Birth Of A 200 Pound 2

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  • Published: 13 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 16 Jan 2015
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3 Years has passed, Kim is now living on her own in NYC where she is pursuing her dream as a Victoria Secret model. She is currently single and is ready to look for love again. During an audition photo-shoot, she catches a glimpse of guy who had the features and look of Roman, without knowing it's him, she ignores it. When she later sees him again with Dean, she couldn't believe it, but little does she know... he doesn't remember her. Kim gets hired as the new top selling model for Victoria's Secret and cannot have any relationships due to her busy schedule. When Roman remembers, will he try to win back Kim's heart or let her make her decision on living her dreams. Kim now makes the biggest decision of her life; to live her dream as a Victoria Secret model or to be Roman Reigns wife.


5. Flashbacks

Dean: *waiting for kim with roman* 

Kim: *arrives* 

Roman: About time you're here. When we say be here at nine, be here at nine! Not come at nine! *walks off* 

Kim: *to herself* Roman, what happened to you? Why are you such an ass now. 

Dean: C'mon Kim. 

Kim: Can you not call me that in public?  

Dean: Sorry, let's go. 

Kim: *leaves with dean* 

(Arrives in Orlando) 

Roman: It's good to be home again. 

Dean: I'll be at my place. 

Roman: Ok. 

Dean: Did you want to come with me or? 

Roman: Let's just all go to your my place first and then yours since we'll be sleeping there. 

Dean: Ok. 

Roman: *opens the door to his house* 

Kim: *looks around the house towards the livingroom* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Kim: *crying on the couch* 

Roman: It's ok, let it all out Kim. Don't force to hold it in if you can't, just let it out. I'm right here and I'm not gonna go anywhere.  

Kim: *cries her heart out again* Mom! Mom! *cries* 

Roman: *feels bad and holds in his tears looking at kim cry* 

Kim: Mom! *crackles in tears* Mom! *cries more and then into her lap* 

Roman: *stands up and faces kim* 

Kim: *looks up at roman* 

Roman: *leans over towards kim and grabs kim by the head and hugs her* 

Kim: *cries onto roman's shoulder* 

Roman: *walks to his room* 

Dean: You ok? 

Kim: Yeah. *walks to her old room* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Kim: *wakes up and accidently kicks roman* Huh? *sits up and sees roman* Why is he in my room? 

Roman: *wakes up* Oh, you're up. 

Kim: Why are you sleeping in my room? Don't you have a room to sleep in. 

Roman: *looks around* What time is it? 

Kim: *looks at her alarm clock* It's eleven. 

Roman: You were sleeping in my room first. 

Kim: No I wasn't! 

Roman: How do you think you got in here then? 

Kim: *softly smiles in tears* 

Roman: What are you doing in this room? 

Kim: *gets startled and turns around* Roman? 

Roman: Get out. 

Kim: I'm... I'm sorry. *walks out the room* I'm gonna go to the cemetery to visit my mom. I'll be back later. *leaves and arrives at the cemetary* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Kim: How'd you find me here? 

Roman: Well... I stopped by your house and I didn't see your car, so I thought you would be here. 

Kim: How? 

Roman: Because no one ever misses their in law's birthday. 

Kim: *kneels down* Hi there my dearest mother. *smiles* I'm finally back to visit you after 3 years. *chuckles* I'm finally living my dream as a model now too. I recently got signed and got my first photo-shoot in London not to long ago. *makes a sad face* I wish you were here to see me do it. I miss you mom. I miss you so much that with all the money I'll be getting. I wish I can use them to bring you back. *cries* 

Anne: *walks up to kim slowly and puts her hand on her shoulder* Mother misses you too honey. *smiles* I see that you are living your dream now. Please be a good role model and don't get into trouble. You're a star now, having a bad reputation on you isn't gonna be good to you and our name. 

Kim: Take care mom, I'll come see you again before I go back to New York. *walks to the car* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Roman: This is for you too. 

Kim: *turns around* 

Roman: *hands him a bouquet of roses* 

Kim: *lightens up* 

Roman: *nervously* Happy 25th birthday Kimberly Kelton. 

Kim: *smiles softly and gets in the car and heads back to romans* 

Dean: Oh you're back, we were just about to head to my place. 

Kim: Oh ok.  

Roman: *locks up the house* 

Kim: *looking at the house* 

Roman: Why are you looking at my place like that? 

Kim: Sorry. *heads off to deans* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Roman: *walks up to dean with a beer in his hand* 

Dean: For me? *grabs the beer* 

Roman: *smacks the beer across the room* 

Dean: Dude! 

Kim: *gets startled* 

Roman: Last night. You and Kansas were together right? 

Dean: *chuckles* What? *looks at renee then roman* What are you talking about? 

Roman: I'm not stupid Dean! Tell me! Where you and Kansas together last night! 

