It's All A LIe

What if you woke and everything you've ever known was a lie? Your family, your friends, your life, and your favorite band. everything was an experiment. "They don't really exist." "We made them up." They said, all for a million dollars. But you don't want the money. You wanted it to be real. But no.

~OK, this is a 5SOS story, but they hadn't made the band yet, so its set back a few years, Hint the old picture for the cover. I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing this. Heart, Comment anything, i like the criticism. It helps me keep going, and it also make me notice what I'm doing wrong and I'll be more than happy to fix it. :) Love you!


3. Chapter 2

'Hey did you make it home safe? It's Luke:)' My phone buzzed. How cute! "Yes sir! Safe and sound:) Thanks again for everything. Even for my bad ass stitches;) Here's my address.' i sent back. *buzz buzz* "Any time, I'll be there around 6:45. Classes start at 7:30 but gotta get you enrolled. Goodnight:)' He texted back. My thoughts keep going back if they aren't real, then why did I just meet Luke Hemmings?


I woke up at 5:30 and took a shower. I straightened my red dyed hair and put on some smoky eyed make up with reddish maroon lip gloss. I slipped on some black ripped skinny jeans and a white and black snake print tank top and my black leather jacket on. i also put on my black bootie heels. 'I'll be there in 5:)' He texted me. I grabbed my poptart and started eating it. A knock came through the door. I ran and opened it. "Morning Skyler!" He chirped. "Someone's a morning person!" I joked. "Not really, but I am today. You look nice." He said eyeing me. "Thanks! You too." I said checking him out. He was wearing typical Luke. he blushed. "I kind of walk to school, I hope you dont mind." He said shyly. "Don't worry about it!" I smiled. he nodded. "so where are you from anyways?" He asked. "California, but I moved to New York when I was 3. And I've lived there until now." I explained. "What made you come to Australia. Do you have family here, or is it like your parents job or something?" He asked. " Um, I kind of left my parents in New York.They did something huge, I dont really want to talk about it. but yeah, I'm on my own here." I said looking at my feet. "hey, I know we just met, but if you ever need someone to talk to of just for whatever, I'm here ok?" He said making me look into his beautiful blue eyes. I nodded. "So how's the school here?" I asked changing the subject."It's pretty good, but if you want to make it on the social scale, you can't hang out with me."He said looking at his feet. "You mean popular? And as if I had the capacity of that." I laughed. "No, I'm serious, you're way prettier than Maggie. She's the leader of the 'click'. And you're really nice, you even dress nice! People are going to be all over you!" he smiled. I wonder if he'll get his lip pierced.. "Thanks, but I'd rather be hanging out with you than to have a bunch of fake friends." I said pushing him a little. "You sure?" He asked blushing. Oh my god, shy Luke is too cute! "Duh!" I said. "Oh, we're here." He said opening the front door for me. "Thanks." "Hey Mrs.Sonia!" he smiled talking to the old lady behind the front desk. "Oh hi Luke! Nice to see you! What can I do for you today?" She asked. We'll someone knows how to get on peoples good side! "My friend here, is enrolling. Can we get the paper work to fill out. Do you think she'll be able to attend classes today?" He asked. "Between us three, I'll just put her name and grade in. I can try to put her in the same classes as yours so you can show her around. How does that sound?" She asked looking at both of us. "Thank you so much." I smiled. "Ok, what's your name honey?" She asked getting on her computer. "Skyler Ellise." I said. She quickly typed up my schedule. "There you are, have a nice day you two!" She winked. We walked into the hall. We just stood in the hallway since no one was here it. it was barley 7:00. "So we have Math first period. Which is a total pain in the ass. The teacher hates me." He rolled his eyes. "Math first thing in the morning? Ugh" I said. Soon people started to fill the halls and I got a lot of stares. And I mean a lot! "I told you!" Luke whispered. "Whatever!" I giggle. "Woah, Check out Miss Hottie! I'm Michael." Michael friking Clifford. He leaned up against the lockers looking at me. He had a crew behind him. CALUM HOOD! "Sky." I smiled. "That's cute. Anyways, lets ditch the loser and walk for a bit." He said nodding over to Luke. He looked down and just stood there. "Well, it just so happens I'm a loser too. Sorry!" I said