Tumblr girl||calum hood


1. on the plain

Hi my Alexandra or Alex for short I live in California moving to Australia. I used to live their but my mom had became a lawyer and moved. I'm now on the plain. I'm meeting my mom at Australia. I put my head phones in and stated listening to "I'm a mess" by Ed sheeran.i sang quietly to the song.


I saw a sing that said Alexandra on it next to a big limo. I called my mom about to scram.

"Oh my freakin god mom is that for me"i asked

"Yeah. theirs more were that came from when you get home. bye love you see you soon."


We stopped at the most biggest house I ever seen. when I saw my mom come out the house I was happy to see. She pulled me into a hug.

"Come in the house I'll show you around " after mom finished showing me around. I was in my room on tumblr, Instagram,and twitter. when I was like hey I want a Starbucks,so got up got dressed in ( outfit on top) it was starting to get colds so that's what I wore. I got in my Range Rover and looked on my gps to go to Starbucks.

I got the caramel frappuccino. Wheat home and fell asleep

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