amy: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Amy: Hey Kansas, can you stop by my office real quick please. 

Kim: *knocks on the door* 

Amy: Come in. 

Kim: *walks into the office* 

Seth: *sitting across from amy/smiles at kim* 

Kim: *eyes widen* 

Amy: Kansas, Tyler here said he loved the work you two had yesterday. He asked me personally if he could be your bodyguard and I think he should. 

Kim: Uh... 

Amy: With his looks and features, I think he'll do a perfect job at it. What do you think? 

Seth: Kansas, it will be my honor to be your bodyguard Kansas. *smiles* 

Kim: *looks at amy* 

Amy: I think I should hire him. Tyler. 

Seth: *looks at amy* Yes? *smiles* 

Amy: Congratulations, you will be getting paid $5,000 each week for being Kansas's bodyguard. 

Seth: Thank you Amy. 

Amy: Now wherever she goes, you will have to go with her, especially when it comes to events, meet and greets, and parties. 

Seth: Perfect. *looks at kim with an evil look* 

Kim: *fakes a smile*  

Amy: Ok, when you need him, please call him and he will be there right away. Now if you failed to do so Tyler, you will be fired and you will have to give all the money back. 

Seth: I will not let you or anyone in this company down. *smiles* 

Amy: Thank you. *smiles* 

Seth: I'll get going now. *walks off first* 

Kim: *stands in disappointment* 

(Later That Day) 

Kim: *walking alongside central park* 

Dean: *in the taxi sees kim* Stop right here! 

Taxi: *stops and pulls over* 

Dean: *gets out the taxi* Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *turns around* 

Dean: *smiles and runs to kim* 

Kim: *smiles softly* 

Dean: Hey. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *stands in silence* 

Dean: *sitting with kim on the bench* What are you doing out here in the cold? 

Kim: I was just getting some air. 

Dean: Not feeling New York yet? 

Kim: *looking at the ground* I'm thinking about visiting Florida for a bit. 

Dean: You can't, you just got signed, you can't take a vacation yet. 

Kim: Being a model is harder than I thought. 

Dean: Why's that? 

Seth: *calls kim* 

Dean: *looks at kims phone* 

Kim: *eyes widen* 

Dean: Seth?  

Kim: *quickly ignores the call and flips her phone over scared* 

Dean: *looks at kim* I thought you said he was behind bars? 

Kim: *panics* He um... he was lead out by court. 

Dean: How? 

Kim: *shakes her head* 

Dean: Is he stalking you? 

Kim: No. 

Dean: How did he get your number? 

Kim: *closes her eyes and cries* 

Dean: Kim? *feels bad* Is everything ok? I know we weren't the best of friends or liked eachother much then, but if you need a friend or someone to talk to... you can talk to me. 

Kim: I have to go. *gets up and leaves* 

Dean: *looking at kim walking off* 

Kim: *walks into her house and calls seth back*  

Seth: *answers and listens silently* 

Kim: What do you want Seth. Why are you calling me! 

Seth: *laughs and hangs up* 

Kim: *cries in anger scared* 

(The Next Week) 

Amy: *texts kim* Kansas, we're heading to London in a few days for your first photoshoot, so be prepare and start packing. 

Kim: *reads her text* 

Amy: Seth will be joining us too. 

Kim: *closes her eyes and exhales* 

Roman: *walking the mall* 

Kim: *sees roman* Roman! *runs up to kim and smiles* 

Roman: Oh, hey Kansas. 

Kim: What brought you here today at the mall? 

Roman: Just buying a new shoe and looking around. What about you newbie? 

Kim: *smiles* Huh? 

Roman: *looks at kims picture on the display* 

Kim: *looks and sees herself* 

Roman: They did a lot of editing to your picture I see. 

Kim: *looking at the picture* Yeah, they did. 

Seth: *walks out from nowhere* Hey! *looking at kim then sees roman/eyes widen* 

Roman: *looking at seth with a look* 

Seth: *scared* Uh... 

Roman: This must be your boyfriend? *puts out his hand and smiles* I'm Roman, nice to meet you. 

Seth: *chuckles scared* I'm Seth Rollins, I'm Kansas's bodyguard.  

Roman: Oh, well then my apology for calling you her boyfriend. I'll get going, it was nice running into you again Kansas. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *hurt/looking at roman walking off* 

Seth: You have to be careful with freaks out here, now especially if you are famous Kansas. C'mon, let's go. *grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *pulls her hand away* 

Seth: Kansas! 

Kim: *walks off the other direction* 

Seth: *grabs kims arm hard* 

Kim: *startled*  

Seth: Let's go. *gives kim a look* 

Kim: You're my bodyguard, not my boyfriend. *walks off* 

Seth: *chuckles in anger and follows kim* 

Kim: *walking out the mall* 

Seth: Hold on, let me take this call. 

Kim: I'll be outside. *walks outside* 

Seth: Hello? 

Kim: *sees a taxi and runs to it* 

Seth: Ok, thank you. *looks and sees kim* Kansas! 

Kim: Go please. 

Taxi: *drives off* 

Seth: *runs after the taxi* Hey! Hey! *takes off his tie and throws it to the ground pissed off* 

Kim: *looks back and smiles*

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