XC Diva's Questions and Answers

Ask me some questions and I will answer almost every one of them! This has the usual regulations: No inappropriate questions and please don't ask things like where do I live. Ask away my peoples!


14. Oh, fix!

I am such an idiot! I misunderstood a question, and I sincerely apologize to Kreyadis for that! Now to restate the question and answer it the way it was supposed to be answered! 

"Why to infinity and back an infinite number of times?"

"Oh, now that I understand the question, here's your answer! Why to infinity and back an infinite number of times? Because it's lots! I love you for being you and the way you make me feel when I'm with you. It's my all time favorite quote, because it totally applies. You're really the first guy that made me feel I'm worth something, and you really support me throughout all the shiz I go through. No other guy has ever seen me for me, and still stayed by my side. That's why to infinity and back an infinite number of times. Thanks for the question love, even if I totally screwed it up!" -XC Diva


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