4 dates

Autumn Chapman is the younger sister to Jim Chapman and when Jim finds out she likes either

* Joe
* Alfie
* Marcus
* Dan

He sets up dates with all of them for Autumn but hid a camera in her pockets but even though Autumn was a Marcus girl she was showing that she liked Dan more and even might go out with him...


2. 2

Autumns pov

Woohoo my bro is amazing it's Friday night just about to go sleep but tomorrow we're going to Alton towers woohoo can't wait (even though Drayton manors waaaaaay better) moms not even coming wooooohooooo.

Saturday morning


Joes pov

So Jim told me that Aut (shortened her name) likes me Alfie Marcus or Dan hopefully it's me because she is cute, not gonna lie she is but I don't know, I know Alfie and Marcus are going out with someone so for Aut sake I hope it's not them. Actually in car with Autumn and Jim now his gonna keep leaving us alone to find out. Jim told me that he put a camera in her SnapBack which I'm surprised she's wearing, but I do know she's a tomboy just not this much.


Jim's PoV

We're here I yelled Autumn was the first one out the car then Joe followed by me, also I had to be careful because I knew Joe had a crush on my sister, she don't know, but Joe doesn't know that I know if that make sense. After around a couple of min of walking around I just said "going toilet go explore I'll find u" and I just walked off in the opposite direction from them, little did Autumn know I was watching her every move through her hat I walked back to the car got in and turned the little camera on.

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