Sons Of Anarchy//a.i//


1. Sons Of Anarchy//a.i//

Sons Of Anarchy//a.i//

Once your patched.

The members are your family.

This is your charter home.

-Juice Ortiz

From generation to generation his family has been part of the business for a long time, his father was murdered when he was about 14 years-old. And now it's his turn to take his place, not just to avenge his father but to keep the generation going on. Trading, stealing, murder, hostage, rivals. War.

Worst for him is he could never do any of this to save his life, only 20 years-old, never killed someone, never traded illegal things, never held someone hostage. It was all new to him,

But of course there going to start with him on the easy side first, fixing the bikes. Until he can handle the real danger that awaits the gang and the family.

Based on the show Sons of Anarchy, it's an amazing show guys. Hope you like this.

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