Blood Enemies

Is 100 years too soon?


2. Her

New Orleans: 2000

Klaus's POV

I looked around the town of New Orleans. I haven't been here since 1900. This was the only place where me and my siblings have found peace. I only came back because of the witch. The one that has a conspiracy on me. I heard a whoosh behind me.

"How are you Elijah?" I asked my brother. I knew it was him, I didn't even have to turn around.

"Not bad. How are you Niklaus?"

"Haven't I told you Elijah? Call me Klaus. Has a better ring to it."

"What brings you here, Klaus?"

"Jane-Anne Deveraux."

"She's dead, brother."

"What do you mean, dead?"


"That little-"

"Brother. Be quieter. He has minions watching us. They are the only witches allowed to use magic." he whispered. Then he looked around.

"Goodbye, Elijah." I said. Then I ran to the water.

"I know you." I heard a female voice say. I turned quickly. I didn't see anyone.

"Going to have to try harder, love."

I could hear the mock in her voice. I turned again, spinning. I was starting to give up, but then I saw her.

It was HER.

"How are you Klaus?" she asked.

"How are you Rosaleen?"


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