Boy Meets Girl || c.h

Enter April Trenton.
Quiet, quirky, reserved, smart, friendly.
Always smiling, but always alone.
Until the boy next door set her world on fire.

Enter Calum Hood.
Outgoing, class clown, fun, kind, athletic.
Always making everybody laugh-
even the most shy classmates.
When his mom invites the new people for dinner, he never saw any of it coming.


4. 03

< April Trenton >


- - -


The bell rang, signaling the end of our first period, and I bet all across the school the sound of textbooks slamming shut and lockers being swung open and closed could be heard.


"Okay class, I want you all to read pages 399-405 and write a short summary about what you read." Mr. Bales explained, circling it on the board, "Have a good day."

I gathered my things and was about to get up, when the light blue haired girl dropped her things on my desk.

"Um, hey.." I mumbled, "Oh, thanks for the door tip earlier."

"Eh, no problem. No new kid has ever gotten the whole 'pull not push' thing." she laughed. Her laugh was pretty, it was like a little girl's laugh.

"I like your hair, um..."

"Stephanie." she provided, "But you can call me Steph, if you want."

"Alright...So what class do you have next?" I asked, glancing down at my schedule.

"Maths. Yuck." she made a face of utter disgust before picking her things up again.

"Well let's go. Can't be late to our maths class." I laughed, taking my things as well and following her out the door

- - -

"Ah, there she is." a boy with dirty blonde fringe announced, the moment Stephanie got in the room, "The one, the only, Miss Troublemaker-Rebel Girl, Stephanie Paxton."

"Put a sock in it Clifford." she rolled her eyes, shaking her head and smiling as she sat down in the back row next to him, pointing at the desk next to her, "Sit here."

"Oh, okay." I nodded, putting my stuff down.

"And who might this be?" the fringe guy asked, "Stephanie, I don't believe you've introduced me to your new friend."

"Um..I'm April. April Trenton." I mumbled, looking down at my folder.

"A bit shy, I see?" he laughed, "Don't worry, Steph here is gonna change that soon enough."

We all laughed, but immediately shut up the moment the bell rang and our maths teacher walked in the room.

"Good morning, class. Michael Clifford, how many times do I need to tell you that you must be seated when the bell rings?" the teacher let out an exasperated sigh, running a hand through her auburn hair, "I see we have a new student? Miss, would you like to stand up and introduce yourself?"

I mentally groaned but stood up, feeling really uncomfortable the moment everybody's eyes were on me.

"Uhm, I'm April Trenton, I just moved here from a town on the opposite side of Sydney and maths just might be my worst subject."

That last part got a laugh out of everybody, putting a smile on my face.

"Thank you, Miss Trenton, my name is Mrs. Friar. Luke, would you be so kind as to bring April her new maths book."

"Yes, ma'am." a boy a bit shorter than Michael nodded, with the same dirty blonde hair.

"That's Luke Hemmings." Stephanie whispered, "He's one of our friends, too. It used to be just me, Michael, Luke and Calum, but now you're one of us."

I nodded, subconsciously twirling a part of my hair around in my fingers.

"Thanks." I smiled when Luke handed me my book.

"No problem." he grinned, before heading back to his seat in front of Michael.

"Alright class, take out your notebooks and do the problems found on page 421. Don't forget to show..."

- - -

"Class dismissed." Mrs. Friar announced, the moment the bell rang, "No homework tonight, in honor of our new student."

Cheers rang out through the whole room, and I found myself smiling.

"You're the best, man." Steph grinned, high fiving me.

"Thanks." I giggled, standing up. I glanced at the clock. 10:43.

"What do you have next, April?" Michael asked, him and Luke joining me and Steph.


"Damn. I'm in French." Steph sighed, "Looks like you're stuck with these two dorks."

"HEY!" Luke and Michael objected, but Stephanie just laughed.

"See ya 'round, suckers." she grinned, leaving us.

"And then there were three." I announced, following Luke and Michael down the hall.

- - -

"Mikey! Luke!" another boy's voice called out once we turned the corner, and a boy around their height with dark brown hair and tan skin appeared, wearing black skinny jeans and a JAWS singlet.

"Aye!" Michael laughed, bro hugging the other guy.

"Sup." Luke nodded, fist bumping him.

"Oh right, this i-"

The other boy looked up, looking me right in the eyes when I realized-

"You're the girl that fell this morning!" he exclaimed, then turning red, "Sorry, um. I'm Calum Hood and I hope you're okay."

"Thanks." I giggled, "I'm April."

"Nice to meet you, April." he smiled, "Are you in our Spanish class?"


"If only Steph was here, the group would be complete." Luke sighed, walking to the back of the classroom to the empty back row that we now occupied.

"True, true." I agreed.

We sat down, talking until the teacher came in, and after going through the whole 'new girl! wow!' phase, I sat back and waited desperately for the bell to ring.


a/n ; sorry if it was a bit late & short, i've been kinda busy with school but now i have a 3 day weekend, which means more updates ! tysm for reading :)

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