4 dates

Autumn Chapman is the younger sister to Jim Chapman and when Jim finds out she likes either

* Joe
* Alfie
* Marcus
* Dan

He sets up dates with all of them for Autumn but hid a camera in her pockets but even though Autumn was a Marcus girl she was showing that she liked Dan more and even might go out with him...


3. 3


Autumns pov

For crying out loud me and Joe been on 4 rides and Jim not come back from the Lou you're not suppose to take a dump hear I'm sure of it. At the moment me and Joe was queuing for the smiler the 14 loop roller coaster I was scared, however Joe made me feel safe him and Jim are like my big brothers, even though Jim is my big bro.

Gulp we was next in the que I was scared, but I would do it I wouldn't bale, like last time with me and Jim, he went on alone bless him, wait where is Jim his been gone for ages for crying out loud have to stop thinking about it because we was going on I said to Joe sorry if I scream because I definitely will.

Joes pov

Aw Aut was scared I'll look after her, we got on sitting next to each over then started really slow she reached my hand to hold to to either show she was scared or she liked me I'm guessing scared as she squealed then ZOOM, the ride went so fast over loops of loops of loops until we was going up to go back down to do another two loops, Aut looked at me, I looked back at her and I couldn't help myself she was too cute I just leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips when she broke away she smacked me, when we got off the roller coaster she ran away got her phone out and then I lost her.

Autumn pov

I can't believe Joe kissed me ANSWER JIM!

- Jim = Autumn


- whoa language, where u I'm looking for you

= I don't know

- okay met me by Thomas Land

Then he hung up

Jims pov

Yeah so I think it's safe to say Autumn don't like Joe as they kissed and she ran away, on the way back they ignored each over on the way back so it's not Joe let's see if it's Alfie tomorrow.

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