How to Love

"Fine, I'll leave, just one thing", he gets up, bends towards me, holding my hand that has the chicken nugget. He carefully bites it off, eyes glued at me, mouth smirking. Then he whispers in my ear, "nuggets with sprite isn't so bad after all", places a kiss on my cheek and leaves.

Love? forbidden.
girls? break all the rules.
Boys? players with cold hearts.
Me? I don't believe in love.

In a culture where girls haven't been caught, and boys play around with the hearts, and love is a game mastered by its players, Ayna Leona is a target for the school's bad boy, Kieran Noah. Will she escape, or get tangled in his webs of rebel!?


1. Author's Note~

Hello there!

How to Love is a story I have completely made up. The name  is inspired by the song "How to love" by Lil Wayne, which has always been one of  my favorites.

I write the original on Wattpad and then re-publish it in here, so you'll find it on both website, hopefully at the same time.

I would love some feedback! Enjoy! 
Comment and vote, too! Thanks!

Love you, 

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