Once a peaceful world
With many inhabitants,
was soon ravished
by creatures they thought
were extinct.
One man
controlled the mighty beasts
and caused so much suffering.
Cities crumbled,
lands torn apart,
homes destroyed.
People escaped underground
until warriors arose.
They fought back
And the races united,
even angels tried to help.
But can you kill the Unexplainable?


1. The Horror (Nadiko)


The land was once at peace but that was so long ago. Now all that is here is death and ruin.

People, who could, fled leaving behind everything they once held dear. Those not able too, had to face unspeakable horrors. 

Some lucky people managed to hide underground and do so till this day.

Trying to fight back and bring back the peace that had been lost.

Many people trained in different forms of combat. Some becoming Warriors some priests, hunters, rouges and some even tried their hands in a bit of magic.

All of them were lead by a young Prince, the same Prince who watched as his farther burn and his Mother swallowed whole.

He wanted revenge and wanted the land to be back to what he once knew it to be.

That's where me and my little group of misfits come in.

We're his new task force.

The unending revolution. 

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