It's All A LIe

What if you woke and everything you've ever known was a lie? Your family, your friends, your life, and your favorite band. everything was an experiment. "They don't really exist." "We made them up." They said, all for a million dollars. But you don't want the money. You wanted it to be real. But no.

~OK, this is a 5SOS story, but they hadn't made the band yet, so its set back a few years, Hint the old picture for the cover. I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing this. Heart, Comment anything, i like the criticism. It helps me keep going, and it also make me notice what I'm doing wrong and I'll be more than happy to fix it. :) Love you!


7. Chapter 5

*Still Sky's POV*


We walked hand in hand all the way to my place first. "You're out past your curfew young lady." Ashton said in a deeper voice than usual. "Yes! How dare you leave without our permission?" Michael said in a really high pitched voice. Mom and dad. "Sorry mom and dad." I said rolling my eyes. We all started laughing. "How was your night?!" Ashton asked excitedly. "Well these two guys totally ruined it!" I said glaring at both of them. "Sorry! Anyways where are you going?" They asked me as I went in room to pack my clothes for tomorrow. "She's spending the night at my place." Luke said for me. "Oh, getting frisky already?!" Michael asked wiggling his eyebrows. "Michael!" I yelled blushing. "Are you guys going to stay here tonight?" I asked. "Yeah, probably." They both said. "You know what? Might as well get a 3 bedroom apartment. How's that sound?" I asked seriously. "No, I can't afford rent." Michael said. "You don't have to! It's on me." I said. "No! You can't literally buy as a place to live!" They both yelled. "True, I guess I'll buy myself a house and we could all live there! No rent, let's just say im a drug dealer." I joked about the drugs. "You're crazy." They both laughed. "I'm going house shopping the night after tomorrow!" I said throwing one of them the key to the apartment and walking out with Luke. "Are you really going to buy a house?" He asked. "I mean might as well. I have so much left to tell you about me. But I'm scared of how you'll react." I said referring to the whole deal about my life being fake. "Nothing is going to make me run okay?" He said looking at me. Oh fuck. "I'll tell you tonight before we fall asleep okay?" I promised. He nodded and we continued to keep walking. We finally reached his house. "Mum, we have company!" Luke said opening the door. "Oh Hi Skylar!" Liz said hugging me. "Gee, just walk right passed me and hug her" Luke said messing around. "Sorry honey! How did you like the picnic?" She asked both of us. "It was really amazing. Thank you so much!" I said. She smiled like no tomorrow. "I'm  glad you guys liked it! Luke kind of made the impression that he really liked you so I made sure it was good!" She smiled. "Mum!" Like said blushing like crazy. "Oh sorry! Are you staying the night dear?" She asked me. "I hope that's ok?" I asked. "Of course! Luke should have room on his bed. Well I'm off to sleep. And Luke, don't stay up too late. It's a school night." She said. He nodded and he lead me upstairs to his room. "Oh I like your room." I said flipping down on his bed. "Thanks. So tell me what you were going to tell me." He said. "I thought you were going to forget! Ugh. Ok be prepared for some weird and crazy stuff. Plus tears. I'm bound to cry." I sighed. He motioned for me to keep talking. So I did. I told him about what happened. What I thought my life was. The band he was in. The other boys too. And everything. "So you mean to tell me when we ran into each other, that's why you looked at me all weird? I thought it was cause there was something on my face or whatever." He said honestly. I shook my head. "I was stunned because they had told me you guys weren't real, that it was all made up. But when I bumped into you I was like wait, what?" I clarified. "And you're saying that we were all in a band?" He asked. "Yeah, look I know you don't believe me. But I know your middle name is Robert, you LOVE penguins, your birthday is July 16, 1996. I mean I know you. And the rest of the boys too." I said hopefully not freaking him out. "I never said I didn't believe you, but if I ever had any doubts those are gone too. I can't believe they did that to you. That's also why you think buying a house isn't a big deal." He said. "Yeah it all comes together I guess. But for sure I'm buying a house. You could move in too!" I said. "Really? That'd be cool! And then we could really start a band! And you could be our amazing manager and we could tour around the world doing what we love!" He said. "I'd have to tell the boys first. But of course! It'll be great!" I said cuddling with him. "I still can't believe your life was a lie. I mean that's pretty harsh.." He said rubbing my back. "Yeah I know. BUt it's ok. I have you>" I said looking up at him. He leaned down to peck my lips. "Sleep tight, you have a big day of house searching tomorrow. Why don't we all skip and do that instead?" He asked. "Um, sure. I'll text the boys right now." I said sending a group text. "For sure Micheal and Ashton are okay with it. I don't know about Calum. What about you, is your mom going to get mad?" I asked. "I'll just tell her you need to stay home cause you don't feel good and I'm staying with you to take care of you." He said making it up. "Or you could just tell her the truth." I laughed. "You know what, I bet that since it involves you she will let me skip to look at houses. She just likes you that much." He said kissing the top of my head. "Whatever. Lets go to sleep though, we have a bid day ahead of us tomorrow." I said finally dosing off to sleep.




