Maybe Hes Not So Bad

"Maybe he's not so bad"


1. Just A Friend

CHAPTER 1: JUST A FRIEND ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I wake up in the morning and jump out of bed. It's now the first day of school! I feel a rush of excitement but in a way I'm kinda mad because I'm not really the best person at school but at least I try my best.

I quickly take my hair out of the messy bun it was in and I put my redish/orange hair in a pony tail. I put on my rainbow t-shirt and my polka dot shorts on (2 weeks ago I moved here to Australia but I didn't have much to miss because I had no friends at my old school, I'm a bit of a loser).

I ran downstairs and went in the kitchen, I grabbed a bowl, milk, and corn flakes and bring them into the dining room for breakfast. I quickly eat it all up and then I remembered that I was going to take a shower so I run back upstairs to my room and go through the door to my own bathroom. I quickly jump into the shower.

Once I was done, I rubbed my pale freckled cheeks with lotion. At the time it wasn't quite the time to go to school so I went outside to the patio and then I went in the garden and started to smell the beautiful flowers. Then I looked over and I saw a boy looking over the fence next door from me.

At first I pretend I didn't see him but he took out his phone and snapped s picture of me so then I yelled, "YOU GOT A PROBLEM?" I saw him go around the the door and walk into my yard while he was blushing. He said, "No I just couldn't seem to get over how beautiful you are." "Thanks but I'm not looking for a boyfriend."

"Ohhh ok fine." He says with a pouty face." "Well do you at least want to walk to school with me?" He says cheeky. "Sure why not" I say smiling.



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