A little short story about rhythm


1. Rhythm

my body feels heavy ... i hear a song in the distant,
the song..its coming closer.
my body starts moving like i'm getting shocks,
the more closer the songs comes the more violent shock is getting.
until the song is right in front of my face.
i'm able to get up and just as i stand up my feets starting moving and dancing...
after just a few minutes my whole body starts dancing and i can feel the rhythm,
its like my whole body know what it have to do, even before i know what i have to do.
just then i open my eyes and i realize... i'm standing on a stage and at a table there sitting 5 judges and looking at me and every move i make,
one fail and i'm out.
i start feeling nervous but just i start to freak out the music takes over me and i'm available to relax and just as i did that i was started singing and dancing.
the audience and The Judges looks surprised on me and i feel the joy and self-confidence grow inside me and i start to smile while self-confidence shines out of me.
and who would believe that me,
a shy 15 old village girl like me would become one of the biggest stars in the perfoming history!
but that just proves that with a good hearted person and hard work and music,
you can do what ever you desire!
Erika C. Leboeuf-Mungovan

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