Birth Of A 200 Pound 2

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  • Published: 13 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 16 Jan 2015
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3 Years has passed, Kim is now living on her own in NYC where she is pursuing her dream as a Victoria Secret model. She is currently single and is ready to look for love again. During an audition photo-shoot, she catches a glimpse of guy who had the features and look of Roman, without knowing it's him, she ignores it. When she later sees him again with Dean, she couldn't believe it, but little does she know... he doesn't remember her. Kim gets hired as the new top selling model for Victoria's Secret and cannot have any relationships due to her busy schedule. When Roman remembers, will he try to win back Kim's heart or let her make her decision on living her dreams. Kim now makes the biggest decision of her life; to live her dream as a Victoria Secret model or to be Roman Reigns wife.


7. Caught

Kim: *walking around the mall with seth* 

Seth: Are you gonna buy anything or? 

Kim: *cont. walking* 

Seth: If you want to work out, we can go to the gym. I'm also your personal trainer. 

Kim: *stops walking* As an assistant, I'm asking you to leave me alone for the day. I don't want to be followed and I don't want to be watched by you or anyone ordered by Amy. 

Seth: I kind of can't do that. It's Amy's order. I'm not trying to get fired here Kim. My job is to protect the women I love. 

Kim: *looks at seth* Don't say such a thing like that. *walks off* 

Seth: *follows kim* I'm serious, it's my job. You think if I tell Amy the truth, she'll let me keep my job? No! You got to think smart Kansas. 

Kim: *ignoring seth* 

Dean: *sees kim from afar* Kansas! *runs up to kim* I've been trying to call you. Why haven't you been picking up my calls? 

Seth: *returns with two drinks and sees seth* Shit! *turns away* 

Kim: *talking to dean* 

Seth: Uh... *tries to walk off* 

Amy: Tyler, what are you doing? 

Seth: Amy! *fakes a smile/chuckles* I was just getting you and Kansas some tea. *hands one to amy* 

Amy: *smiles* Well thank you, how'd you know I was here? 

Seth: I kind of took a wild guess. *smiles* 

Amy: Who's that Kansas talking to? 

Seth: What? *tries to turn around* I don't know. 

Amy: You ok? C'mon, let's go to her. 

Seth: *panics/tries to run off* 

Amy: Tyler! 

Seth: Coming! *catches up to amy and kind of hides behind her* 

Amy: Hello Kansas. *smiles* 

Dean: *looks at amy and then looks at her again*

Seth: *to himself* Shit. *fakes a smiles* Hey Dean. 

Dean: What are you doing here? 

Seth: I uh... Here's your tea Kansas. 

Kansas: Thank you. *takes her tea* 

Seth: I was... 

Amy: Tyler is Kansas's personal assistant, trainer, and bodyguard, who may you be? I hope not a stalker. 

Dean: Tyler? Stalker. *chuckles* No, never that. 

Amy: Aren't you that guy that was all over media with Kansas in Orlando last week? 

Dean: *chuckles* Yeah, I was. 

Amy: Your college friend correct? 

Seth: *jumps in* Actually, he's my friend since childhood, we both went to college together. Funny how you two know eachother too. *fakes a laughs* 

Amy: *looks at seth* 

Seth: *kind of looks away scared* 

Dean: What's wrong Tyler?You look a little uncomfortable there.  

Seth: What? *smiles* No, I'm perfectly fine. Amy, I'm gonna excuse myself for the rest of the day. *looks at kim* Take care and be careful. *leaves fast* 

Kim: *looking at seth* 

Amy: Goodbye Friend. 

Dean: Bye. *stands next to kim still* 

Amy: Goodbye! Go! 

Dean: Oh, my bad. *looks at kim and then walks off* 

Kim: *looking to the grounf* 

Amy: Mind telling me what's going on? *leads off first* 

Kim: *follows amy* Nothing's going on. 

Amy: What's the relationship between you and Seth? 

Kim: I don't know, what are you talking about? 

Amy: I won't fire Seth if you tell me the truth Kansas. 

