She's Trouble

Elizabeth better known as Liz has always been courageous and is always getting into trouble. Brandon is one of the schools football players. They never really got to know each other until...Find out what happens in She's Trouble.


7. Chapter 7

Liz's POV 

I don't know how I felt about tonight and I don't know how I feel about Brandon. I know I feel something but I don't know how I'd be able to take a relationship I feel like I'd break him and then everyone would hate me again. I just need to stop talking to him thats what I need to do. I can't be like the girl I used to be, the one hated by everyone. 

"Hey Brandon I need to talk to you" I text him. 

"What is it?" He replied. 

"Um I don't think we should talk or hangout anymore" I had said. 

"What..? What do you mean?" He replied. I decided not to text him back and I don't know why but it kinda hurt me to hurt him that way. 


Brandon's POV 

"Um I don't think we should talk or hangout anymore" She had said I didn't know why but all of a sudden I was very upset. 


"What..? What do you mean?" I responded kinda heartbroken why didn't she want to hangout or even talk. I waited 10 minutes for her to respond and never got one. 

"Why....?"     "Please answer me"    "Liz please"    "I'm on my way over" 

I decided that I was just gonna go over to her house because I needed to know I didn't want to be broken and not know why because I was just growing to like her and didn't want to lose her. 


Liz's POV 

"I'm on my way over" Was the last text I had gotten from him. I started to freak out a little bit. Why was he coming to my house? Why did he need to know that bad? I didn't think we were that great of friends yet. All of a sudden there was a car pulling into my driveway and a knock on my door. At first I hesitated but then opened the door. 

"Delilah" I said. 

"Do you want to hang" She asked. 

"I can't right now, I'm sorry" I said said goodbye, I was freaking out she couldn't know that Brandon was coming over to my house at this moment. 

"Brandon please don't come over" I text him. 

"Too late I'm already on my way" He replied. I was a little freaked out because Delilah couldn't find out that he was coming she'd leave me or make fun of me. Delilah was still outside waving goodbye so I went to the door. 

"Delilah I'll hangout with you tomorrow okay, I'm just tired right now so text me ok" I said. She nodded and hugged me and drove off. Thank goodness. About 5 minutes later another car pulled into my driveway. 



Brandon's POV 

I had finally gotten to her house and didn't know what I was going to do. I just had to do what came to my mind the first thing that came to my mind. I had gotten out of my car and started to walk to her front door. I didn't know what I was doing right now but I just stormed into her house. 
"Brandon" She said. 


"Liz I don't get why you don't want to be friends anymore but, don't freak out at me because I need to do this" I said. 

"Do wha..." She started but I soon inturrupted her by leaning in and kissing her and to my surprise she kissed me back. 

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