She's Trouble

Elizabeth better known as Liz has always been courageous and is always getting into trouble. Brandon is one of the schools football players. They never really got to know each other until...Find out what happens in She's Trouble.


4. Chapter 4

Brandon's POV 


I never thought that I would be able to have a conversation with Liz. She was really funny and pretty but I'd never thought she'd want to talk to me. All my friends kinda hated her because she was the bad girl, and if my girlfriend were to find out about me talking to her she'd be pissed. For some reason she hated Liz but, because all of them hated her I soon grew to hate her too. Only now I know they were all wrong. She was actually a nice and funny girl.


"Dude, what are you thinking about" My best friend Jace asked. 


"Nothing just how I'm stuck in detention for the next two weeks" I said even though it wasn't being stuck in detention it was the girl I got to be stuck in detention with that consumed my thoughts. 


"Oh yeah and your stuck in there with Liz that sucks" He said I just nodded my head. Then there was a knock at my door. 


"Hey babe" My girlfriend Ashley said walking into my room. 


"Hey" I said not really paying attention to her because my phone had gone off. 


"Hey Brandon it's Liz"


 I decided to text her back "Hey Liz what's up?" 


"That sucks that you are stuck in detention because of that bitch, I'm so sorry babe" She said to me and I knew she was talking about Liz and to be honest it pissed me off when she called Liz a "bitch". 


"It was my fault not hers" I said. 


"Well still you're stuck in a room with her its gotta suck" She said I just nodded not wanting to hear her anymore. She was just so annoying and honestly I had no idea why I was still with her. I have dealt with her and her drama for the past three years and that was only because the girl that I used to like had left the school because she was considered the biggest nerd and had transferred. Her name was also Elizabeth and I really wished that she never left. I know I should have stuck up for her, but I was young and stupid. The popularity overthrew everything and soon the girl I liked was gone. However you can't change the past but, I was still capable of changing my future and I wasn't sure if I wanted Ashley to be a part of my future anymore. I want to break up with her badly, only popularity still played a part in my life and I didn’t know what was going to happen.


"Are you even listening to me" She shrieked. 


"No sorry but I...." I started saying. 


"You are ridiculous some times you know that" She yelled at me and stormed out and Jace just started laughing I forgot he was even there. 


"Miss Drama Queen is at it again, I don't know how you do it man" He said. 


"Yeah" I said and felt my phone go off again. 


"Nothing hbu" It was Liz thank goodness. 


"Just dealing with drama"  I had replied. 


"Well that sucks, are you ready for detention again tomorrow" she said. 


"Ha not really" I replied. I continued to text her all night while hiding it from Jace but it had felt so right talking to her like I could text her about any and everything. It had felt like we'd known each other forever and this was something I didn't want to give up. I just didn't want to lose all my friends in the process. 


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