XC Diva's Questions and Answers

Ask me some questions and I will answer almost every one of them! This has the usual regulations: No inappropriate questions and please don't ask things like where do I live. Ask away my peoples!


6. Salvation Writer

Question from: Salvation Writer

Who do you like as a boy and you want to be more than friends with? Just say the grade he's in and describe him. Don't tell anyone who it is... 

"Ummm... Well.... You caught me off guard girl... Ummm... He's in the seventh grade, and... Gosh... umm... He's tall, brownish hair, brown eyes, nice, funny, able to laugh when he screws up, he can mess with me and I won't really mind, and he's always there for you even when you wanna be left alone... Was that all, like, a dead give-away? *laughs nervously* Not a word about this to anyone if you guessed who it is. Luvs you sissy, thank you for the question!" -XC Diva <3 *I hope you know that you embarrassed me sis* 

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