If love is what u want


1. introduction

Hi I'm Alexandra but people call me Alex.

I'm 17 and I have my own house. My dad comes over and abuses me for no reason. My mom left me when I was 4 I moved to Australia with my dad. I am rich but share with homeless people.

Dad: come down stairs I'm here.

Me: nah I will stay up here

Just then my kicked the door down. He had a baseball bat with him I ran downstairs and asked a neighbor if I could stay there for a few hours. They said yes but he was 18 and had red hair. And 3 people 2 had blonde hair 1 had brown hair with blonde. I introduced my self hi I'm Alexandra but people call me Alex. Hi I'm Michael the one with red haired guy said that's Luke with a lip ring and a quiff and that's Calum one with brown hair and blonde hair bangs. And finally that's Ashton with the blonde fluffy hair. When michael said that Ashton sounded like a teenage girl. Alex me and the rest are going on tour for at least a month we leave Tuesday. Michael said. Wait no. Just then my phone was ringing


"Hey is this Alexandra"

"Yes who's this"

"Doctor John I'm your brother?"

Wait my mom was hiding something

Yea she's not dead she's with me in Paris

Tell her hi oh my dads calling gtg bye tell mom I love her bye

Bye and okay

Hey dad


Stop fucking yelling

Stop banging every boy u see bitch you were a mess up

Michael can you walk me home I asked and let a tear slip out. What's wrong. He looks worried. Nothing I found out I have a brother and my mom isn't dead....

What happens next does Michael stay with Alex or let Alex get abused by her dad?

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