It's All A LIe

What if you woke and everything you've ever known was a lie? Your family, your friends, your life, and your favorite band. everything was an experiment. "They don't really exist." "We made them up." They said, all for a million dollars. But you don't want the money. You wanted it to be real. But no.

~OK, this is a 5SOS story, but they hadn't made the band yet, so its set back a few years, Hint the old picture for the cover. I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing this. Heart, Comment anything, i like the criticism. It helps me keep going, and it also make me notice what I'm doing wrong and I'll be more than happy to fix it. :) Love you!


9. Chapter 7

Luke's POV


"You should just sleep here tonight." I smiled. "I didn't bring my stuff!" She pouted. "You could always wear my clothes!" I laughed. "Oh yeah, and make me look like a dude." She rolled her eyes. "Hey, you got no one to impress anymore." I winked. "Hun, I wasn't trying to impress anyone before." She scoffed. "Whatever. I knew you wanted me all a long." I teased. "Yeah, I'm sure you did." She said. "I'm serious. You could wear your jeans you wore today and I'll let you borrow a jumper of something." I offered. "I guess I can make that work." She smirked. "Good! Ready for bed? cause I'm dead!" I said laying in bed. "Yeah, I'm gonna take a shirt from you to sleep in ok?" She asked going through my drawers. She picked one and changed in the bathroom. "You know you're gorgeous right?" I smiled cuddling her. "You know you're such a dork right?" She replied. "But I'm your dork." I replied. "suuuure, whatever helps you sleep at night." She scoffed. "Do you see us in the future?" I asked before I could stop the words from coming out of my mouth. "I honestly do. I can see you pursue your dream with your best mates. I can see us having trouble though. But i know we'll get through it." She whispered. "I wish I could see us in a band. I guess I'll have to wait and see." I said thinking about it. "I have to tell the boys sooner or later." She sighed. "When we move in, once we're settled, you could have a "meeting" and talk about it." I suggested. "You're right. That's the best way! I literally can't wait!"






"You ready?!" Ashton asked as we drove to OUR house. "You bet I am." I said walking up to the big double doors. I unlocked the door and opened the most awesome house ever! The furniture store had already been there to assemble the furniture I ordered and placed it where I wanted it. "WOOW." Was the only I heard from the boys mouth. "Go on! Go put your things in your room!" I said nodding. They seemed like little kids in a candy store. They all got their belongings and hauled it over to their room. "THIS IS AMAZING!" Michael yelled. "WE'RE ROOMIES!" Calum yelled. Oh dear lord. "You need help babe?" Luke asked taking some of my stuff to my room. "Thanks." I smiled. "So how does it feel?" He asked smiling from ear to ear.  "Amazing. This is our home. And it feels amazing! Let's check the music room! I haven't told the boys yet!" I whispered. He nodded and I opened the door in my room. I was speechless. The movers did a really good job. There was a set of drums, about 5 different guitars, 3 basses, a grand piano, a handful of microphones, a control panel and everything. "Boys. EMERGENCY!" I yelled. "Whats happened?!" All of them are yelling at once. They came in and it was silent. "This is heaven!" They all said. "This is for you guys, I got you a drum set, you a few basses, and you and Luke some guitars to choose from. I hope you guys like it!" I said hugging all of them. "Are you kidding?!?" Michael yelled. "THIS IS PARADISE!" Ashton screamed. "Dream come true." Calum said still without words. I'm glad they liked it. "Ok go get unpacked so we can enjoy this!!" I said throwing my arms in the air. They all ran off to unpack. We all finished late that night. "This feels so good." I said sitting on the living room couch. Soon the door bell rang. I went to answer it. "Liz! Welcome to our new home!" I said looking on the awe in her face. "My god this must have cost a fortune!" She gasped. You have no idea. " Come on in!" I said opening the door wider. She game in with grocery bags in hand. "Boys come give Liz a hand!" I yelled. They all came running to her aid. "This is a gorgeous home Sky." She sighed. "Thank you! Mi casa es su casa." I said. "I can see why you wanted the boys to move in. It'd be awfully lonely by yourself." She giggled. "Right?!" Do you want a tour? come on!" I said. I gave her a tour of all the rooms and everything. we made our way back to the kitchen where the boys were eating some chips. "Well, you boys have it made don't ya?" She joked. "Honestly we do!" Ashton smiled. I just rolled my eyes. "I know it's getting late but I just wanted to bring you guys some food for a week or so. I'm glad you all are settled in!" She said hugging us good bye. "Thank you so much! We appreciate it!" I said walking her to the front door. "Keep your eyes on them, they seem like a handful." Liz said noticing. "Oh trust me, I'm already on it." I winked. We said good bye and she left. "Well, were god to go. Now lights out cause we have school tomorrow!" I said jokingly. "Yeah I'm dead after unpacking." Calum sighed. "Well I'm so going to enjoy my new room. Night!" Michael waved. "Yeah I'm out too. See you guys tomorrow!" Calum said following Michael. "Are you sleeping in your room or in Sky's?" Ashton asked Luke. "I'm going to stay with sky tonight." He said kissing my forehead. Ashton nodded and went upstairs. "So how are you liking this?" Luke asked as we went to my room. "I honestly can't get enough of it. This is so much better than I anticipated." I smiled. "Me too. And now I get to sleep with you whenever I want!" He said tickling me making me fall on the bed. "L..luke!" I said out of breath. "Fine I guess I can stop." He chuckled. "We should really go to sleep, we have like 4 hours of sleep before we have to wake up!" I said looking over at my alarm clock. "I guess that's true. Go get comfy." He said peeling away the comforter. I went and changed into some joggers and a t shirt. I got ready for bed and came out seeing that Luke was already fast asleep. How did I get so lucky? I have the guy of my dreams, the friends of my dreams, and the house of my dreams. Life couldn't get any better. It can only get worse from here right?! I HOPE NOT!

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