I'm Such a Cheater

Here's the big problem im cheating on my boyfriend.

Summer has a huge problem. What is she going to do. She loves her boyfriend and "shade lobster." What should she do? Cheat on her boyfriend break up with him or just ignore "shade lobster."


1. This Text Changed My Life

  Hi, my name is Summer Green. And I have a big problem. I have a great sweet boyfriend who I liked for a long time. And it took me about 4 years to get him to ask me out. But then as always I screwed up. Anyways let start from the beginning. I've known my boyfriend Brandon for a long time we've been hanging out since 3rd grade. I flirted and he noticed in 6th grade he finally asked me out I was so excited. Me and my friend Christine were literally jumping up and down. Christine is quiet around everyone except me. She is awesome. Anyways so we have been going out for a year now. And I guess you could say the spark is almost gone. I'm 13 and i'm confused. Here's the big problem im cheating on my boyfriend. Well I wouldn't say cheating. This is what happened I was at my friends house and she fell asleep so i decided to play on her kindle. I was on her kindle and earlier we were texting this guy. His username was Shade Lobster. So, I texted him because he said "Hi." I texted back hey. We got into a conversation and he kept complementing me. And he asked if I had a boyfriend and sent a picture of himself. I'm not kidding you he was HOT. 

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