Kim: Ask him, I don't know why he wants to be my bodyguard. 

Amy: *sighs* You're hiding something Kansas, I need you to tell me. You seem to always be uncomfortable whenever he is around. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* I'm just not used to people being around me and watching me. 

Amy: Ok, well get used to it because once you become bigger, he won't be a problem to you. I have to get back to my office, see you around. *leaves* 

Kim: *heads off back home* 

(Later That Day) 

Seth: Renee, I need your help. 

Renee: With what? 

Seth: You've murdered Kim's mom. Help me get rid of Dean. 

Renee: What! I can't do that. 

Seth: Renee! He's the reason you were locked up! Now if it wasn't for my friend to bail you and I out. You would still be there and I would have been out in the next 2 years. 

Renee: *crosses her arms* 

Seth: We need to get rid of Dean and Kim, I can't have then around anymore! If they want, they could have us arrested again Renee! 

Renee: *thinks for a bit* 

Seth: *grabs renee by the arms* Renee! You have to help me!  

Renee: What's gotten into you Seth! *pushes his arms off her* 

Seth: I think I'm headed towards trouble with Kim and her fame. 

Renee: Why? 

Seth: I wasn't thinking, Kim's gonna be a top selling model, she's gonna get a lot of fame and a lot of popularity. With me as her bodyguard, Orlando PD will find me, us! And we're gonna be wanted in NYC and you don't want that right? 

Renee: *gets scared* 

Seth: So? C'mon! Help me think of a plan to destroy them. 

Renee: And Roman? 

Seth: Shit, forgot about him. Well it doesn't matter, he doesn't remember I think. 

Renee: He'll remember. 

Seth: I'll take him out first; do you know where he lives? 

Renee: Yeah, he lives not too far from here. *gives seth the directions* 

Seth: Alright, thanks. *goes to romans place* 

Roman: *opens the door* Can I help you? 

Seth: Hi, I'm Tyler Black, can I come in? I just want to talk about Kansas a bit. 

Roman: Oh ok, come in, take a seat anywhere. *closes the door* 

Seth: *sits down* You know her right? 

Roman: *sits down* Yes, but not personally. *kind of moves side to side* 

Seth: You don't remember anything at all with her? Or what happened to you? 

Roman: No, I don't why? 

Seth: Just curious. 

Roman: Something happened? 

Seth: No, but do you have water? 

Roman: Yeah, want me to grab you one? 

Seth: Yes please. 

Roman: Alright.  

Seth: Actually, can you make that hot water please. 

Roman: Sure. *heads off to the kitchen*  

Seth: *starts to get angry* 

Roman: Here you go. *hands the cup to seth* 

Seth: *smiles* Thanks. *looks at the cup* 

Roman: *sits down* Now, what did you want to talk about with Kansas? Because I know nothing of her. 

Seth: *pretends to take a sip of the water* 

Roman: I mean, all I know is that she and Dean are pretty close. 

Seth: I'm sorry. 

Roman: Oh no, I don't even... *chuckles* I don't care for... 

Seth: No, not that. 

Roman: *confused* What? 

Seth: For this. *throws the hot water at roman* 

Roman: *stands up and grunts* What the... *looks at seth* 

Seth: *throws the cup at roman and attacks him* 

Roman: *falls back to the ground/pushes seth off* 

Seth: *gets up quick and runs towards roman* 

Roman: *grabs onto seth and corners him* What do you want huh! Is there something you want from me! Huh! 

Seth: *laughs and head bumps roman* 

Roman: *groans* 

Seth: *runs towards the kitchen* 

Roman: *runs to the kitchen and closes the door* Got nowhere to go now do you. 

Seth: *laughs* I do actually. *grabs the knife and runs towards roman and stabs him in the stomach* 

Roman: *gives seth a look and gasp for air* 

Seth: *hears the cops* 

Cops: Open up or we'll fire! 

Seth: Shit! *opens the window and flees off from the building* 

Cops: *breaks down the door* 

Roman: *on the ground* 

Cop 1: We're gonna need one ambulance down here.

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