It's All A LIe

What if you woke and everything you've ever known was a lie? Your family, your friends, your life, and your favorite band. everything was an experiment. "They don't really exist." "We made them up." They said, all for a million dollars. But you don't want the money. You wanted it to be real. But no.

~OK, this is a 5SOS story, but they hadn't made the band yet, so its set back a few years, Hint the old picture for the cover. I Hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing this. Heart, Comment anything, i like the criticism. It helps me keep going, and it also make me notice what I'm doing wrong and I'll be more than happy to fix it. :) Love you!


6. Authors Note

How do you guys like it so far??! I like it! Anyways, I'd like to receive at least 5 hearts before I continue the next chapter. I know that's cruel, but I don't want to continue writing this if its for my own pleasure :P So 5 hearts and the next chapter will be up! Please leave comments on what you think and even what I need to work on! Thank you guys so much! If you guys ever need anything I'm here!! Love ya!

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