Boy Meets Girl || c.h

Enter April Trenton.
Quiet, quirky, reserved, smart, friendly.
Always smiling, but always alone.
Until the boy next door set her world on fire.

Enter Calum Hood.
Outgoing, class clown, fun, kind, athletic.
Always making everybody laugh-
even the most shy classmates.
When his mom invites the new people for dinner, he never saw any of it coming.


3. 02

< April Trenton >

- - -

"First you were a stranger, then not. Met you at the rock show, Set It Off. Pulled me on the stage with, your band- Way to break the ice."

My phone alarm played 'Punk's Don't Dance' by Crystalyne through the iHome speakers, breaking the morning silence that had previously encompassed my room. Too lazy to get up right away, I flung my arm over the side of my bed, pulling my iPhone 5s off of it's dock. In my messages, I noticed multiple texts from my old friends back on the other side of Australia, Christina, Marie and Clare.

From: christinaa :)

Hey April, good luck at your new school! :) At least you're not stuck with Josh, like we are >:( xx

I smiled, texting back a quick 'thank you :) lol poor you', before moving on to the next unread text.

From: marie <3

Aprillll , i misses yhuuu :(( good luck at your new school tho :) love ya girly

To Marie, I texted back a message along the same lines as the previous message to Christina.

Now for Clare.

From: clare :p

hey april, imysfm man :( enjoy your new life tho, ppl rarely get the chance to start over yanno :) ily x

After sending her a quick text as well, I groaned, forcing myself to get out of bed and get ready. Seriously, it's like, 6 am and class starts at 7:45.

I trudged to the bathroom, and took a quick shower, before towel drying my hair. My hair has natural waves, which means I usually don't bother blow drying my hair. I got dressed in a pale pink skater skirt, a sleeveless shirt that had a pineapple in the middle wearing sunglasses, which was almost like a muscle tank but with smaller arm holes and my white Converse.

"Pretty good." I grinned, brushing my hair out, then grabbing my black canvas backpack and heading downstairs.

- - -

"WAFFLE TIME, LITTLE SISTER!" Adam shouted, pulling me to the table, then plopping me down on a chair, "Dig in."

"Where's Dad?" I asked, pouring chocolate syrup on my waffles.

"He left already. He told me to lock up and that your bus comes at 7:15. And the bus stop is at the end of the block which is like, 7 houses down."

"Oh, oka-" I looked up at the clock on our stove, realizing it was already 7:14, "ADAM, I'M GONNA BE LATE, BYE!"

I grabbed my bag and pulled on my cropped jean jacket, sprinting out the door without getting to eat my waffles. The cool breeze and sunlight hit me as I started to walk faster down the sidewalk, looking down at the book I was carrying, when I ran into a taller figure walking in the same direction as me. I fell backwards, my book landing next to me as I held my hand up to my eyes, blocking the sunlight to see the boy holding his hand out, my book in the other.

"S-Sorry." I mumbled, taking his hand and standing up.

"No worries." he smiled, my book back, "Legend's a really good book."

"Thanks. I'm-"

"New here?" he finished, chuckling as he motioned for me to follow, "I figured. You don't have to run. Our bus is usually 5 minutes late to get here."

"Oh." I sighed in relief. We reached the corner, 7:19 and it was still just the two of us. The bus came down the street and he looked at me.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine." he reassured, "Catch ya later."

I got on the bus after him, but it was too late. He had already slipped away. I sat in a random empty seat towards the middle of the bus, watching out the window as the scenery whirled away.

- - -

I walked into the rowdy halls of the high school, girls talking in groups and boys being rowdy and all. I found my way to the office within 5 minutes and got my new schedule and locker assignment.

"Locker number 2994, 2994, 2994..." I mumbled to myself as I looked at all the lockers in the hall, "2990, 2991, 2992, 2993..There it is, 2994. Okay... 8, 16, 3"

After placing my bag and jacket inside, I shut my locker and headed off with my folder, planner, pen and pencil to find my homeroom, room 221.

- - -

It took me 10 minutes to find it, and by then the bell had already rung. I tried to push the door open, but it wouldn't budge and nobody inside had noticed me yet. I kept trying to push it open, when through the door window I saw a girl in the front of the room with pretty pale blue hair mouthing the word 'pull' at me whilst twirling a pen in her fingers. I sighed and mentally face palmed while I pulled the door open, causing the teacher to stop talking and everybody turned to look at me.

"Ah, the new student. Welcome..." he looked at me, waiting for my name.

"April. I'm April Trenton." I answered.

"Of course. April. Here is your history book," he gestured to the new looking textbook on his desk, then pointing at the desk 2 rows back from blue hair girl, "And you can sit in that desk right there."

"Thank you, Mr. Bales." I nodded, getting my book and sitting down.

"Okay, class, flip to page 379 and..."

From that point on, I kinda just read ahead and then zoned out...


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