**Next day**


I slowly opened my eyes as Liz came in. "Hey sweetie, how'd you sleep?" She whispered to not wake Luke. "Good! I actually have a question. So you know how I live alone, I have a group of friends that kind of stay there with me, but it's just a one bedroom so i actually wanted to go house looking, and I was wondering if Luke could come. But i'm not going to school today because of that. Is it ok if he just misses school today?" I asked. "Of course honey! Are you sure you have enough money to start buying a house?" She asked. "I've actually started a savings account when I was 3 and have been putting all birthday, Christmas, and holiday money in there. I could probably buy two houses." I laughed. "That's good for you! Hopefully you'll rub off on this dork." She laughed pointing to Luke. "So it's fine if he helps me out today?" I asked making sure. "Yes! I wouldn't want to separate you two! Go ahead and call me if you guys need anything!" She said walking out and heading to work. "Luke!" I said  trying to wake him up. "5 more minutes mum!" He groaned. "Luke!" I said again. "Fine, I'm up!" HE said rubbing his eyes open. "Hey, you're not my mum" He laughed. "I talked to your mom and she said you could skip today!" I said exitedly. "I told you she likes you!" He smiled. I checked my phone and Calum said he would skip with us too. "Ashton texted me saying he's gonna pick us up at 10:45. So go get ready!"I said putting my phone down. He jumped in the shower as i got dressed. He finally came out wearing the usual. "You ready?" He asked. "Waiting for you!" I teased. "He chuckled and sat on the bed as I got my stuff together. "Alright, that's Ashton." I said as Ashton honked his horn."I dont get a kiss?" Luke pouted.  "No because you thought I was your mum!" I laughed. He gasped. I just ran out and got in the car. "Morning boys!" I said. "Goodmorning Sky!" They all chirped. Luke finally got in the car. "So where to?" Ashton asked. "Where are they building new houses?" I asked. Ashton just drove and we came to a newly developed neighborhood. "These houses are nice! Pull into that model home." I pointed. He parked and we all got out. We walked in and it it was amazing! "Hello! Welcome to..... How may I help you guys?" The lady said as we came in. "Um, I'm actually in need of buying a house, But we all are going to live in it." I informed. "Oh ok! Come into my office here and then I'll give you a tour of the home that is closets to your criteria." She smiled. She led us to her office and we all sat down. "Ok, so there is 5 of you, do you guys want to share rooms or no?" She asked. "I want them to each have their own room so no." I replied. "That's like 5 rooms Sky, are you sure?!" Calum asked. I just nodded. "Ok, we have a few in this neighborhood, this model home is actually a 6 bedroom house. Would you like to tour this one. It's very similar to the others." She said. We all nodded. "Ok, so when you first come in, you have a dinning room to your left, and to the right you have the garage and the mud room." She said as we each took a look. It was a nice mud room. "And as we walk further up we have a hallway to your right, and that leads to the first game room, where two rooms share it. I guess you could call it the private game room." She smiled. This was a spacious game room, and the two rooms shared a bathroom. "This could be Calum and I's rooms!" Micheal said excitedly. "And we could put a tv and your x box in the game room and this could be our 'mancave'!" Calum added. I nodded in approval. Then we walk out of this hallway and continue walking forward and we have the kitchen to the right, and to the left the master bedroom." She said. "That would be your room of course!" Ashton said to me. I went into the master and it was incredible! It had long windows over looking the backyard, and the bathroom was beautiful and the closet was perfect for all my clothes! "The kitchen is really nice." Luke said. It had white cabinets, with black/grey granite tops. The you have the living room." It was nice and big, the long windows and high ceilings too! And across from that you have the other dining room." She said as we walked by the backyard door.  "You guys would have a nice backyard! Big enough to install a pool." She said. "Then upstairs are the other 3 rooms plus the main game room." She said. She led us to the spiral staircase. Up here you have the gameroom, nice and big, then to the right you have the other bedroom that shares a jack and Jill bathroom with the other room." She explained. "Luke and I's room!" Ashton said. Luke nodded smiling. And the other room is on the other side, it has its own small bathroom, and its a really good size too! and if you wnated for 500$ more, there's an attic inside the master bedrooms room, that can be converted into a a small room, most people use that space for a theater room." She said. "This house is amazing!" I finally say. "I think I want to go ahead and get one like this." I smiled. "Great! What's your budget so i can work around it?" She asked going back to her office. "I won't go over half a million." I said. Her mouth opened wide. "I can do a house exactly like this, with the theater room, and the pool for 450,000." She said typing on her computer. I looked at the boys. They seem to really like this house. "I'll take it. Can I pay all of it upfront?" I asked. She stuttered for a bit. "You have that kind of money right now?" She asked. I nodded and gave her my debit card. She charged it without any problems. "Congrats, you just bought yourself a new house and it's completely yours. No mortgage, just the bills. he house and paper work should be done and ready in 3 days time." She smiled. We thanked her and left. "I CCAN'T BELIEVE WERE GONNA LIVE TOGETHER!" Micheal said excitedly.

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