Boy Meets Girl || c.h

Enter April Trenton.
Quiet, quirky, reserved, smart, friendly.
Always smiling, but always alone.
Until the boy next door set her world on fire.

Enter Calum Hood.
Outgoing, class clown, fun, kind, athletic.
Always making everybody laugh-
even the most shy classmates.
When his mom invites the new people for dinner, he never saw any of it coming.


2. 01

< April Trenton >

- - -


My older brother's earsplitting yell woke me up, quite abruptly, leaving me unaware of my surroundings and in desperate need of...

"Coffee. I bring coffee." he offered, holding out my favorite kind of coffee.

"Is that...Is that a-"

"Chocolate Chip Frappucino with fudge syrup?"

"OH MY GOD, ADAM, YOU'RE THE BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!" I squealed, bolting up from where I had fallen asleep, sprawled out on the backseat of our father's car and taking the cup from his hand.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." he smirked, laughing along with me, "C'mon, dad needs help unloading our stuff."

"You two grown men just NEED the muscles of a little 16 year old, huh?" I giggled, pulling my long light blonde hair into a high ponytail, "Fine, fine. I'm coming."

Adam and I, we used to live all the way on the other side of Australia, with both of our parents, until they both decided it wasn't working, got a divorce and after that, our mom disappeared to who knows where. Our dad moved us here, to a neighborhood near Sydney. It supposedly wasn't the nicest, but the new house he had built looked really nice and homey. In fact, all the houses did.

"April?" my dad called out from inside the house, "Adam says there should be one box and a smaller one, you think you could bring them in please?"

"Sure, you got it!" I yelled back, walking to the back of the car, where I took both boxes out, placed them on the ground so that I could shut the back door, then picking the back up and walking inside.

"Woah..." I gasped, "This place is amazing!"

The house was already painted in a nice cream-tan color, with sleek black furniture in every room.

"Isn't it?!" Adam agreed, coming down the stairs, "You should go up and check out your room. It's the door at the end of the hall, next to all the boxes."

"Oo, okay!" I grinned, running to the stairs, "Be right back."

I dashed up the stairs, my hand on the glossy and smooth white railing, running to the end of the hall where the last white door with a golden handle waited, the pile of my boxes tilting precariously.

"Geez, way to keep everything neat." I mumbled, shaking my head at the pile, before placing my hand on the handle and taking a deep breath, "Well, here goes nothing."

I pushed open the door, staring at my new room in complete awe.

"HOLY MELONBALLS! OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU SO MUCH DAD!" I yelled, hearing him and Adam laugh downstairs.

An elegant black, four post bed rested in the center of my room, atop soft cream colored carpeting. Two identical white bedside tables with gold colored knobs and outlining around the drawers sat on both sides of the bed, and across from all three were two French doors leading out to a pretty balcony with wicker chairs. Back inside I had my own bathroom connected to my room, and then there was closet, which wasn't as big, but was still really nice.

"Knock knock." Adam walked in, followed by our dad.

"I gave you the master bedroom." Dad pointed out, sitting down on one of the wicker chairs, "Adam didn't object and I wouldn't need this much space, so this happened. We'll let you get settled in and all, but remember, you start school tomorrow."

"Ughhhh." I groaned, looking out at the pretty sunset, purple, pink and orange painted above us, "Okay. And thank you guys, I really love it."

- - -

2 hours later and I was all finished, everything put in their proper spots. Adam, Dad and I had already eaten dinner at 8 (it was pizza) and that means it's 10 now... I should sleep, after all, we do start school tomorrow.

I got ready for bed, laid out my clothes for tomorrow and as soon as I slipped under the covers and got comfortable, I drifted to sleep, happy and content.

- - -

a/n ; Hey guys! Thanks for reading, even though the story's off to a slower start, I promise, it'll get better :) -k

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