She's Trouble

Elizabeth better known as Liz has always been courageous and is always getting into trouble. Brandon is one of the schools football players. They never really got to know each other until...Find out what happens in She's Trouble.


3. Chapter 3

Liz's POV 

Detention was actually over and it only felt like a half an hour went by. I never expected to be able to socialize with Brandon but he ended up being pretty funny. Once it ended I just got up and walked out the door to find Delilah waiting for me. We were walking out to my car with Ian and Peter when.

"Liz wait" It was Brandon. 

"I'll meet you guys at the car, I probably just forgot something" I said. 

"Yeah" I said. 

"We should hangout sometime" He said handing me a piece of paper "Here's my number" He added. 

"Oh ok, yeah we'll defiantly hangout sometime" I said and walked away. 

"What was that about" Delilah asked in the car I decided to let her drive.  

"Oh I just left a paper it wasn't important" I said. She just laughed. 

"So how was being stuck in a room with Brandon" She asked all of us. 

"You should ask Liz she was chatting with him the whole time" Ian said.

"Hey thats only because you were being you so I had to talk to someone" I said. 

"What about me" Peter said kinda hurt. 

"You were near him" I said and laughed as Peter hugged me saying

"Aww I knew it" and stuck his tongue out at Ian. Ian just scoffed and looked out the window causing us to laugh even more. 

"So wait you actually talked to Brandon" Delilah asked. 

"Yeah I did and it wasn't as painful as I thought but I'd probably never talk to him again" I said even though I knew that was a lie because he seemed like a better friend from one conversation then more than 1/2 of my friends did within 100 conversations. 

"Oh good I thought I was going to lose you to the stuck ups" Delilah said and added a nervous laugh. 

"You'd never be able to lose me" I said and hugged her from the side. 

"Aw you guys are adorable" Peter said causing Delilah to smack him and everyone to laugh. I love these guys they are my friends my best friends and nothing could take me away from them. Even though we can fight and claim we hate each other they have still been there for me through everything. 

"So whose house are we going to" Ian asked finally speaking. 

"Well we could all hangout at mine, it's not like my parents are there" I said. 

"Oh and Delilah you can sleepover" I added. 

"Ok yeah thats cool" She said as we were turning onto my road. I was planning not to go to school tomorrow but I have to because we have detention for two weeks so I'm kinda stuck showing up for the next 9 days. I just sighed at the thought thats probably the longest that I actually went to school in a row. I get it normally the nerd girl cares about school but it all comes to me naturally so I don't really care as much as I should. We finally pulled into my driveway and like always my parents weren't home. 

"So you still have to deal with detention for the next 2 weeks" Ian asked. 

"I thought everyone knew this already" I said. 

"Well yeah I knew I was just clarifying" Ian said. 

"Well yep stuck sitting in hell for the next 9 days" I said kinda without any care but in reality I couldn't wait to talk to Brandon again. It was just so easy to but I couldn't let anyone know that especially my friends, they'd never understand. 

"Well you have fun with that" Delilah said. 

"I guess for the next 9 days I'm gonna be waiting for you to get out" She added. 

"Oh you don't need to worry about that, I'll be fine" I said. 

"Well thanks I guess I can hangout with these two" She said kinda bummed. 

"You can always meet me somewhere after or go hangout with your boyfriend for once, I mean isn't that why you're in a relationship in the first place" I said. She never really hangs out with her boyfriend, I've hung out with him more recently then she has. He was cool I guess but they never hang out so it makes no sense to me. 

"I hangout with him" She said causing Peter to laugh. "What I do" She added. 

"Well you should hangout with him some more" We said and argued with her for a few minutes but we had finally decided to let it all go because we could tell she was getting pissed. Soon we were watching a movie and then driving the boys home. Once Delilah and I got home I had decided to text Brandon. 


"Hey Brandon it's Liz" 

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