XC Diva's Questions and Answers

Ask me some questions and I will answer almost every one of them! This has the usual regulations: No inappropriate questions and please don't ask things like where do I live. Ask away my peoples!


11. Well...

Since nobody is really asking questions anymore, I will fill in stuff about me. It's okay that nobody is asking questions! Here we go!

Facts about me:

Brown hair with a tiny blonde streak that I cover with hair chalk

Dark green eyes

Not so tall anymore

Has quite a few diseases, i lost track of how many

Artist at heart

Sings way too often, and under my breath a lot, (my friends say when I sing under my breath, i look posessed)

Kinda girly, kinda not

VERY FRIGGIN' THIN!!! I am way too thin and everyone knows it. People are so afraid to break me if they go and hug me

Nicknames: Skinny, Kirsty, thin mint, XC Diva, (if you wanna count my pen name as a nickname)

I am a major writer, but still an amature for sure

Ran XC and loves it still. (Cool fact: I drew the XC symbol in our driveway and it got caught on Google Earth!) My best XC time was 16:01 exactly. That was my last race of the season. I miss XC so much, and I miss the long bus rides to the meets. After each meet, it was sugar rush and sugar crash. SUGAR WAS OUR LIFE after a meet. It was the only thing that kept us on our feet after running two miles. Me and my XC friends would supply each other with food, and we would laugh the whole way. Most of our pics and videos went to Instagram. 

I'm such a geek. I love school sometimes, (it's on and off that I love school), and I am a band geek. I play the flute, and I sing as an alto in choir. 

Major drama queen, I obsess over, like, everything. I had a hard past, and have a hard present too. Depressed, and trying to fake that i'm not. I don't wanna hurt anyone by letting them know that sometimes I am not okay. 

Yeah, so that's me. 

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