Stefan my dad ( A vampire daires fan-fic)

It was 8th grade a normal day until I come down to the office and there I found a man and he said a he's my dad my biological dad


1. About Me

Hi my name is Haley I'm 15 years old. My life is pretty normal for the most part. Both my parents work together at there real estate company. There always busy so most of the time it is just me and my siblings at home. I have an older sister and a younger brother but they both look nothing like me. I am a softmore in HIgh School at an all girls private school, because of my parents being strict. So yeah thats my life. Like I said it is pretty normal, but its about to get super crazy.


Hi guys!! My name is Jenna and I recently stubled across my old movella and saw all of the grammatical errors and mistakes and decided I want to rewrite and finish it. I honestly don't know how this had 100 reads! I am on summer vacation and decided in my freetime I can make time to write and read some movellas. I, also, might start a new movella when I finish this one. Okay sorry this was so long, BYE!!!





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