Dean: No! We weren't Roman! I was studying on campus all night and rented a dorm to stay. 

Renee: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks down* 

Roman: Kansas, tell me the truth, you weren't at a hotel last night were you? Or were you with Dean last night in the hotel. 

Kim: *slaps roman* 

Roman: *kind of hurt* So it's true then, I'm right. 

Dean: *gets angry* We weren't together Roman! How many times do I have to... 

Roman: Then why did you drop her off at school this morning! 

Renee: You want to ruin me and Dean don't you!? Is this what it's all about?! You're having an affair with him aren't you! 

Kim: *cries silently* I love Dean. 

Roman: *heartbreaks* 

Kim: *looks at roman* I'm sorry Roman, I don't love you. I love Dean, it's always been Dean that I loved. *looks at dean and walks off* 

Dean: You can take a seat Kim. *chuckles* 

Kim: Thank you. *looks around and up the stairs* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Renee: *opens the door*  

Roman: *smiles* Is Dean home? 

Renee: Yeah, why? 

Roman: We just want to hang out with you two, I feel like it's been a while since I last hung out here. 

Renee: *closes the door* 

Roman: I'm gonna use the restroom. 

Kim: *looks around* Can I use your bathroom? 

Dean: Yeah, there's one behind that corner. 

Renee: Roman's in there. 

Dean: Oh, well um, there's on upstairs. 

Kim: *smiles* Perfect, thank you. *walks upstairs and installs a device into dean and renee's room* 

Dean: Kim?  

Kim: *eyes widen* 

Dean: What are you doing in Renee and I's room? 

Kim: Uh. *panics* 

Dean: *chuckles* Oh, I know, you couldn't find the restroom right? 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yes correct. 

Dean: It's that door. 

Kim: Oh! *chuckles* Thank you. *walks inside the restroom* 

Dean: Kim, you can sleep in my room. Roman and I will sleep out here on the couches. 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Thank you. *brings her luggage upstairs* 

Roman: I mean, I can sleep at my place if you want. 

Dean: Same thing, we'll be sleeping on the couch. 

Roman: Not me, you will. *laughs* 

Dean: Asshole. *laughs* 

Roman: *laughs* 

Kim: *pulls out an outfit and sees the bracelet fall* What's this? 

Dean: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: Come in. 

Dean: Dinner's ready if you want to eat. 

Kim: *smiles* I'll be down in a bit. 

Dean: Ok. *smiles and heads downstairs* 

Kim: *looking at the bracelet* 

Lady 1: *smiles* I'm sorry, I've been watching you two since you two arrived. You two seen to be very in love and believe me, I think you two are meant to be. 

Kim: *looks at roman and smiles* 

Roman: *smiles at kim* 

Lady 1: Here, take this bracelet. 

Kim: What? 

Roman: *chuckles* What is that? 

Lady 1: It's a relationship bracelet, it's an old saying that if one puts it on their love ones, they're relationship will last forever, but if it falls off, their relationship will fall apart and break into misery. 

Kim: *excitedly* How much is it? 

Roman: *looks at kim with a serious look* 

Lady 1: It's $80, but for you two, I'll give it for you guys for $50 only. 

Kim: *smiles happily* I'll take it mam'. 

Lady 1: Thank you. 

Kim: *takes the bracelet*  

Lady 1: Remember, one of you have to put it on the other. It only works if you two truly love eachother. *smiles* 

Dean: I don't think she's coming down. 

Roman: So who cares. 

Kim: *walks into the kitchen* Sorry, I was still changing. 

Dean: It's cool. *smiles* Eat. 

Kim: *sits across from dean and horizontal from roman* 

Roman: What's that? 

Kim: Huh? *looks at roman* 

Roman: That bracelet. 

Kim: *looks at the bracelet* It's was a blessing bracelet from an elder. 

Roman: Why still wear it? 

Kim: *serious* Because I believe my fiancé will come back to me. *looks at dean* 

Dean: *looks at food quickly* 

Roman: *looks at dean* Wait, is he your fiancé? 

Dean: *chuckles* I wish I was. *smiles then looks at kim* 

Kim: *looking at dean then her food* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *lying on the bed looking at the bracelet* 

Dean: *turns off the lights* 

Kim: *putting the bracelet on roman* Starting now, we could never be separable. This bracelet is our life, and without it, we wouldn't be together here today. 

Roman: *smiles* I got something for you too. Give me your arm. 

Kim: *puts out her arm* 

Roman: *pull out a box and takes out the ring and puts it on kim* That is a symbol of you promising to me that you will forever be mine and no one else's. Meaning, you are ready to be my wife. 

Kim: *smiles softly at roman in tears* 

Roman: *smiles* I love you Kimberly Kelton. 

Dean: *texts kim* Goodnight. 

Kim: *phone beeps/looks at her phone and reads the text and smiles*

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