turning around and going over to Luke. "You should have just gone." He shied away. "And let you stay alone? No. What kind of friend do you think I am?" I scoffed. He smiled. "You sure Sky?" Michael yelled after. "I'm sure... was it Matthew? of Marcus? I'm not good with names. C'mon Luke." I said knowing his name but just being a little bitch about it. I saw Calum snicker in the back. I winked as he blushed. We went straight to class and I sat by Luke of course. "Looks like we have a new student with us today. Why don't you go to the front and tell us about yourself." The teacher, Mr. Fox said. Great. I walked over to the front and scanned the room. I've got Calum in here too! "Hi, My name's Skyler, but I go by Sky. I moved from New York, hints my american accent. I play a bit of football whenever I can. And yeah." I said awkwardly. "Any have a question for Sky?" The teacher asked. Calums hand and a few others shot up. "Brittany." He called. "Why'd you move to Australia?" She asked. "I wanted something new, family issues. So this was pretty far away from home." I smiled. "Hunter." He called out next. "Dude, you're smoking." He said. "That's enough Hunter. Last question, Calum." He said. Everyone was laughing over Hunter's comment. "Do you play any instruments?" He asked. Gosh his voice is so cute! "Yeah, guitar and piano." I said walking back to my seat. "Alright, turn to page 457 and complete questions 1-10." Mr. Fox said as he sat in his desk. "You play guitar?" LUke asked. "Yeah, i  dabble a bit." I smiled. " I do too!" He said with excitement. We both laughed. "Sky, since you seem to be having a laugh, why don't you go do the problem on the board." Mr. Fox said as if it were a punishment. I went over to the board and finished in 5 minutes. It really wasn't hard. It was just applying vectors to 3 dimensions, dot products, and simple operations. When i was done I made my way back to my seat. "Are you sure you did those right?" Luke asked. I nodded in confidence. "well let's see if talking and laughing got you anywhere." The teacher said getting up and checking my work. "#2 is wrong!" He scoffed. I went up to the board to see. IT WAS RIGHT. "Mr. Fox, without any offense, #2 is asking to find the magnitude of the vector when given V=<2, -1> and with that you take those two numbers, square them to get 4 and 1. add them together and take the square root. And since the square root of 5 cannot be simplified any more, that's the answer." I explained. He studied my work. He stayed quiet and went to his desk to check the answer. He coughed a bit before mumbling i was right. "I'm sorry?" I asked so the class could hear him. "You were right." He said not looking at me. I smiled knowing I was. "You're good at this." Luke said pointing to his paper. "I'm a grade ahead in math. I should be taking Senior math, but I guess I'm in a junior one now." I shrugged. "Hey, at least you're getting an easy A." He chuckled. Mr. Fox didn't bother me the rest of class because I knew what i was doing. The bell rang and i got up and put the stuff in my bag. "Hey Sky?" I heard Calum say. I turned around and smiled. "I'm Calum. And I'm having so much trouble in this class. Last test i failed. Do you think you could tutor me like once a week? My mom has been looking for a tutor for me and she'd pay you too!" He said. "Uh, yeah! I don't see why not!" I smiled. "Here, put your number in and I'll call you tonight and we could go from there." I said handing him my phone. He nodded and typed. "Thanks!" He said walking out. "Well someone's getting popular." Luke nudged me. "As if!" I said jokingly. "We have gym?! I'm glad i brought work-out clothes." I said. "Yeah, we usually just kick a soccer ball around in groups of threes. Meet me here when you're done changing." He said showing me where the girl's locker room was at. I went in and quickly changed into some grey Nike shorts and a white Nike tank top with my Nike running shoes. I went back out in the hall and waited for Luke. "Hey, you look all sporty." I said. "I'd rather not." He joked. we went inside the gym and people were all sitting on the bleachers talking to one another. ASHTON IRWIN! He was sitting by himself. "Ok, group up in 3's!" The coached yelled. Everyone did and that left Luke, Ashton, and I. "hey Luke." Ashton said waving. "Hey Ash. THis is Sky. Sky, this is Ashton." He said introducing us. "Nice to meet you." He smiled cheekily. "Yeah, you too." I smiled. "Alright, so we just have to kick the ball around. I know you girls dont like to get dirty so you could just stay put and the coach won't even notice." Ashton said. "I'd like to have you