It's All A LIe

What if you woke and everything you've ever known was a lie? Your family, your friends, your life, and your favorite band. everything was an experiment. "They don't really exist." "We made them up." They said, all for a million dollars. But you don't want the money. You wanted it to be real. But no.

~OK, this is a 5SOS story, but they hadn't made the band yet, so its set back a few years, Hint the old picture for the cover. I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing this. Heart, Comment anything, i like the criticism. It helps me keep going, and it also make me notice what I'm doing wrong and I'll be more than happy to fix it. :) Love you!


1. Chapter 1

*Skyler's POV*


I woke up in my room, only this time, all my posters were gone. GONE. All my CD's gone. GONE. What the hell? I sat up in bed and say a white piece of paper on my nightstand. 



You have been apart of our experiment. 5 Seconds of Summer does not exist. We had to make up everything from the band name, to your "friends" knowing about them. All the family you have ever known are actors, except for your parents. Your friends as well were actors to play along with the band act and everything. You have been paid a million dollars for this. Thank you for your work. 



What the fuck? I ran out of my room "Mom?! Dad?!" I yelled. "In the kitchen honey!" My dad yelled. I ran downstairs as fast as my legs would let me."Were you guys part of this?" I asked waiving the note around. They both looked down as to be ashamed of it. "Honey, when you were three, Harvey proposed the offer. We agreed and moved here. I'm not sure what they got out of this experiment." My mom replied. "So my whole life has been a lie?! How could you?!" I asked completely mad. "We were in need of money, and Harvey offered us a million EACH!" My dad said. "So 5SOS isn't real? No one knows but the fucking actors?" I asked. They just nodded. "I'm leaving." I said running up to my room. They shouted at me to come back down. I grabbed two luggage and stuffed all my crap in it.I grabbed my big purse and put my laptop, phone, charger, and earphones in there. I also out my wallet with everything I need. Where was I going? I have no fucking clue. "Bye." I said running out the door. I called a cab and got in. "Airport please." I said. He nodded and drove me out of the "neighborhood." I was only 15 minutes away from the airport. I paid the driver what i owed and tipped him 5 dollars. I walked in and got in line. "Where would you like to fly to this morning?" The dude asked. "Australia. The soonest flight possible." I found myself saying. "Is Sydney ok?" he asked as he was scrolling on his computer. I nodded. "The soonest i have is in two hours and its going to be 567.34 dollars." He smiled. I paid him and checked in both of my luggage. After the whole security check I made my way to the gate. I sat down and pulled out my laptop. I went straight to Google and typed '5 Seconds of Summer'


So it's true...

*2 hours later*

I boarded the plane. I still cant believe my parents would do that. I can't believe any of this. They aren't real. My idols and inspiration are fake. I've been living in a complete lie most of my life. 

*After the long ass flight*

It was a really long flight. Like holy shit! i got to sleep most of the way so now i was all energetic. I walked out of the airport and called over a cab. The driver helped me stuff my luggage in the trunk. "Take me to some nice apartments." I asked. He nodded and started driving. "These are one of the best." He said pulling up to some nice looking apartments. "Thank you!" I said paying with a tip. :Hi, My name's Erika. How may i help you this morning?" The lady behind the desk asked. "I'm looking for like, a one bedroom apartment kind of thing." I said. She typed on her computer. "I have 2 available. There's one on the first floor, and one on the highest which is the 4th floor." She smiled. "Fourth please." I said after thinking about it. "Ok, I'm going to need $1,000 to put down. And the payments are $200 a month. No contract so you may leave whenever these apartments no longer interest you. "I handed her my card, which is where my million dollars is at. She handed me a key and a little map showing me where my room was. I walked to it and opened it up. i was the 1st building 5D.  IT WAS FULLY FURNISHED! I just threw my luggage on the floor. I can't stop thinking about everything and it's getting on my nerve. I need to go running. It always gets my head out of where i want to get out. I opened my luggage and looked for my work out clothes. I put them on and laced up my Nike running shoes. I grabbed my phone an earphones. Shit. No 5SOS music. I went to Pandora and listened to the Green Day station. I ran out and just ran around where there was sidewalk. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. But the wind wiped them off for me. "Shit!" I said falling on my ass. My head was throbbing with pain. I was turning on a corner and ran into someone who was running. "Shit are you ok?"  The voice asked. I looked up. WHAT?! "Um, I think I hit my head pretty hard." I said touching the part that hurt. I winced and looked at my fingers. Blood. "I think you hit my water canteen. It looks pretty deep. Let's get you to the hospital. He lifted me up. "I'm Luke. Luke Hemmings." He introduced himself. "I know" I wanted to say. But instead I said, "I'm Skyler. Skyler Ellise" I said copying the way he introduced himself. I thought he was fake?! Oh my god he was gorgeous. He doesn't have a lip piercing, it was like a fetus Luke. "How old are you?" I asked as I followed him to the Hospital I'm guessing. "17, you?" He asked. The 5SOS Luke was about to turn 19.. "Same, I just moved here. What school is closer to here?" I asked. Really. I had to ask about school. "The school I go to is like 5 minutes walking distance. How about tomorrow morning i could walk with you early and get you enrolled?" He asked. But then blushed. "Yeah, that'd be nice." I smiled. We finally reached the hospital and I had to get 3 stitches. "You look bad ass now. You can thank me later." He winked. "Whatever. But thank you, for taking me to the hospital I mean." I said looking up at him. "Yeah, It's no problem. So i guess I'll see you tomorrow. Do you want to put in your number? That way you can send me your address tonight." He asked shyly. "Yeah!" I said as i put my digits in. 'I'll text you tonight. But i got to go before my mum kills me." He said running off. But he's not real.  I thought he was made up. Does that mean Calum Hood, Michael Clifford,and Ashton Irwin are real? What is really going on?!



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