If love is what u want


4. seeing Mgk again

Alex's POV

Me and Jessie decided to visit Cleveland. I saw my ex which I love a lot I moved here when I was 14 that's when I met him. I kissed him and said how are you. Fine smoking weed living the life touring. How are you princess. He asked I'm really good actually since I saw you. Here is my new number.

Jessie's POV

I saw Alex with her ex Colsen baker. Man she better have an excuse for seeing him. Hey Alex I'm going to our hotel.

Okay I will see you in a bit she yelled.

Alex's POV

So what do you wanna do. He says. Nvm I know. What I said excitedly. We can go see Hollywood undead. Ohh hell ya man now we talking i yelled. He chuckles. Let's meet them.

J3t: hey man how r u guys. He says. Good you I said.

Da kurlzz:hey I heard about you Alex.

Danny: hey was up dowg

Funny man: heyy

Charlie scene: let me lick those titties.

Um I'm going now he says okay let's go.

5sos is on tour with 1d

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