know that I am not like most girls. I actually was on my school's Varsity soccer team when i was a freshman!" I said putting my hand on my hip. "Really? You should tryout for our team!" Luke said. I shrugged. "Alright. Let me see what you can do." Ashton said kicking me the ball. I did my thing and "scored a goal" by just hitting the wall behind him. "You're Skyler Ellise?" A deep voice said behind me. I turned around and it was the coach. "Yes sir!" I giggled. "You're really good. Soccer tryouts for the girls is today after school. I expect you to be there." And with that he walked away. "He's the boys soccer coach. So him saying something means you need to go!" Luke said exited. "Should I?" I asked. "yes!" They both yelled. "But you guys have to come watch! I need support!" I said. "Ok, we'll be there." Luke said. Ash just nodded. This was exiting. I went through the rest of the day with Luke in all my classes. Thank the heavens because I'm pretty sure i would have died of boredom. "Ok, tryouts are in the 2nd field. Go change and meet us here." Luke said. I nodded and quickly changed. I threw my hair in a high pony and came back to the hallway. "Let's go!" Ashton said leading us to the soccer field. A lot of people were in the bleachers watching. "You made it." The coach from before said. He was too sitting in the bleachers along with what looked like the boys soccer team. I saw Calum and waived. "Hey cal. You're on the team?" I asked. No shit. He was amazing! "Yeah, tryouts were last week. I made Varsity, again." He smiled. "Cool!" I said. "You trying out?" He asked. "Yeah, your coach kind saw me during gym and told me he wanted to see me there." I said weirdly. "Then you must be good! Good luck!" He winked. I went back and Luke and Ashton gave me a good luck hug. I ran to the field and signed in. "OK, Brittany, Lindsey, Alexis, Hannah, hailey, Gigi, Debby, and Sky come this way. You guys are the newbies." The coached smirked. So because were new means were not good? "You guys are trying out for JV>" THe coach said. I raised my hand and she nodded towards me. "I'm here to tryout for Varsity." I said. She laughed. IN MY FACE. "Honey, you're new." She said. "Coach Krebbs wanted me to come try out for Varsity." I said. "Let's make a deal. You play with these girls here, and if I think you're worthy enough, you can tryout for Varsity right now." She said. I nodded. "Ok girls, dribble up and down the field 5 times. I'm timing you and go!" She said handing each of us a ball. I kept having to pass up some girlsand i felt bad because dribbling is the easiest and if you can't do that then what can you do? I finished and she called my time. 4 minutes 3 seconds. Not bad." She hissed. We waited for the other girls to finally finish. "I need to see more hustle! Now, i want you to run 5 laps under 5 minutes." She said. she blew her whistle and i sprinted my first lap, ran the second, sprinted my thried, ran the fourth and finally sprinted my last. "4 minutes on the dot." She hissed again. then when the girls finished she told 2 girls no and they walked away crying. Then she set up a whole drilling exercise that i could do if i were 5. "Fine, go to the Varsity coach. You're good." She said through her clenched jaw. I smiled that I won. I ran over to the Varsity coach. "Um, I'm here to tryout. I got sent from JV cause I'm too good or something." I smiled. "Really now, I'm Coach Rush. And you are?" She asked. "Sky Ellise." I said. She nodded and told me to join the other girls drilling something closer to my level. But honestly, not so hard. "Kaila and Fiona. You're eliminated." Rush yelled. They went off and it was only this other girl and I. "One-on-one game. Same rules as a regular game. Whoever gets 3 goals first wins the team captain spot. The loser is still on the team. So good luck girls. "WE LOVE YOU SKY!" I heard Ashton yell. I couldn't help but chuckle. "YOU GOT THIS!" Luke yelled. "KICK HER ASS ALREADY!" Calum said. Aww. "HOTTIE WITH THE BODY!" I heard Michael scream. Everyone laughed. I shook hand with Nora, the other girl. I had no trouble scoring 3 goals and she scored none. "Congrats Sky. You really did deserve this spot after the way the other coach treated you. You totslly showed her up!" She laughed giving me a hug. She was chill! "Alright everyone. The new Varsity girls Team Captain!" She yelled facing the crowed. People were clapping. Oh shit. "Alright, as tea captain you get first jersey pick." She said opening a box. "I'll have the 5." I said. 5SOS duh! She handed it to me and handed me the practice schedule. 

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