XC Diva's Questions and Answers

Ask me some questions and I will answer almost every one of them! This has the usual regulations: No inappropriate questions and please don't ask things like where do I live. Ask away my peoples!


13. Kreyadis again...

TWO questions from Kreyadis... 

"Why to infinity and back an infinite number of times?"


"How did you like the movie?"

"Well...  The answer to the first question is, to infinity and back is cool and all, but I wanted to add my own thing to it. To infinity and back never ends, but an infinite number of times makes sure that it never ends. :) That's why." 

"The answer to your second question is, I thought the movie was super awesome! Dear goodness, why did you have to get me addicted now? All I can think of after anyone says anything is something from Harry Potter. But, the point is, the movie was awesome. Thank you for the questions, love." -XC Diva



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