Stefan my dad ( A vampire daires fan-fic)

It was 8th grade a normal day until I come down to the office and there I found a man and he said a he's my dad my biological dad


1. Chapter 1

It was my first day of 8th grade year I was not nervous because I know everyone here because I have been here for 10 years. I got a Preschool- 8th grade school. I was I 4th period waiting for lunch and then I get called to the office I wonder why because both of my parents are working at there office because they are real estate agents. So I go down to the office and there is a man about 17 years old and says I am your father.


Before i could say anything he said "Don't be afraid i can tell you everything if you could just miss your lunch period and come with me to a restrant anywhere." "Ok," i said and went back back to my classroom told my teacher I had to go to a dental appointment. She said ok and we where on are way. While we were driving it was silent I mean what was I supposed to say what was he supposed to say he doesn't mean anything to me right now but I don't maybe it while change he broke the silence.


"My names Stephan Salvador and I am married to a wonderful girl named Elena Salvador." He added


"I'm Hayley and I'm single." I say


He laughs I was trying to be funny guess it worked. He broke my thoughts with " I assumed you were single you seem young." He added

"I am 13." I say


We pull up to the closes restraint to my school witch was National Coney Island. We get in anamorphic sit down it wasn't to busy because the lunch rush hasn't came yet the waiter came


"Hi I'm Cat what can I get you to drink." She says


I'll have water." I said

"So will I." He said

She wrote it down and walked away.

"How did you have me if your only like 17 ?" I asked

He replied " I have something very important to tell you and your going to thinks it's stupid but I'm a vampire."

" haha." I laugh " I know you're a teen dad you don't have to lie about it." I said

" I'm not lying I turned in 1864 and so did my brother did to your uncle." He blurted

" does your wife know, is she, is my mom, " before I could say anything else he cut me off

" wow wait I can answer all questions just slow down" he said

" Does your wife know."I said

"Yes"he said

"Is she one"I said

"Yes but she is not as old as me" he said

"Is your wife my mom" I said

"No your mom died weeks after she gave you up in an animal attack." He said

Before I could ask another question the waiter came. "Here are your drinks what would you like to order."The waitress said

" I will have a chili dog with a side of fries and a side of cheese for the table." I said

He said " I will have the club sandwich with fries."

She wrote it down and left. "Is your brother one" I asked

"Yah but he kills human unlike me I feed on animal blood" he said

Why does he do it" I said

"he turned is his humanity off" he said

"Oh okay" I said

" you can't tell anybody about me being a vampire."he said

"Okay I won't" I said

Before we knew it our food was here it was really fast. We were enjoying our food so it was silent. He finished his food before I finished mine. I finished a couple minutes later than him it was getting late so I asked "Can we get going it's getting late"

We both headed to the car which was a pretty red 2010 Camaro.I hopped in to the front seat and buckled myself in and so did he. Before we knew it we were at my school it is a private school called ST. Thecla catholic school. I asked him "Well I ever see you again."

He said "Yes meet me at the Clinton Macomb public library at three on Saturday."

"Okay" I said. We both went in and he signed me back and I said "thank you for everything today especially the food"

"You're welcome I will see you on Saturday at three remember"

I said "bye" and so did he and then I walked back to class this will be a day I will never forget





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