I'm Such a Cheater

Here's the big problem im cheating on my boyfriend.

Summer has a huge problem. What is she going to do. She loves her boyfriend and "shade lobster." What should she do? Cheat on her boyfriend break up with him or just ignore "shade lobster."


2. "Shade Lobster"

Thx im only writing cause of an amazing friend. Sweetiegirl. Thx for ur support :).Btw there is some cussing in this chapter.


  So, I decided to send a pic and say yah im single. And then he asked me out. I said yes of course I mean he was way hotter than Brandon. Then I deleted the conversation and started screaming. 

"What's going on?" Christine asked.

"OMG what did I just do?" I was asking myself mostly.

"What whats wrong you're freaking me out Summer!" She was looking at me like I was going insane. Maybe I was. I explained to her what happened and she freaked. 

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" She asked.

" I don't know should I break up with him?" 

"Which one?" She asked with a sarcastic tone.

" I don't know OMG I don't even know what his real name is." I said frantically. 

" Its Noah." She said normally. I think had both calmed down a bit. I was so nervous what should I do?

" OK OK I got this i'll just have to break up with one of them, well no cause I like them both." 

" Well lets go eat and talk k? Cause im starving."

"k" I said as casually as I could so I wouldn't scream.

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