Lacey Todd is no ordinary teenage girl.
She is a Werecat.


1. Prologe

Lacey Tod is no ordinary teenager.

She is a Werecat.

Were-cat's live for hundreds, sometimes thousands of year's. They are sneaky little devils, that are left to fend for themselves from a few weeks old. They are shape-shifters, shifting from a human to a  house cat to a cheetah and some rare shifters can shift into a tiger.

Were-cat's have to find their mate, when they find their mate they start hearing each other's thoughts and feel each others feeling's. If a Were-cat finds someone who isn't their mate and bite's them their mate will die.

This is the story of Lacey Todd.



A/N: I don't really care for spelling or punctuation errors but, if you do see any please point them out.

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