She's Trouble

Elizabeth better known as Liz has always been courageous and is always getting into trouble. Brandon is one of the schools football players. They never really got to know each other until...Find out what happens in She's Trouble.


2. Chapter 2

"Liz's POV

"Detention for the both of you" He yelled at us. 

"B-But I didn't do anything" Brandon stuttered. 

"I don't know what you're talking about, Mr, but I was just walking to the bathroom" I said. 

"Detention for the both of you for 2 weeks" He said writing us passes and just stormed away. Brandon seemed pissed. 

"What the fuck" He screamed then looked towards me. "Thanks a lot Elizabeth" He sneered at me. 

"I didn't do shit" I said and stormed off, one he called me Elizabeth and two everyone blames shit on me even when I don't do anything. God and this is why I can't fucking stand jocks. Now I have to sit in detention with one of them...Just my luck. The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time for my detention with Brandon. 

"Hey" Delilah said to me laughing.

"What" I asked. 

"Heard you have detention with the football star" She said making fun of me. 

"Yeah for two weeks" I said glaring at her. 

"Aw come on cheer up it'll be okay" She said giggling a little more. 

"Fuck you" I said pushing her. 

"Aw can't be late now" she said still taunting me about the whole thing. I just walked away too pissed to deal with her bullshit. I was really just pissed that I was stuck in a room with Brandon. He was one of the people who had hated me because I was a bad influence and always in trouble. Him and all his foot ball buddies and his girlfriend and her groupies they all hated me and Delilah and all of our friends but none of them even knew us which is why it pissed me off so much. I don't get detention most of the time because I don't get caught but I did know almost everyone in the room because they are always there. In came the normal teacher who stayed after for detention and that was ok with me because she never cared what you did as long as you stayed in the class. 

"Okay so when I call your name say here." She said. She didn't say most of our last names because she knew most of us. 

"Liz" She said 

"Here" I said. 

"Brandon..Ericson" She said

"Here" He said and slide down a little in the seat next to me. After she finished calling names she told us to do what we normally do. I walked over to Ian and Peter. 

"Hey guys" I said. 

"Hey baby" Ian said and I looked at him with disgust so I decided to talk to Peter instead.

"Hey Liz" He said while Ian kept checking me out. 

"Ugh" I said and walked back to where I was before next to Brandon. Great so I'm either stuck next to the snob or next to the perve. I decided just to sit next to Brandon he probably wasn't gonna talk anyway so it wouldn't matter. 

"Sorry but, I'm gonna sit here if that's ok" I said not really asking. 

"Why" He asked I could tell he was uncomfortable being here. 

"Because I'd rather sit over here than near that perve right now" I said and sat down. 

"Oh" is all he said. 

"I'm sorry for getting you in here I can tell you don't feel comfortable," I said to him. 

"It's not your fault I was just walking around and was at the wrong place at the wrong time just like you" He said. 

"How was it my fault earlier and now it's not" I asked. 

"I was just pissed I'm sorry I took it out on you, " He said. 

"O, and it's ok," I said. We ended up talking and for the first time, we did it without wanting to kill each other which was completely different from what I had expected. To my surprise, Brandon Ericson wasn't a bad guy but I'd never let him know that. 

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